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  2. Sure. I would advise you to have a few plans. Students get to select their rooms based on the lottery. If you get an early date, then you will have more selection. If you get a late date, there will not be much selection as to what type of room--usually only triples left. My DD had been at the BW SI before, so she was very familiar with the campus. She wanted to be in Gateway in a double because it was the closest to the dining hall. She got a late date so she is in a triple, but she is just steps away from the dining hall. Freshman dancers will have to be in class at 8:00 am M-F and if they are cast in a show, they will not be done until 6pm. My DD leaves her room about 7:00 am, eats in the dining hall and then takes the campus bus down to the dance building--It is a one mile walk downhill to get there. She returns about 6 pm by campus bus--it's a one mile walk uphill. She does not have time in her day to return to the dorm during the day. For lunch she either takes a take out from the Heritage dining hall, or she uses her dining exchanges at a location closer to the dance building. She uses the locker room in the dance building to store her dance shoes and supplies. My girl likes the quietness of Gateway. She really didn't want the craziness that can come in co ed dorms--she has a brother. One thing entering dancers must remember, you must get enough rest and eat well if you are going to make it with the dance schedule that they will have. Out of the five girls that are in DD's suite, only one is from Utah. There are students from all over the country at the U. She also did not want to room with a ballet major her first year. She felt it would be better to have a break from ballet at night and weekends. She has really nice roommates and they get along well--she took potluck. Sometimes tensions can arise between dancers based on casting, and it is nice to meet other people on campus. My DD has not experienced any problems with other dancers , but then again she does not room with other ballet majors. The dancers take EVERY dance class together M-F: that's a lot of togetherness. My DD does get together with other dancers to go see performances and attend some campus activities on the weekends. I would suggest that your DD prioritize what is most important to her, and then have one plan if she gets an early date and another plan if she gets a late date. I hope this helps--if you need more clarification, please let me know.
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  4. Suesuedressage-do you have any advice on housing? Is Gateway a freshman dorm or specific to dancers? Is your dd in a suite or shared room? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Yes they do end up with company contracts. My DD left BC this year for a company contract. And she is not the only one that was a studio company member last year that now has a professional contract. 6 or 7 besides her are now dancing professionally in some way. And that is just students from last year. Also many go on to college dance programs.
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  7. Choosing the right ballet school?

    #3 is a horror show. I am willing to bet that those students who do well at competitions and etc are a small percentage of those students put on pointe too early. The thing to contemplate isn't how many older students are great but how many students dropped out. As for the other two, the only way to know is to try them. Pretty much every place lets you take a sample class (most require one for placement anyway). Many of these are free. If you're still not sure after trying both places, see if you can pay for a sample month at each, starting with the one you want to be on top.
  8. Thank you, Marseas Mom! That's great to hear. We're very excited about the school and the program. And already looking forward to the Dance in Paris semester down the road.
  9. Choosing the right ballet school?

    I would agree that option 3 sounds terrible. Personally I’d scratch it off my list as soon as I found out about their attitude toward pointe. Everyone is going to have different things that they think are important. We started looking at different options for my daughter when she was 9 and made the switch at 10. One of the things I looked for at that age was 90 minute classes. I also liked that the school had a set schedule. My daughter would have added every ballet class possible if she had been able to choose her own schedule. For me it was important not to get caught up in the more-is-better mindset.
  10. Monet, do you know if the older students end up with contracts at other companies? Or do they go to college programs? I didn't realize there were older students year round--though I do recall when older DD did the AI a few years back, I asked her if the "kids" in her level were getting together after the last performance, and she said, "Yes, they're going to a bar."
  11. Bad dance training - my definition

    Maybe it’s just me, but it may be a red flag when the owner or teachers are dancing a lot in recital and if props are used in ballet pieces in the recital. I tend to think good dancing doesn’t need props.
  12. Choosing the right ballet school?

