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  3. It's not about how low you can go, it's about using the amount of plié that you have correctly. The quality of the plié is more important than the depth. That said, since we can't see you, I would suggest talking to your teacher and maybe she (or he) will be able to explain to you the reasons why the depth of your plié is limited. Sometimes it is due to a lack of rotation, or yes, a lack of stretch in the achilles tendon. Do not try to force it, just be sure that you are doing it correctly!
  4. I've been noticing while at the barre that whenever we're doing plies, all of my classmates can go lower than me. Especially grand plies in second position, I feel the odd one out because I can't seem to go as low as the others without lifting my heels off. I wonder if it's just me with a not flexible achilles or if I can do something about it.
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  6. I'll start one in cross talk.
  7. yes, thanks. I like this idea Noel19, and would love to hear more. Where can I follow new thread?
  8. I had an opportunity to open my mind if just a little bit more than it already was when someone invited me to embrace the fact that the dance made me uncomfortable; irritable even. To understand that by evoking an emotion it had done its job. So, I did consider that but my walk away was still, "Yes, if evoking a response was the goal, goal met. I still prefer to watch dance that evokes something other than irritability or impatience..." Interesting read. Thank you for posting it.
  9. My apologies, dancemaven. lemlemish I would love to continue the discussion if it's started in a non "Welcome" area of the site. I'm sure it would help to get other's opinions as well.
  10. Congratulations, Suzie. Wonderful news.
  11. Congrats to your DD, Suzie1!!
  12. As I just said on another response to you, daintydancer, the answer is on the board. It just takes some reading time. The first category of topics on the Home page contains all the information on how this board works, including a topic on PM's.
  13. i'm really sorry. That makes more sense though, thank you for your time.
  14. "Thank you" is always acceptable.
  15. Daintydancer, you really need to spend some time here reading instead of just posting. All the questions you ask are answered in the Rules and Policies, or in posts which are Pinned at the top of all the forums. YD is 13-19. You are a young dancer, and you may post in all the YD forums. I closed one New Topic post you made because it was the same subject (hip flexibility) of an existing topic, which you found yesterday and posted to. I removed a post you made on the foot stretching thread because it contains advice. YD's do not give advice. You may share your own experiences, but not try to tell people how to do things. That is for the professional Teacher Moderators to do.
  16. I think this would be an okay place to put this since I didn't want to make that topic go off topic. What age group makes you a young dancer? Is the reason I cannot post is because I'm a "young dancer," because it is in the "young dancer" category, or both?
  17. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to put this question, are new members not allowed to message the administrators? I tried to message Ms. Leigh but a popup bubble stated this. You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later. OK
  18. Ms. Leigh, Thank you (Is it appropriate to say thank you or is it not recommended for "waste" of message space?)
  19. It sounds like you are doing everything you can do, daintydancer. The main thing is to learn to really use your feet well. Articulate every move. Push from the floor and fully stretch everything to the best of your ability. The body has limitations, and learning to use it correctly and well can create some improvement, though probably not as dramatic an improvement as one would like. It's a long and slow process. The arch is not separate from the is only a part of it, as is the instep. One works to improve the mobility, flexibility, and usage of the whole foot.
  20. Thank you so much!
  21. I have flat feet. Actually, I have pronated feet (I wear orthotics). My feet create a straight line, which people tell me is all you need. I strive for perfection, like pretty much every single dancer, so I would really like to improve my feet. I have a foot stretcher, a theraband, and practice many tendus, stretches for the achilles, and footwork outside of class to try to enhance what I have. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to improve the arch, rather than the foot. The things I do seem to help only my foot (barely). I understand that sometimes there is nothing more you can do when you are trying to improve flexibility, but your bone structure is in the way, but it's worth a try!
  22. Name change complete.
  23. Alex, I deleted the repeat of your post. I closed the one you made yesterday because it contains some advice, which is only given by our professional teacher moderators.
  24. Alex, we are already discussing this on another topic. Closing this one.
  25. Hi, My mom is concerned that my name is in my display name since my name is in it. She said (i agree) that it ruins the anonymity since she found my post while on the site and knew it was me. Would you be able to change my display name to "daintydancer"? Thank you so much
  26. Hi, The bone structure of my hips naturally closes/rotates inward. I have visited a PT who gave me this diagnoses. I'm not able to NATURALLY turnout past 130, nor can I achieve my middle splits. In my straddle split (not rolled through over hips), I am at about 120. I'm continuing to strengthen my hamstrings and glutes, but I do have a very strong base for extensions. I don't know if there is any more that I can do because of my bone structure besides the basic stretches like all the splits and lunges. I have the goal of improving my "look" with my extensions and placement of the feet.
  27. We are getting WAAAAYYYYYY off-topic here, folks. . This is the "Welcome" Forum only.
  28. I've only started a few months ago with girls some years younger than me, but it's honestly not as awkward as I expected. (I'm a small girl anyway. I blend in. ) But I was lucky to later have a fellow beginner who was older than me so I don't feel quite lost alone. I'm catching up all right with my classmates and my teacher said I've been improving fast. I'll see where all these will bring me~
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