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    Alana, we do not recommend programs, but all of the information you need is here on the board in the SI forums topics. Please respond to my request for you to change your name.
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    Not yet but I am looking into them for this summer. There are auditions for Joffrey and Burklyn at my studio this year, so I will be auditioning for those. I will most likely be auditioning for the Carolina Ballet and UNCSA intensives because they are near me. Do you have any other recommendations?
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    If you are getting the training you need you should not need privates. Have you attended any Summer Intensive programs outside of your own school?
  5. There is a thread under Summer Intensives General Topics that discusses the weekend intensive.
  6. DD had some college auditions lined up. She has other schools in mind near quality training, if she doesn't get in to any of the audition schools. But, I am now wondering a couple of things. Do dancers ever audition again, either as a sophomore (if they choose to attend but not as a dance major), or as a freshman applicant again, after pursuing more training during a gap year?
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    I feel like I am getting really good training. Should i still look into taking privates or something?
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  10. Nutcracker Season 2017

    Congrats, forglitter, 5uptown, and DanceMumNYC!! So exciting!! My DD was a polichinelle (I think that's another name for a Ginger kid) last year. She'd love to be Clara someday, though would be happy with any part as she just wants to be part of the "magic". She doesn't even audition until the first week in October (rehearsals start the following weekend so cast list will be out sometime that week). She's hit the lowest level that party girls and Clara are cast from, so she's a bit extra nervous for this year's audition. I expect she has one more year in the battle scene before graduating to the party scene, but we shall see in a couple weeks. Best of luck to all the ones waiting to audition or find out the results!
  11. College Dance Fair(s)

    @Julisha Good information. I wan't certain if kids actually got in to programs or if they were treating it like a pre-screening. We are struggling to decide because, on one hand, we'd like her to audition with other dancers interested in specific programs and on the other, we could knock out a few in one day. If she does them individually, she'd see the department, facilities, and meet teachers. It is a difficult decision.
  12. College Dance Fair(s)

    Hi tutmama! My bad-yes you have the correct dates! DD's friend was accepted to Point Park as a result of this audition last year. DD and friends from her school are caravaning down from their school to audition. Lucky me, i'll have a house full of teenagers that weekend! Seriously though, they are all nice kids and judging from the schedule, they will be very busy.
  13. Nutcracker Season 2017

    Congrats, DanceMumNYC (DD did ginger once!! so fun!!) and 5uptown, and good luck AB'smom and Mom de deux!
  14. College Dance Fair(s)

    So funny that you just posted about the dancewave fair. I was trying to search for any feedback about the fair all morning. My daughter is interested in going, but we were not certain how the process would play out for the auditions. A few of her choices are on the list and some of them are auditioning schools. Do you have any other feedback about auditions panning out for dancers? As a point of reference, I have the dates as Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th. Will your daughter and friends audition? Now I'm excited again.
  15. College Dance Fair(s)

    Is anyone attending the Dancing Through College and Beyond Fair, to be held October 6-7, 2017 at 92 Y Harkness Dance Center? DD is attending with several of her friends. http://dancewave.org/DTCB
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    Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Alanapooler. Your schedule is a bit unusual, and does not really comply with the guidelines we recommend. Your age and the number of total hours are not really the criteria. We strongly feel that ballet technique classes should be a minimum of 1.5 hours, and pointe classes should follow the technique class at least 2 or 3 times a week, depending on level. Starting the week with a one hour pointe class doesn't really make sense. You only have one ballet technique class that is 1.5 hours. At the advanced level you should have 6 days a week of ballet technique and pointe. That said, the most important thing is the quality of the training. If you want to be a classical dancer you really need to be in a pre-professional ballet school. Conditioning and jazz are fine, but generally one jazz and one contemporary or modern class would be on the schedule. Since you are new here I would like to recommend that you spend some time reading through our guidelines and previous topics. You will find a LOT of info here about training for a classical ballet career! (I will edit your first post to show the information you posted in the second post. You can always fix your own posts using the Edit button right under the post.) If you will write to Contact Us and send me two or three choices for a different display name, I will change it for you. We strongly recommend that young dancers do not use their real name on the forums. This is for safety reasons.
  17. Nutcracker Season 2017

