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  2. Australian Ballet School

    Absolutely! If it's within your abilities to submit a DVD then why not, especially if you're looking at doing DVD's for other schools as well. It's always a great learning experience even if nothing comes of it. Chookas! (That's Aussie for good luck )
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  4. Changing Studios

    My daughter (14) took a hiphop class the other day, the first one in about 3 years. It got squeezed out of the schedule by ballet when she was about 11, as did tap, acrobatics, and musical theater. This past year it has been all ballet and one weekly modern class. She's mentioned hiphop off and on, and I finally found a place that seems like it will work with her schedule next year. She was nervous and feeling pretty awkward. The studio owner, teacher, and students welcomed her. They did a warm up and started in on their recital dance, which they started over a month ago. DD took the place of an absent student. Halfway into class she'd learned the choreo, was keeping up with the kids in class, and starting to get the "flavor" of it. She came out happy and is looking forward to taking class next year. I guess my point is, missing a year or two of other genres of dance doesn't have to mean the end, as long as the quality ballet training continues. Not sure about in your area, but in our area there is at least one studio that offers tap, musical theater, jazz, acro, pretty much anything you'd want, and has ballet dancers that place at YAGP NYC and go on to work in ballet companies. Just wanted to offer some food for thought. We've had to make several adjustments along the way to try to keep my daughter in the "right" place for her training based on her goals, which have changed a bit over time. I'm sure a good solution will start to "feel" right by fall.
  5. New Member dennyland

    Thank you for the Reply. Given the lengthy and international history of Ballet, I can understand that some of the nomenclature will be fuzzy. Some of the sources I use are the ABT Dictionary, Gail Grant's Technical Manual, Ballet Focus, Gretchen W. Warren: Classical Ballet Technique and The Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet Volumes 1-5. Can you recommend any Dictionaries that you use?
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  7. Thanks, Miss Persistent. We have actually gotten the info for submitting an audition DVD; my daughter would like to go for it, knowing that the chances are slim. But, it would be a great adventure, and maybe look good on a resume!
  8. Changing Studios

  9. Changing Studios

    DanceMumNYC, Have you considered Broadway Dance Center? They offer drop-in classes that you could supplement Tap or Jazz or whatever your daughter might be interested in.
  10. Changing Studios

    I'm actually thinking how lucky you are that they published the schedule now. You have time to research and make a decision. Ours won't come out until Mid-July and they won't have settled who is teaching what. GRRR!
  11. Changing Studios

    Hi Elf Font, thank you for responding. I dismissed Ailey because the goal was to have a pre-prof ballet studio and another studio where dd can take everything else. Ailey would make her enroll as a pre-prof student, where she'd get ballet & modern, nothing else (we might've considered it if tap was also offered for her level). As I mentioned, it is a great school. However, I still don't believe the ballet compares to where she is now. I didn't know Franco DeVita joined Ailey's faculty. Thank you for sharing that information. I definitely agree that it's advantageous to the school. I would love for her to explore other schools, but unfortunately most summer auditions have already passed. Ailey has a SI but it's for ages 11+. Steps has one for dd's age group, but I found it kind of pricey and it also conflicts with another program she's already registered for. I'm not sure where else to look. I'm hoping that she can stay at her ballet school & we can find another studio that offers classes Saturday afternoon.
  12. Changing Studios

    Your summer plans may already be in place, but summer is an ideal time to explore other schools to see if they might be a possible fit, without having to commit too much. Also, I wasn't sure why you dismissed Ailey as a program. I see that Franco DeVita is now listed on their faculty page as one of the ballet instructors (https://www.theaileyschool.edu/about/staff/faculty-musicians). I don't know if he would teach your daughter's level, but his teaching there would seem to be a big advantage to ballet at Ailey.
  13. New Member dennyland

    Welcome to our forums, dennyland! Thank you for joining us, and we hope you will enjoy our discussions. There is a topic on B+ somewhere, but I can't remember where it is right now. Most likely Cross Talk or Adult Ballet Students forum. My understanding is that it most likely came from Balanchine, but not positive about that. I'm not sure we actually had a definitive answer.
  14. Changing Studios

