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  2. SI Acceptance & Rejection

    Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet has a great male program. They offer a five-week program, and their focus is on technique through and through. That could be a program for your family to consider. They do not do cattle call auditions, all you have to do is submit three photos to them and fill out the online application. That's one that I can think of off the top of my head. I"m sure others will have suggestions too. Good luck to you guys!
  3. SI Acceptance & Rejection

    Glad to find this thread! My DS 14 is starting off with a somewhat disappointing audition season after suffering a major injury at the end of May (shattered a bone in his foot while BMX'ing that required an almost 9 hour surgery and three month of no weight!). He attended PNB summer program in '16 and attended their full year program last year. Because of the injury, he did not attend a summer program in '17 and watching his auditions has been so painful (for both of us). He's developed some bad habits this year mainly, not holding his hands properly, and is still a bit apprehensive to push himself during auditions where they are asking for combinations that are more complicated. We're a bit at a loss. He can attend his current school summer program but because of the injury he's at a school that is not as rigorous as PNB. He still wants to work hard and recognizes that he needs to fix the bad habits but I'd like to find a program that will push him in the right direction...any suggestions on SIs that aren't as difficult to get into but still offer a well disciplined program?
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  5. What kind of feet do I have?

    Clara76 Thank you for your thoughts! I'm lucky to have teachers that are very strict about alignment. Turnout is a huge struggle for me; I have hips that have a lot of mobility in the opposite direction. The next leg of the Lisa Howell program is focused on turnout so hopefully that will help. I was hoping pregnancy would loosen my hips up but, so far, I think they've gotten a bit worse (though, I noticed in my progress photos, my knees have gotten better (my most recent pictures were removed for lord knows what reason)). I'm definitely not getting pointe shoes without the approval of my studio; that would take all of the fun out of the goal.
  6. ABT Jackie Onassis School

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  7. Thanks both dluna and DanceMumNYC, will do!!
  8. Sure! Please feel free to message me as well.
  9. I’m 14 and have always loved dancing, I feel as though if I do not start lessons now I will really regret it in the future. I’m not at all flexible and have no idea where or how to start dancing and feel as though I should have started younger. Please help as it is an issue really playing on my mind!!
  10. What kind of feet do I have?

    Definitely take the time to improve your understanding of rotation vs. Turn-out, and to stretch and strengthen your entire body! From pictures, all I can tell is that structurally, it appears as though you could be within the range of movement that could adapt to pointework. However, how you move and dance and where you are with regards to coordination, control, alignment, etc., are things your teacher/s would be in a better position to judge.
  11. Thank you, DanceMumNYC - for insightful information! I have mentioned that I am from out of country but we live in NYC right now so I will discuss with DD for this audition opportunity for sure! Thank you dluna for a great infor, appreciate it! As DanceMumNYC mentioned, some of the students are not invited to be back - would it be applied to from Lower to Upper on pre pro level? It seems like both of you live in NYC - would it be okay if I contact with you via direct message? I am new to the city and I want to find out about other opportunities for dd as well...
  12. Losing technique in faster combinations

    Teacher the other day: "if it's too fast your core muscles are too loose".
  13. I have a child who is in the lower of the two pre-pro levels and is 14. Last year the levels were reduced from three to two so the reduced number of students was due to that. There are about 18-20 girls and 8-10 boys in the class. Most students have a typical ballet body type including long legs, a slight build, and flexible feet. There is a lot of height variation.
  14. Hi ajkajk, ABT JKO has a children’s division (ages 3-14) and a pre-professional division (ages 12-18). As you see, these divisions overlap in terms of age and that’s where ability & technique come in. The pre-prof division is much more difficult to get into than the children’s division, especially because so many teens from out-of-state/country audition. ABT JKO even lets their children’s division students know that there is no guarantee that they’ll be accepted into the pre-prof division. The competition is very high. I am not sure how many spots they have in total. Perhaps you can call the school to ask how many seats they’re expecting to fill and what is the max number of students per class. A parent of an ABT JKO teen did mention that nearly 50% of students weren’t invited back last year at the end of the 2016-2017 season. I don’t recall if this was to go from Level 3 (children’s division) to Upper 1 (pre-prof division), or within the pre-prof division itself. There is another thread on here about it. I believe ABT JKO considers potential. While the students have lovely “ballet bodies,” I see that they do not just go for one look. I’ve seen more students of different heights & sizes at this school than at other big-name schools. There is only ONE audition for the year-round program on March 17, 2018. Since you’re outside of the U.S., your dd can send a video audition instead between February 15-March 15. All the submission details can be found on their website: http://www.abt.org/education/jko_auds_admins.asp. Another option would be for your dd to audition for the Summer Intensive, and if she gets accepted, state that she would like to be evaluated during the summer for the year-round program. Summer Intensive auditions are already taking place. The deadline for summer video auditions is very soon—February 1st. I would advise you to encourage your dd to audition. I’ve found that the audition process can be stressful, but it is also a fun, learning experience for my dd. If she’s able to do an in-person audition, she may get more insight on what they’re looking for & build connections with other dancers. Please let us know what she ultimately decides & how everything goes. All the best!
  15. Same here lizzy. Another month before ballet results come out as far as I know.
  16. DD’s status says accepted but no info about dance program
  17. Hello there, we are considering DD 14 would audition for pre professional division for upcoming year. Would you please tell me approx how many spots available for those age and any “preference” body type for this school? We are from out of US so any info would be appreciated!
  18. SI Audition Roll Call—2018

