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  2. This is my first post on this forum, though I've been reading it for the last few months. We are in the Detroit area and my 12.5 year old daughter trains at Eisenhower Dance Center in Birmingham (the school is attached to a contemporary company). She loves the teachers and the friends she has developed during her 1.5 years there, but thinks she would like more dance days/hours than they offer for her level. I'm considering either (1) moving her to another studio and/or (2) just adding another day per week at a different studio. My daughter enjoys her contemporary classes, but prefers ballet. She will be attending her first big SI this summer (PNB) and I fully expect her to return begging for more dance. We've got a max of 12-15 hours at Eisenhower (taking all contemporary, technique/pointe, and student-company classes/rehearsals at her level). The other studios seem to offer more like 20-25 hours per week. My daughter will be 13 in early fall. The schools I've heard recommended are BalletDetroit, Academy of Russian Classical Ballet, Rochester School of Ballet, and Valentina's School of Ballet. We have a couple of trial/placement classes scheduled, but I would love to hear any recent experiences with any of these schools or others in the metro-Detroit area that you recommend.
  3. Congratulations to you and your daughter, rosetwirl! Yay for her! It's so fun seeing familiar names with happy news!
  4. EFW, Hi! As someone who has gone to BoCo after being in a predominately ballet school I understand where you have concern about the ballet training. I would have to say give it time as everyones perspectives and what they take from the experience differs. From personal experience my opinion would be that the program is more focused on turning their students into modern dancers so your daughter may find that they will push her into more modern pieces her first year. At least that's what they did for me. But they do like versatile dancers as well so they will try to put you in many different directions so that in your future you will get more jobs. As someone who loves ballet and plans on having a ballet career, I missed the structure that I grew up in when I went to boco. It's pretty lax there and ballet's one of those classes where being pushed and challenged can sometimes go brushed under the rug, and that also depends on what teachers you have. I was lucky where I got the most challenging teachers they had who also taught Balanchine, which is how i was trained growing up. Please if you have any other questions feel free to ask
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  6. One of my teachers ran a Ballet Barre 45 min class for 6 weeks. It was real ballet and worked as a very good warm up for class that followed. Unfortunately numbers started at 6 and dwindled to a private lesson for me at the end. I think it depends if the teacher is a ballet teacher or just a fitness instructor. Locally there are Latin dance fitness classes run by a dance teacher that are excellent and dancing and others run by a fitness instructor which seem to be more fitness to dance music. You pay your money and take your choice.
  7. At age 59 I have about 7 months study behind me. I currently take 4 classes a week in 4 different schools. 1hr, 1hr,1hr 15min and 45min is 4hrs per week. Definitely still a beginner but not an absolute novice. If all the classes were at the same school I am sure I would be further on. I now feel I am at the bottom end of the class rather than lagging a long way behind.
  8. So far I think we are having a really good year for our dancers getting jobs! Congratulations to all!
  9. Many thanks for your kind words, everyone! Immashel, we were actually helped by the statement, "Only one person has to like her." The process seemed less intimidating. We were not as hurt by the "no thank yous." We didn't feel as panicky about her pleasing everyone. Dd could be herself and trust that she had a good chance for a fit somewhere.
  10. Congratulations to you and your daughter, Rosetwirl! And to all the others reporting good news here!
  11. Congratulations. It is so true about only one person has to like her, though it could be stated more positively
  12. Hi Anna, I don't have personal experience with the InStudio intensive, but I remember looking at the curriculum last year. At that time, it looked like many of the classes (all of the technique classes, I believe? I don't remember exactly) lined up with their normal open class evening/weekend schedule. I did not pursue this option myself, but if I were researching it in more detail I would want to know if there are dedicated classes for the intensive or if participants join the normal open classes for some or all of the intensive program. Good luck!
  13. Congratulations to you and your daughter Rosetwirl!
  14. Congratulations rosetwirl--an achievement and a relief I am sure!
  15. Just for anyone that bumps into this thread... my DD auditioned in SF and had a great time. She made it through all 6 rounds. About 45 auditioned and 3 women and 3 men made it all the way through. We received information a couple months ago that she was put on the wait list for university admission... so she made it to the top 17. Now waiting to see if any spots open up. This can happen as late as August. Hope that helps anyone who is looking for information...