    Hi everyone, I am at a crossroad and need advice. Dd(10) usually takes ballet on weekdays after school & other dance genres (jazz, tap, etc.) on Saturdays at another studio. However, the ballet school has decided to schedule some of next year's classes on Saturday morning. We were completely caught off guard since her level's classes have always been held on weekdays. This messed up our planned schedule for the Fall. The specific times of ballet on Saturday now interfere with the times of the non-ballet classes she expected to take at the other studio. I know another pre-prof ballet studio that offers classes for her level everyday, which would probably give us more flexibility & probably allow her to stay at the other studio for other genres. However, dd said she'd rather stay in the ballet school & look for another school for the other genres because ballet is "the most important" & she's happy where she's at. Not to mention, the other pre-prof ballet studio I looked into is further out & would take us about 2 hours each way! So here I am looking into other NYC studios that offer tap, jazz or modern, musical theater etc. Peridance & Steps on Broadway didn't put their schedules out yet, but past experience tells me that they both have very limited options. There is only one class per level, so if you can't make that specific day/time then there's not much you can do about it. Ailey is great too, but dd would have to enroll in their pre-prof division & take ballet with them, which isn't the goal. I seriously considered these schools in the past because they also have pre-pro ballet programs & ideally it'd be great if dd can take everything in one place. But now I think it'd be a huge mistake to take dd out of the ballet school she's in now for them. I've come to believe that the ballet offered at schools with multiple genres isn't as good as strictly pre-prof ballet schools here in NY. Please correct me if I'm wrong. That said, I'm at a crossroad because we seem to have 3 options: stay in the ballet school & quit the other genres (given we don't find another studio..dd wouldn't be too happy about dropping other genres though), switch ballet schools to accommodate the other studio's schedule (despite dd's wishes & the long commute), or switch both schools to take everything at one place (despite the fact that the ballet training may not be as good as what she gets now). Does anyone know any other NYC dance schools that offer good training in other genres? Has anyone faced a similar dilemma & what did you do?
  15. Pointe Shoe Help for a new member

    Such wonderful suggestions from Dreamingofdance. Thank you. Might you please explain what you mean by "wearing out so fast", as pointe shoes do not last forever. Do you have large insteps and high arches? This can have an impact on how long your shoes last. How many hours a week do you wear pointe shoes? Have you been properly fitted for pointe shoes? You might go to our Pointe Shoe forum to ask for help as well. Our Pointe Shoe moderators are quite helpful with their suggestions.
  16. So the schedule is up for next year (2018-2019). Although it had remained pretty much the same in previous years, the days are different next year. And it looks like they went from levels 1A, 1B, 2, and 3 to 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B. I wonder if this means that most students will remain in levels 2 & 3 a bit longer. Also, tuition slightly increased again ($100 more).
  17. Doing Own Hair...When?

    Thanks everyone for your helpful tips. I am writing this all down in a notepad! And ABsMom, to answer your question, yes, a high bun is required. Or at least that’s what it says in the student handbook. Yet I see so many girls (both older and younger) with low buns, no hair nets, etc., for class. But I told dd she should follow the “rules” in the book despite what others are doing. I’m hoping she can use the summer to practice.
  18. Australian Ballet School

    I do not know of any US students studying there, in fact I do not know of any overseas students at all - but it is possible. The Australian Ballet School does accept video auditions for overseas students, but attendance at the program would require a student visa. I would think the likelihood of any overseas graduate getting a job in the company is also on the slim side, as they would have to obtain a work visa - and as awful as it sounds not only are jobs as scarce as hens teeth in Australia, being granted a working visa over an Australian/NZ resident would be unusual (though not impossible! But highly unusual). There is information on overseas students and auditions on their website here https://www.australianballetschool.com.au/pages/auditions but in short this extract says a lot. "Overseas Students Overseas students enrolled in the Diploma of Dance (a two-year course), Advanced Diploma (a one-year course) or the Graduate Diploma of Classical Ballet (a one-year course) must leave Australia at the end of their course at the School, unless a further student visa has been successfully attained, and no later than the date stated on their student visas. At the completion of Level 8, any offer of a contract to an overseas student by any Australian dance company is conditional on the appointment being approved by (a) the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (the union body of the dance industry) and (b) the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (who have to approve a work visa). In the past, few contracts with Australian dance companies have been approved for overseas graduates, with negotiations often taking at least 12 months after graduation." There are very few overseas dancers in the AB, and most often are there as part of an exchange program. My feeling is because the ABS is the feeder school for the AB, it would be unusual for them to take on someone whom they thought there was little prospect of employing in the future because of visa issues. In recent years they seem to be taking fewer students at each level too - I know one year with only 8 students (4 girls, 4 boys). So, not impossible - but the odds may be stacked against...
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  20. New Member dennyland

    Just saying, "Hi". I'm a male student who likes Adagio. I've been taking classes about four years. Currently, I'm searching for information about B+. Why is it called that? I've read it was created by George Balanchine or that it's slang for coupe derriere en terre or that it resembles the notation symbol for coupe derriere en terre. Can anyone help me to the source of B+? Thanks, Dennyland
  21. Pointe Shoe Help for a new member

    Hello! I'm not able to help with where to get shoes online, but I can say to make sure you're taking absolute care of your pointe shoes so they last longer! This includes making sure that they are set out to dry completely, rotating pairs of shoes, and possibly jetgluing them!
  22. Doing Own Hair...When?