    School #3: Stay far, far, FAR away! Yes, everything (and I mean everything!) you noted about it is a huge red flag. Yes, you are reading too much into the competition results. YAGP is neither necessary for training nor an indicator of school’s worth. Some schools focus on YAGP year-round and there are politics in YAGP (gasp!) . Look for good solid, slow-boil training. Ballet is an art form, not a competitive endeavor. As for the other two schools, I will leave it up to our esteemed Teach-Moderators to comment. In the meantime, I would suggest that you take a look at the General Age Appropriate Training Guidelines they have prepared for us. Those are pinned in each of the Parent forums (and others): http://dancers.invisionzone.com/topic/54927-general-age-appropriate-training-guidelines/
  13. Hi all, I hope this is the right place for this question. DD is currently 9 years old and she is dancing at a very intense competitive studio. Like many of you here I figured coming September should be about time for us to cut down the crazy hours to just focus on ballet (and school!) There are 3 ballet schools I'm interested in, each have its pros and cons: 1. Artistic director graduated from Vaganova Academy, two 1.5 hour and one 1 hour ballet class a week, two performances and ballet exams a year, rehearsals are on a seperate day, no mention of pointe yet 2. Artistic director graduated Bolshoi Ballet Academy, class is 1 hour and the number of class is up to me, two performances a year, don't believe in exam/competition, levels are based on ability instead of age, same goes for pointe readiness, rehearsals are on a seperate day 3. Artistic director graduated from Vaganova Choreographic institute, 1 performance a year, three 1 hour ballet class, 1 character and 1 pointe class a week, yes as crazy as it sounds they want to put DD en pointe without any assessment, rehearse during class time While you might think I should run as far away as possible from school #3, an interesting fact is that every year they do quite well at YAGP and other well known competitions, am I reading too much into their comp result? With me being a stalker on various dance forum, I've learnt the harm to let a child start pointe training in an early age. I don't know if it matters to the development of DD's feet, but DD is very tiny for her age to the point her bone age is younger than her actual age. The school didn't directly answer how long do the students actually spend in pointe shoes. They just said they all start soft. And the reason why a lot of schools wait out to let a child go en pointe is that because they don't know the proper way to train them. They claimed that there've never been any injuries in their school, take it with a grain of salt. Should I bother to ask if we can hold off a year to start pointe class or is that a huge red flag? All 3 schools have a good amount of graduates that became professional ballet dancer. My gut tells me school #2 is the way to go, part of the reason being one of the teacher there also teaches at DD's comp studio and I know our SO sends kids there. Only thing that pulls me back is knowing DD won't be able to compete at that school, ever. Even though I don't think she is at that level by any means, I guess I still like to keep the option open. Sorry for such long post, let me know your thought especially if there's anything I should know when looking at ballet school. Thank you
  14. Miami City Ballet School

    DORM LIFE RA/ Student Ratio: There is 1 Housing Supervisor during the week and a different one on Sundays for 22 kids. Were you happy with the security/supervision: Yes.. For it being a hotel also, we have never had any issues with safety. We have to be back for curfew by 9:30 Sun-Fri and 10:00 on Saturdays. Is it easy to communicate with home: Yes! Food: There is no meal plan!! However, I have found it surprisingly easy to cook my own food. We are also super close to a lot of good restaurants and lincoln road so we can go out to eat too!
  15. Miami City Ballet School

    GENERAL INFORMATION Dancer Age: 16 Dancer Sex: Female Program Name: Miami City Ballet Year-Round Program Level dancer was in: Pre-Professional 1 Who is providing Feedback: Student FACILITY INFORMATION Flooring: - The floor at MCB is gray marley that is sprung. Building Safety: - Security Guard at front desk in lobby Space: - There are 8 studios, 7 of which are very large. Bathrooms/general cleanliness of studios: -Very clean. CLASS INFORMATION Number of students in class: - There are officially 18 of us in PP1, but on an average day it will be around 13-15 because students have rehearsals or take class with PP2. - PP2 is a bit larger, with maybe 25 girls. Was the student challenged: - Very!!! Technique: - MCB teaches the Balanchine technique. Did the students have the same teacher(s) every day: - No, we have 6 teachers spread out throughout the week. Schedule: We normally have three classes a day, starting with 1 hour 45 minute ballet class. Following the ballet class is either pas de deux, variations, pointe, etc for 1 hour or longer. After that it is either contemporary, pas de deux, or repertoire (1 hour and a half). We also have pilates once a week! What other dance forms were offered: Contemporary/Jazz Was partnering available and if so, for what levels: Yes, levels PP1 and PP2 twice a week. Was Pilates or other conditioning offered: Pilates is offered for each level once a week but you can take more and also stretch classes if you choose in your free time. Did you feel that the number of injuries was average: Yes, very few have been injured. Is Physical Therapy available onsite: - Yes, there is PT on the 3rd floor. Were nutrition/anatomy/personal safety/injury prevention classes offered: - Yes Were open classes available to attendees: - Yes Was ballet class time used for rehearsal: - No GENERAL COMMENTS Is this program more suitable for any specific age group: - There is a really large age range! In PP1 and PP2 it probably ranges from 14-20 (a few 13 year olds). What do you like best: - The teachers are phenomenal! What did you like least: - Contemporary lol. Would the student return again: - Yes, I plan on returning next year Did you feel comfortable raising concerns if there were any: - Yes, you can talk to the director or any administrators very easily. In a word or phrase, please describe the atmosphere of this program: - Definitely intense, but in a good way. The teachers are very straight-forward and are not afraid to tell you what to work on. (we have 2 yearly conferences with the director where she talks to us about our progress and moving forward, etc.).
  16. Miami City Ballet School

    If there is a review form like there is for summer intensives I would be happy to fill it out. If anyone has questions feel free to ask!
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  18. Partnering Class