    Ldot, my DS auditioned last year for the first time at the age of 12 too. He did a few auditions just to get used to them and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Of course, with acceptances came the sudden desire to attend (he'd been on the fence before the auditions). Just sharing in case you want/need to prepare for what happens after the auditions. ;-) I hope your DS has an awesome audition experience this year!
  19. Dance belts

    I let my son pretty much decide when he was ready to transition from full seat to the thong style. It was gradual-- he would go back and forth. He had both styles for a while. I never forced the issue. He is 13 and wears the "real" style all the time now and it was no drama. So, in my experience of having one boy dancer, it was not necessary to make him wear it before it was required.
  20. Yesterday
  21. tutumama: my DD and her friends were all so happy after the audition and all said how they would love to go to Tisch - but they also know to keep it in perspective.
  22. Thank you Dancingjet - just checked and indeed portal updated. And we got email yesterday from the Honor College - DD is waitlisted. But no other email about admit status until I check the portal.
  23. How to: Join PTA

    Salmonpoint, sorry for the delay. You are now a PTA member.
  24. Multiple ballet teachers vs single teacher

    At our studio, dancers 11 and up typically have two or more ballet teachers, depending on their class load. Minimum for beginning and lower pointe is two days a week but up to four days a week are possible. Each day of the week is a different teacher, but they are usually consistent with who teaches on which day. Other classes (modern, jazz, contemporary, tap, etc.) mean even more teachers although some do overlap. When my oldest DD initially hit this level she was very intimidated by certain teachers so we would sign her up for the other days, but it wasn't until she started taking from all that she really started to grow as a dancer. While following the same curriculum, each teacher does bring their own experiences to the classroom and therefore notice different things and suggest different corrections. We feel that having multiple well-trained teachers was a HUGE blessing, and that it made all the difference in the world. I wish we'd known that sooner for my oldest, rather than limiting her for that year and a half, but at least we figured it out eventually and will be prepared for our youngest when she gets there.
  25. Overheard in the hallway

    Good! That studio/teacher doesn't deserve your money.
  26. I have read many articles and watched many videos about getting higher developpes: releasing the quads, strong and stable core, lifting the thigh from underneath, keeping the weight over the ball of the supporting foot, rotating outwards....However, I just can't get my leg higher than maybe 60 degrees devant and 75 degrees a la seconde...arabesque is obviously a little different in approach. Most sources say to stretch and do strengthening exercises a few times a week but the more I work on my developpes in class, the tighter and more fatigued my hip flexors become and the lower my leg gets. One of my former teachers was super developpe crazed and was always pushing, pushing, pushing us to get higher developpes to the point that I actually have lost a lot ease/flexibility in my hips because they have gotten extremely tight and are easily overworked. My legs would hitch and (painlessly but still uncomfortably) click so much in her class that I would have to intentionally do 45-degree developpes because sometimes my hips would just completely give out. I KNOW I am flexible enough to do a high developpe as my leg can easily stretch way above 90 degrees if I hold it there with my hand but as soon as I let go....the leg PLUMMETS to the ground LOL! Obviously, it's impossible to get a true diagnosis without watching me in person but any guesses as to what could be happening?
  27. DD's portal was updated as of this morning (though no email or snail mail yet). You may want to check!
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