    At 10, our DD is mainly doing her own. Sure, she might need a little help with a whispy here and there. But, does a good job!
  23. Staying in shape over extended vacation

    I have found ways to to do at least a barre almost everywhere I traveled! Stretching and barre do not take a massive space, and even small hotel rooms have been workable. Lots have fitness centers that can be used. Starting an Intensive right after a month off will be a challenge, but all you can do is at least keep the flexibility and rotation and placement working. Strength and stamina will be harder, so don't push it the first week. Tell your teachers that you have been off for a month.
  24. Coming back, fears

    Welcome to our forums, ellasol! It is great that you are returning to ballet, and I'm sure that it will be very helpful in your aerial work! Do not worry about what you look like or how good you are when you start back. That is not important. You are there to learn and improve your skills, and of course to just enjoy ballet classes again. So, do that! There is no way we can tell you what to expect in terms of how good you may become, as we don't know your prior training and your facility for ballet. It would be best to just focus on now.
  25. I will be traveling in Europe this summer for about a month, and due to all the places I'm headed I won't have time to attend a ballet class. I train at a pre-professional school year round 6 days a week, and right after I come back from Europe I will be attending a summer intensive. What advice would you have to stay in shape over this fairly long break? I do not want to lose my strength, stamina, and flexibility.
  26. Pointe Shoe Help for a new member

    Parents, please note this is the Young Dancer Forum. A couple posts had to be removed.
  27. Doing Own Hair...When?

    DD9 (almost 10) prefers me to do her buns mostly because she says she can't get the ponytail tight enough (can't get it wrapped around that extra time) and she likes them to be 'just so' and not move at all while she is dancing. But our schedule is so tight that she gets dressed for dance in the bathroom at after-care at school before I pick her up then she eats dinner in the car. As so as we get there I do her hair while she puts her shoes on. She prefers to be in class early to get stretched/warmed up so she hates how rushed we are some days. I'm hoping that will convince her to practice and get her own buns better so she feels more comfortable in them. I also told her that she needs to get it by next fall because if she is responsible enough for pointe than she should be able to do her own buns. I know I will sew her first shoes but I would like to have her in on the process so she can start sewing them as soon as possible, seems important for them to be just how she needs them to be. Now my sassy 7 year old wants to do everything herself so she wants to do her own pony tail and then will let me pin it into a bun. So it basically looks like squirrels had a fight on her head but she is in a much lower level class and I don't have the heart (or time) to squash the independence.
  28. Doing Own Hair...When?

    If your DD has thick and slick hair, it is very difficult to get a smooth pony without some help from hair products and good ponytail elastics . DD has found that the braided elastics work best. They are strong and can be wound up to three times. DD flips her head over and brushes into pony, holding pony she then flips her head right-side up and brushes to smooth down bumps, and then wraps the elastics. As AB'sMom DD, she will need to section it to pin down and pin as you go. DD uses the corkscrew type pins (4) to anchor the bun, wraps hair net and finishes with u-shaped pins to secure in rest of hair. Just a warning about slicking hair down for pony, use an product that dries and does not leave the bun damp. DD used to spray water to slick down her hair for pony. However, if you have thick hair the water does not dry out completely. In the more humid months, mildew can grow especially if you use a milder, non-SLS shampoo. Good luck!
  29. Doing Own Hair...When?

    Is she required to have a high bun? My daughter was always very picky about her bun being perfect and the bumps in the front from the high ponytail were the biggest problem. She started doing a low bun “like the big girls” and it was much easier to get the ponytail smooth. She divides her long, somewhat thick, hair into two sections for the bun part and also pins as she goes. She usually does the ponytail at home and the bun in the car. Doing the bun at home let her get too obsessed with perfection. Having a time limit helps her and her buns are still beautiful. When she’s done she uses a cell phone to take a picture of the back of her head to make sure it looks good. And she uses gel to smooth her hair, so I have to keep wet wipes in the car for her hands. She just turned 13, but I think she’s been doing them on her own for two years now.
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