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  2. Thnak you very much Miss Leigh ! i was a bit worried but it s good to hear this from a pro i ll try my hardest to catch up with the group i will be joining. Thank you so much.
  3. Alexandra_v96, you were posting even today. May I ask why you wish to delete your account?
  4. Welcome, Sketchy Sketcher. It is true that it is never too late to start, and it's also true that being 'pretty thin' is not a problem in ballet. If you are strong and healthy there is no reason not to start. Ballet is not a sport, it is an art. That is a big difference.
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  6. Alexandra_v96! Gotcha. Thank you for clarifying. It is highly unusual for training program students to dance with the company. But I'm sure you will enjoy your time there and find it very fulfilling. My DD did. Now back to the topic at hand: Boston Conservatory dance program.
  7. There are so very many teachers who teach private lessons in NYC on a regular basis. I think it is hard to jump into a private lesson without having an idea of what the teacher is like or what the student is like. It seems to me that these connections begin through classes at SIs, open classes and normal ballet school classes. Is there something specific you are looking for? A specific style of dance? Coaching? And Fabrice Herrault seems to be the only I can think of off-hand who works this way with daily private/semi-privates.
  8. Dear people of this forum... i know the question has already been asked and that the answer is "it s never too late to start". The reason i am writing this is because i don t know if i am cut for ballet. I saw a ballet last year and i was amazed. It was crazy how the dancers were... well dancing! i just want to know if even with my physic i can start ballet at 18. i m saying this because i tried other sports and couldn t play during official games because i m too thin. i do body renforcement but it doesn t change the facts. Ok let me make it clear: i m 1m87 which i think is 6'2 and i weigh __ kg (___ lb). so as you can imagine i am pretty thin. i just wanted to know if i would be "technically" able to start learning ballet. thx for your time and sorry for my bad english.
  9. for my previous post.... Just noticed my post from previous about lines was written from me telling my mom information. She must have changed it to make it seem like it was a company spot. Had to edit it to make it accurate lol. I hope this clear up confusion from previous. Sorry about that lol you know how moms can sometimes tell too much even when you tell them another. Have a nice day everyone!
  10. Delete my account please
  11. Hi, dancemaven and Lady Elle! At LINES there is a 2 year training program which I am going to. I dont think they train with the company but are considered trainees atleast thats what my friends who are in that program consider themselves lol. I honestly dont know since I am going in very new lol but if you know of anyone who is from the training program who dances with the company I would love to know! Im just so excited!!! I hope this clears up any of your confusion
  12. I liked that comment from TCU. I was very impressed with their dance program and their university. I liked how TCU concentrates on undergrads and was a good medium size school. I liked it a lot more than my daughter for some reason and though accepted, she turned them down. I think it is very important is to not choose a college solely on its dance program. Each of the numerous schools we toured or auditioned, we always met or saw a dancer "out" on injury, whether temporary, or one that no longer danced. You are still attending to earn a degree, so think about what options you have. Last place we met a student who worked in the dance dept, but left dance after her first year. She explained, she still loved it, but decided not to major in it any longer. She became interested in the administration side of dance, arts and non profits. She kept close with the dace dept and students by working in the office. She was also fortunate it was an easy transition as there were other majors than dance in the school. This was not a deciding factor, but we did like when the dance major was in an academic school like arts and sciences, making it easier for double majors, and I guess for this type of situation.
  13. hi there, balletmaman17, Congrats to your DD! I can tell you I was trained very Balanchine with a lot of classical training as well, so coming into this environment was different for me. I wouldn't say that BoCo is a ballet focused school. We do take ballet every day and there are a lot of ballet electives to choose from but ballet is a weakness for BoCo. I felt my training suffered a lot these past 2 years I've been here. Very strong modern and contemporary for sure. Those who were a ballet emphasis went into contemporary ballet companies and I really cant think of anyone in a classical ballet company other than those many years ago. The director changed about 5 or 6 years ago and ever since it totally shifted to a modern school. Before it was very much ballet oriented. Thank you so much and if you plan to go to accepted dancers day on Wednesday let me know! I'll be there Thank you so much!!
  14. The second paragraph of the article begins "The American National Ballet will open its first season in the fall in Charleston, S.C.," so it does appear that it is a new company.
  15. Is American National Ballet a brand new company?
  16. I would call Marat Daukayev and ask about the conservatory program. This is a daytime program set up for advanced students who home school.
  17. Hello lovely dancers, I wonder if there are any current or past professional ballet dancers who visit this board. Would be lovely to get some feedback from dancers ranging from large/state ballet companies all the way to small/local regional or those that have worked in both. and if there are differences. What were some of the challenges & hurdles you experience starting out, transitioning from student to company life? Wouldn't it be great if there were an online support group linking the long time professionals and newbies starting out .
  18. According to this article, The American National Ballet hires tall dancers. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link. Please delete if necessary.
  19. I'm not sure if this is the right thread to be posting this is, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight on private teachers in NYC. I know a few dancers who take weekly or daily privates with people such as Fabric Herrault, but it's hard to find any information on this topic. Any information would be appreciated!
  20. At one of my previous studios we had the foam rollers that weren't hollow, and now I use the Trigger Point hollow ones. Personally, I find both to be perfectly fine, but for me the Trigger Point one is a bit harder (which I prefer). Also I find that the hollow rollers are just overall easier to carry/pack. Rolling out definitely helps me sort of cool down if I have a sore muscle after a day of dancing. I will also sometimes roll out my glutes or hips using a tennis ball or a pinky ball because they get a little deeper into the muscle.
  21. It does seem there are opportunities for tall dancers, which is great to hear. Thank you all for this information! Sometimes it is hard to tell how tall the dancers actually are on stage, and I guess it would be difficult to estimate average heights at various companies.
  22. Hi MelissaGA Thanks for your comments/insights. Your thoughts about auditions are correct. She has started auditioning often while in school this year, but she has done very little before prior to this. She has always been very resistant to the idea of auditioning for anything, and is rather reserved in both classes and auditions, where I don't think she shows her best. I fact, one person she auditioned for this year made a point to call my daughter in and almost apologize for "undercasting her" (the auditioner's word) after she had worked with her and gotten to know her better. So it makes me feel that a once-shot deal doesn't show her at he best. I'm hoping all the performing she's doing this year will increase her confidence. Reserved as she is, she loves to perform.
  23. Welcome marugotan. We are happy that you have joined us, and that you are finding our forums helpful.
  24. Nice to meet you Scotty!
  25. WElcome back, Snickering! We probably chatted under your old user name - mine is the same ... Good that you've made it back to class. Every time I am forced to take a break (work, injuries) I wonder how I manage without class to calm me down.
  26. Greetings all! I am returning to this forum after a 10+ year hiatus. So long ago, my old username wasn't even found anymore . I returned to ballet a couple of years ago. I am very glad to be back! I missed the advice of everyone here! Thanks! Snickering
  27. We are not a religious family and my DD would have been out of place at Friends, workingforshoes. While TCU stated that the "C" is as big or small as you want it to be as you want it to be. I do feel that Friends University is highly overlooked as a ballet program even though it was not right for our family.
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