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  17. Congratulations rosetwirl to you and your DD! I love the last comment "only one person has to like her". So very true and if they like her they will appreciate her....
  18. Congratulations rosetwirl to you and your DD! So much wonderful news!
  19. Congratulations to you and your DD, rosetwirl!
  20. First, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Lady Elle, fun en face, Snow White, tentative, tutu 2 you, marigold, Toitoi43, Wannabe, Clutterbug, Monet, Mobadt, and NYC Mom for your wonderful news! I am also very happy and relieved to report that my dd has signed a 35-week contract with a small company. She will be able to modestly support herself on her salary, supplemented with a position teaching ballet. Gender: Female Main/Most recent training: She is currently completing her third and final year at a residency. Level of school completed: She just turned eighteen and is finishing up her high school senior year as a home-school/online-school student. Audition method: Company class Position granted: Company member Location of company: USA Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? No, as a matter of fact, she competed at the YAGP NYC Finals three times and received nothing. What words of wisdom would you offer those coming behind you about your journey or what you've learned being on the journey? I would echo what has already been stated above: spread a wide net. We sent audition videos out to quite a few companies. Three invited her to come take company class, one invited her to a closed audition, and one invited her to their summer program on scholarship to be considered for their second company. She turned down the offer to be considered during summer. She also attended some cattle-calls. From all of these efforts, two offers were forthcoming: one tuition-free traineeship and one paid contract, which she has accepted. I was told by a wise school director when I was feeling nervous about this audition season, "Only one person has to like her."
  21. Can anyone comment on the academic component of this program? We have heard mixed things.
  22. Does anyone have experience with the National Ballet of Canada's Instudio Summer Adult Intensive (Toronto).This is its second year running.
  23. It's truly wonderful to read all the good news. Big, hearty congratulations to all the dancers and parents. Seems like a nice trend in hiring this season. Keep 'em coming!!
  24. Dancer1717 I admire your openness and honesty! CPYB is not just for students who want to be professional. As ballethouse said, the amount of hours per week depends on the level you are in, which is where you are placed according to your ability. There are many opportunities here at CPYB, which I have been learning as a dance Mom of a serious student. Dickinson actually has their ballet/dance classes at CPYB, this could be an option for you also. My advice would be to contact CPYB and Dickinson to see the possibilities for you to pursue both your academics and ballet! Best of luck with your journey.
  25. I'm 58. I started an adult beginner class in late March, so definitely a rank beginner. I had two years of dance in fourth and fifth grade -- each weekly class was half ballet, half tap ("for rhythm"). Took another beginner class in my late 20s for about six months, and got a lot more in terms of technique out of that class than I did as a child. But by the time I went back to it a few months ago, I had no muscle memory -- and not much in the way of muscle, period. I tell my friends they should start a betting pool on what I will go on first -- pointe, or Social Security? My balance and flexibility (which are two of the three reasons I started ballet again -- the other is toning) are still pretty poor but improving. I can't hold a one-footed releve to save my life, but am getting better on two feet. I know that it's taboo to discuss weight on this board, but the elephant in the room (no pun intended) is that I am obese (see my username). I would like to think of myself as a trailblazer for larger folks who want to dance for the love of it. Currently taking two one-hour classes a week at a studio that caters strictly to teens and adults, but there is only one teen in one of my classes, who comes with her mom. The other students are all adults, and I am not the only one over 50. Our teacher is in her 60s. When I need inspiration, I look to the 20-something woman who has a private lesson before one of my classes (which her 50-something mom is in). This young woman has a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. It was one of those "not expected to live" situations when it happened, and she does not walk or talk well, but her grand battements put mine to shame! Speaking of inspiration, Hummingbird, thank you for posting! I hope to be dancing well into my 70s.
  26. Yes. Schedule varies and increases by level, the most advanced dancers are at 30 hrs/week
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