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  2. Teachers showing favoritism, how to deal?

    Momof3darlings, this is a great analogy.
  3. Depending on where you are in North NJ, Nunnbetter, Petrov and NJ Ballet come to mind. Never a bad idea to see what else is out there. This is a good time of year to check out performances in addition to having her take class at other facilities
  4. Congratulations! We look forward to your reports and review of the program.
  5. Hi everyone, I’m wondering if anyone has any new information to share in this thread as it is very old. My daughter who is 12 has outgrown her age group and the SO doesn’t seem to want to split the group up. I am trying to be really vague here and don’t want to knock the school because the training is excellent but I don’t feel like the SO wants to see her students go anywhere else and it seems like she wants the girls to cultivate relationships to keep them there. My daughter takes ballet very seriously and while I hate to leave, I think it’s time.
  6. Congratulations on your daughter making a decsion, Amie! Good luck to her next year:)
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  8. DD has made her decision, and we put down a deposit on Ryerson. I'm a bit nervous as I have no reviews from my trusted source here at BT4D,. But based on the audition, campus tour, videos, alumni, and Canadian word of mouth, we are taking a leap of faith. DD is beyond excited and I am tired and relieved that there is finally a decision.
  9. Hip Hip Hooray! DD has also chosen and committed to a university. So happy to be done with this process!
  10. Teachers showing favoritism, how to deal?

    It is important to remember, there is a difference in whether a child was taught and whether a child was corrected. There really is a big difference in discussing the two based on the original question. Imagine a math class where the whole class did a specific Algebra problem but only one student was called to do the work on the board. The teacher corrected the one student as they did the work and maybe walked to another's desk and pointed to an error while still addressing the class. The rest of the class just made corrections on their own paper based on someone else's time in the spotlight. They could also close their books and not work on their problem at all while this was going on and say only one person was corrected that day. If trends are any suggestion, the student in the front of the room is more likely to be called on to go to the board vs. the student in the back. So, was the rest of the class not taught that day? What about the student who if you called their name would start to tear up? Should the teacher continue to call on them to make them cry at the board or should they just allow them to learn without feeling pointed out. So many variables exist and the one the original poster brought up that sticks out is that the lack of corrections seem to be obvious enough that it has become a class joke. Other than that, I'm not seeing a need to pull up ranks and leave the school yet.
  11. What do they call Russian ronde de jambes in Russia?

    I have heard the term rond de cuisse used, but generally I have known it as grand rond de jambe jeté.
  12. Lizziehultz1 - yay!!! I'm looking forward to reading your dd's journey through this program. Really fun!
  13. Thats great Our DD made a decision and went a different direction. I just wanted everyone to know that some offers are slowly going out.
  14. Congrats, lizzyhults1! DS got a call with Ms Lowe a wk ago and a letter with a small Dance merit came yesterday while we were on another college tour. Decision, decision, decision!
  15. lizzyhults1, wohoo! Congratulation to your daughter on making a decision and good luck to her next year:))
  16. This has been a stressful exciting full year. We are finally at the end of this process and moving to the next chapter. Our DD has committed to a program!
  17. Our DD visited last week, traveled to Lines with the BFA students to attend a class then observed classes the next day at Marin. Deposits were paid last night. She is officially attending Dominican as a BFA student in the fall!
  18. What do they call Russian ronde de jambes in Russia?

    I sometimes call it rond de cuisse but I agree that grand rond de jambe jete’ Is correct.
  19. What do they call Russian ronde de jambes in Russia?

    I've always been taught that as a ronde de jambe jeté.
  20. SI Round Up

    DD will turn 14 at the beginning of the summer and then head clear across the country to Alonzo King LINES advanced program for 4 weeks. She can't wait. She'll also begin and end her summer at her home studio's intensive, which will include some great guest teachers.
  21. What do they call Russian ronde de jambes in Russia?

    CreativeDancer in Vaganova schooling the movement you have described is called grand ronde jeté en de hors. It is also done en dedans.
  22. SI Round Up

    DD14 will stay at home studio for two weeks then SAB for five. Her first time away. Gulp!
  23. What do they call Russian ronde de jambes in Russia?

    Vaganova Academy exam Jeté it is then! At approx. 4.40.
  24. What do they call Russian ronde de jambes in Russia?

    Wow. Thank you for so many replies. I think my email settings forgot to tell me. I am thinking of 1. dégagé devant --> small attitude --> 2. bring to 90 + degrees a la seconde --> 3. bring to tendu derrière position. Or start derrière and finish devant. Thank you.
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