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  2. to the best of my knowledge this is a classic description of how we learn anything. We work/study/practice/visualise and then things consolidate. Our improvement is noticeable at that point. One thing to reflect on is how we define 'improvement'. If the definition is 'when others can see it' then our leaps will be less often. If we define it as 'when I can tell' the leaps can be smaller but perhaps more often.
  3. I struggled with what to call this post but my daughter and I are discovering an odd “pattern” in her improvement. We thought improvement would be constantly linear with time, meaning gradual weekly improvement as she works. My daughter works extra hours at home on things that may seem boring and minor. She was near the back of her class at the start of the school year but was determined to be a strong student in the class and it’s showing. It was frustrating for her to put in extra effort at home to not see that instantaneous (albeit small) weekly improvement. What we are finding is that she will experience a significant improvement across the board every 1 1/2 to 2 months, followed by a sort of plateau month. Then the cycle repeats. So improvement seems to be a stair step function for her. The pattern is normal enough now she can feel confident during the plateau time because she knows “the reward” is coming in a month or so. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.
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  6. I really appreciate this thread. We are currently thinking about a part time in school and part time online program for our daughter. It’s an accelerated program that can get her into college early. It also allows addition time at the studio. I never thought we would be doing this but here we are contemplating that decision. I appreciate everyone sharing their experiences.
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  9. I think it was in the financial aid section and on the checklist (last page) of the brochure/folder. They called it "Umail". Hopefully that helps, I am traveling over the next few days so, I can't look to check the exact location.
  10. I assume the SAB preference for summers at Boston, PNB and Miami is about consistency of training.
  11. learningdance, I thought they sent students out to: 1) continue dancing/improving during the summer, and 2) get exposure for potential jobs at these companies. I once saw a list of where the SAB "graduates" went every year. I'm not sure if it's still on their website or if it continues to be updated. The majority, from what I remember, went into the NYCB & SFB. I am sure others went to PNB, Miami, Boston, and other good companies in the U.S. and Europe.
  12. HMLK. .. My DD has friends at SAB and they all do tend to go to those SIs but I don't really know why. Is it your sense that these teachers think that it's a possible way to get a job? And are SAB kids are getting JOBS from those places (PNB, Miami, Boston)? The ones who don't get into the company? It just seems a pretty restrictive group that cannot really absorb all the SAB kids coming out.
  13. My DD heard on either March 31st or April 1st, neither of us can remember the exact date. Everyone she knew that also was accepted heard on the exact same day.
  14. Ballet and Level =)

    I'm 36, and started ballet almost 3 years ago as a supplement to my ballroom work. (I think I took one term when I was about 7 as well - I sort of remember learning a sweets dance for nutcracker before my parents split up.) I take class twice a week - two technique classes, and one pointe, for a grand total of about 2.5 hrs of ballet a week. (I've been on pointe a little less than a year.) As part of my deal with the studio given I don't meet the minimum class requirement for pointe, I'm also expected to give myself a barre once a week in addition to my near-daily work in ballroom, etc. I'm apparently "strong, detail-oriented and disciplined enough" to make that work. I drop into a 3rd class on the rare occasions that my schedule allows. I started out in an adult beginner class, but after about 8 months, I moved to working with the teens to get a harder class. Last year, the class I was in was prepping for their level 7 (Russian) exams - I spent the first term mostly lost, but figured it out in the second. This year my classes are/were prepping for their pre-elementary (class 1) and elementary (class 2) exam. Elementary is a little tough for me still, especially some of the centre work (*cough* allegro *cough*), but pre-el seems to be right in my wheelhouse... all except for those darn double pirouettes, which I have yet to master.
  15. I have mixed feelings about this: "Last time I asked to stay at the barre she told me no, you're strong enough go for it." I do think it is our teacher's job to push us out of our comfort zones, but there's also a point at which that is not beneficial. We are adults, and know our bodies better than most... and know the difference between new-but-possible and dangerous. If I feel strongly enough about something to speak up and ask for a modification in class, it's for a reason... and I expect my teachers to respect that. Some weeks I'm a little off or tired or nursing a few sore spots, and trying to whip out something that's still difficult for me on my best day is just asking to be injured. jd29, if I read your post right, you've been off pointe for the better part of a year. It's going to take some time to come back - not just the strength, but all of the little details that get rusty when you are not dancing right away. Why not drop down a level for a few months, or take a lower level class in addition to your own? Going at a slower pace and working on things that you can do will do a long way to building your confidence. Sometimes stepping back to address some fundamental things is exactly what you need to do to make a leap forward.
  16. SI Audition Roll Call—2018

    NyNY dancer, congratulations to your son. Can I ask what city he auditioned at? I had heard from someone who's child is in Houston's company that they only gave out scholarships to much older boys they were considering for the company. Apparently, that isn't true, or maybe things have changed over the years. I have a son who is very discouraged, because he gets accepted everywhere, but never with a scholarship. I am trying to decide when to pull the plug and force him to focus on something else. W e just don't have the money.
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  18. Amie, I saw info on setting up a. University account but nothing about a university email account.
  19. Yes the acceptance to the dance program will be later, probably after the auditions have been completed. I left a message today about acedemic scholarships and if they will be awarded at a later date. I'll let you know if they call back.
  20. Got packet finally - same as all of yours - no scholarship info and said Pre-Ballet on bottom. DD will audition in two weeks - may be the dance acceptance not until all audition have been done?
  21. DD received her acceptance. Says at the bottom academic interest Pre modern dance bfa. Does that mean we are still waiting for the acceptance to the dance program?
  22. Packet received here too. No scholarship info, but there was something about future communications going to their University email once they set it up.
  23. SI Audition Roll Call—2018

    Congratulations to your DS, nynydancer! I agree it can be a blessing and a curse to have so many choices. I'm sure you'll both figure out the best fit for your DS. 👍 We're still at the beginning our audition season with 3 auditions this weekend, 4 next weekend and 1-2 more after that. Then, it's the waiting for results is the worst part for me.
  24. SI Acceptance & Rejection

    My DS attended a couple of summer intensives last year, including one of the "big name" schools but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of teaching at the Sarasota Ballet Intensive. Their teachers have strong ties to the Royal Ballet and the curriculum seemed to be based at least in part on the RAD syllabus. My DS felt that it's methodical approach really helped him improve on some foundational things better than his other summer intensive and he felt he really learned more there. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the summer showcase, which included the opportunity for the students to learn and perform excerpts from Matthew Bourne's Les Sylphides (it was quite a treat to watch too!). Anyway, I mention it because it might be a good option for your DS to consider and one that might not be obvious since it's known more as a regional-sized intensive.
  25. Want to start dance not sure how??

    Bianca welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please take the time to introduce yourself in our Welcome Forum. May I suggest you do a Search on the Internet for "dance" schools in your area. First you must decide what form of dance you would like to start and then find the best school available to you. Enjoy the journey!
  26. DD applied to Tisch 2 years ago and sorry to say that they did not even hit the April 1 notification date. (I think it was the 2nd or 3rd) Another daughter applied to NYU nursing and her notification also late. I guess it's just an NYU thing Good luck to everyone and I really do believe that they all end up where they are meant to be! Sometimes kids think a program is perfect for them, but actually it's not. It takes time to gain the perspective to realize this though.
  27. donna....good luck to your daughter. Love to hear your thoughts after the audition. Hoping to get feedback on when they will notify. We seem to have dropped the ball with this question;)
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