    My smaller DD(almost 7) will likely be an angel or a little mouse (pre-battle scurrying). She was an angel last year, so is hoping for mouse, but my older DD keeps reminding her that the angels are on stage for a much longer period of time.
  18. As audition season gets closer, I wanted to say that our dd's experience here has been so wonderful! Her November audition had about 75 dancers and the winter audition had about the same. The audition schedule looks like this: 9:30- 10:25 a.m. Ballet/Modern Technique 10:30- 11:25 a.m. Ballet/Modern Technique 11:30- 12:30 p.m. BFA/ICA Solos 12:30- 1:15 p.m. Lunch Break 1:15- 1:45 p.m. Question and Answer Session 1:45- 2:15 p.m. Writing portion 2:30- 3:30 p.m. Improvisation She is very happy with all of her dance teachers, classes, and performance opportunities. The campus vibe is energetic and the school spirit is contagious. There were 2 schools on our dd's 'final short list of college programs' and the decision ultimately came down to her gut feeling from professors/current students after audition day. Good luck to all of those dancers looking ahead to college auditions!
  19. Schedule

    Am I dancing enough for my age? I am 14. Monday- pointe- 3:15-4:15 jazz- 5:15-6:30 Tuesday- progressive ballet technique (conditioning)- 5:15- 6:15 ballet technique- 6:15-7:45 hip hop- 7:45-9 Wednesday- ballet- 4:45- 6 jazz- 8-9:15 Thursday- pointe 7:15-9 Saturday- 10:45-12:15 ballet technique I also have rehearsals all weekend throughout the whole year, except for the summer. I was out for 5 months due to an ongoing injury last fall but have come back from that pretty quickly from it- I didn't lose any technique and I feel like it really helped me evaluate why I was dancing in the first place. I am getting moved up into the highest level at my studio this year, but I still don't feel like i am good enough. My teachers say they think i have alot of potential and could become a proffesional dancer but I don't know- I look at some other girls at my studio who are insanely good and it does not help my confidence! Should Istart taking privates or something? Sorry this is so long!
  20. Nutcracker Season 2017

    My son outgrew the professional production with which his school is affiliated by the time he was 11, and most kids roles were really quite short. But, this year he's doing the lead boy (Prince) role in a smaller "semi pro" version, which should be a lot of fun and new experience for him.
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  22. Nutcracker Season 2017

    Auditions start Friday night for my DD. She dances in a professional production, so this is probably the last year she'll fit within the height requirements. She's trying not to think too much about it. She was one of the two girls cast as young Clara last year, so isn't really expecting to get that role again, though she'd be thrilled if she did. The whole situation already feels a little bittersweet. We both feel that she is so fortunate to attend a studio filled with mostly kind and supportive teachers, parents and students. The Clara that preceded her set a great example for her and I suspect she'll do the same for the Claras that follow her.
  23. Nutcracker Season 2017

    Young DD will be a Ginger kid this year! She's so excited. I'm not too excited about the rehearsals being in the evenings and on our only "day off," but I can't wait to see her perform in the show this December.
  24. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    Thank you everyone. I happened to run into someone who is a specialist in essentials oils yesterday and she is going to make me a magic potion. 😀 I have also ordered a shoe dryer. I appreciate all the input!
  25. Split back leg turned in or out?

    Actually, it does relate to splits when they are used for that purpose in a ballet class. If you look at a grand jeté, executed by a professional who is able to achieve that split in the air, the back leg is just as turned out as the front leg. Not all will achieve the full 180 degrees, but even when they don't the back leg must still be rotated. The line of arabesque must still be there.
  26. Split back leg turned in or out?

    Right, because you disagreed with my comment you decided to hide it. Learn the definition of misleading.
  27. Split back leg turned in or out?

    Arabesques are meant to be turned out, it's part of the art form. That doesn't relate to splits.
  28. Members, please remember that it is BT4D policy NOT to ask other members for identifying information on the open Board. Many people would like to retain as much anonymity as possible so that, if needed or wanted, they can ask sometimes difficult questions. http://dancers.invisionzone.com/topic/33432-posting-expectations-important-social-netiquette-for-bt4d/
  29. Great summary kiwiwdancer! My daughter chose UofA for many of the same reasons. The primary reason being because she wanted a program that was equally strong in ballet, jazz and modern. She is a very well rounded dancer and last year was fortunate enough to be cast in a ballet, modern, tap and jazz piece. Although I wouldn't call her a ballerina, she still chooses to have ballet 5x a week with the Ballet 300/400 levels. She has grown tremendously in technique during the last 12 months and continues to do so. Autumn and Liz are fabulous ballet teachers. Kiwidancer - I believe My daughter is good friends with your daughter.........so funny as I remember how helpful you were during the audition process last year and in answering my many questions. There is nothing as valuable as getting first hand information. The program may not be a good fit for everyone but we have found it to be everything that we were looking for and more. So pleased.
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