    At my DD's pre-pro school they start at 14 with supported adage. Prior to that, the kids dance as partners in Character class but no supporting or lifting.
  19. Carrers involved with dance/health science

    Okay thank you very much!
  20. Congrats to all! Thank you to all for the very helpful information. We get more from this site than from info sessions lol! We are not sure about SI in Utah either-we were hoping to save money having DD commute to SI before going off to college but I don’t want her to miss out on bonding experiences if many are going. Will keep an eye here and on SI thread to make decisions. Hope all these hard working dancers see their dreams fulfilled wherever they choose to go.
  21. Carrers involved with dance/health science

    We have had a number of similar threads exploring other related career options. This Forum is arranged alphabetically, in hopes that it can be more easily accessed. I would suggest you take a little time and explore the Index page of this forum and drop in on threads that catch your fancy. Feel free to add to existing threads as appropriate. ( No need to keep reinventing the wheel and lose out on previously shared knowledge and discussions. ) Many of these previous threads are clustered in the “careers:” area of the Index, but I would not limit myself to just that section. There may be straggler threads that have other key elements or words. We haven’t had a chance to do major housekeeping in this Forum for awhile. Happy reading!
  22. Practice at home do's and don'ts?

    Thanks! That's interesting about the stretching. I've heard the same thing that stretching [temporarily] weakens the area. I've been told off by the director about stretching before class. Now I just do some light, dynamic exercises and theraband stuff. Our teacher has us do a stretching combination in the middle of class (before center) and I mentally always thought of it as a test to see if I've progressed in flexibility since last class instead of a true stretch routine hahaha (since I'm in a syllabus class, I think they're trying to teach the younger students *how* to stretch properly). I prefer long stretch sessions after a good workout too.
  23. Yes they do have older dancers, some over 20. I have lots of info. I can answer any questions you have!😊
  24. AB2 has done a few of their own outreach performances throughout the Atlanta area: https://www.atlantaballet.com/news/see-atlanta-ballet-2s-free-performance-on-nov-25 They just wrapped up their own show, Beauty and the Beast which they performed for a weekend in September and again for Valentine’s weekend. I will say (speaking firsthand) that apprentices and company members (especially men) tend to get principal roles in these AB2 shows (Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty to name a few). For example, one of the princes for Beauty and the Beast last week was a company apprentice. That isn’t to say the second company doesn’t also get lead roles in these, but it is not STRICTLY the second company and also includes Atlanta Ballet’s pre pros performing corps parts. This past Nutcracker appeared to be a bit messy as there were SEVERAL last minute replacements due to injuries (I saw the final performance). AB2 members did snow, flowers, and party parent, while a few had the chance to be Marya, which is a principal role, and some got to do various divertissements in Act 2. One conservatory student (level below AB2) actually had a couple shows of Marya because one AB2 member was injured, but other AB2 ladies did not get to do Marya at all. Here’s a review of the 2017 Nutcracker: http://artsatl.com/review-atlanta-ballets-final-mcfall-nutcracker-fails-cast-usual-magical-spell/ Keep in mind Yuri Possokhov will be choreographing a brand new Nutcracker for 2018 which, as mentioned in the review above, they spent a lot of time rehearsing this past season in addition to McFall’s Nutcracker. I don’t think the limited time they spent on McFall’s Nutcracker would have been such an issue if they weren’t working with so many new dancers who hadn’t seen or performed this production. Several veterans who were familiar with McFall’s version left or were let go at the end of last season. AB2 also performed in the company’s performance of Don Quixote which ran the same weekend as Beauty and the Beast. I know some of them were dryads and bridesmaids, but I don’t know what else. Depending on what rehearsals they are called to, AB2 has several breaks during the day or every “block” on their schedule filled. It changes day to day and follows the company’s schedule very closely. AB2 receives a small stipend and pointe shoes (I am not sure how many shoes they provide this year, but it was plenty in the past). Again, some of this is “secondhand” information, but it isn’t anything that hasn’t been confirmed by multiple people in the program or are also from Atlanta Ballet.
  25. tobeaballerina, I am planning to start Ballet Chicago in the fall and I will be a 18 and a senior in high school. I do not have very much information on the program, but perhaps I will see you there
  26. Was wondering if anyone could comment on older student's involvement with the program (specifically the Studio Company)? I've heard there are older dancers that are also in the Studio Company. I'm 19 this year and started ballet really late in high school. Auditioning for different second companies and traineeships and decided to audition here too because of the Balanchine works and training. Got into all the summer programs and second company. Is it worth going as an older dancer? Do they get casted fairly or is it more focused on the younger girls? Any information would be much appreciated
  27. Has anyone received a decision yet (for Fall 2018)?
  28. Thank you, any information would be wonderful. I appreciate all the links, that is great!
  29. She auditioned in Chicago which was before NY, I think.
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