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  2. Hi everyone! Mom of a rising senior here, too. One last ACT in September. (last ACT taken morning of end of year showcase after a late night rehearsal) Just sending out request for academic references. Solo is complete and will be run and taped in early October. Photos done. Resume done. Essays not done! Was Hoping to get a few applications done, but we are leaving today for a 2 week vacation. I think her list is complete, though she is tossing around one last addition. It's a plane ride though, so not an easy add.
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  4. Reminds me of the first adult ballet class I attended. After one class (where we had been doing the cygnets dance) I overheard the teacher mocking us and saying how silly we clumsy adult beginners looked trying to do it. I never went back to that class.
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  6. It sounds a bit as though it has the dynamic of a renversé but as you describe it, it's not a reneversé. VRS is the expert on Vaganova/russian style, so I'd follow her knowledge.
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  8. We're there with you as well. Completed one yesterday and have already auditioned for one in July. She was waitlisted with the opportunity to audition again in January. She was pretty confident and is a little confused with the audition. The application, essays, $$, $$, $$ is for sure overwhelming! She has another audition mid-September but will need to get her audition videos completed ASAP!
  9. I believe that HBA is trying to encourage all of their new Pro students to use the Bridge school, a Texas based online program so that there is a little more consistency overall for the kids and the study hall teacher/monitor will not need to navigate the logistics and requirements of several programs. (Hoping the monitors allow this response since it is specific to the program at HBA) As for how they transition the evening students to the pro division, I'm not sure. My dd entered the program after an SI audition.
  10. We have a number of threads discussing and sharing about online schools, online programs, and attendant issues. I would suggest looking and reading those. Please do ask your questions regarding online schools on those threads.
  11. You are describing two steps put together. By any chance is your teacher of a Russian based influence? The 1st step is a 1/2 turn en dedans at 45 or 90 degrees followed by a fouette with the leg held at 45 or 90 degrees. The arms can have various usages and design. Your description seems to be the basic most common form.
  12. Some questions about the transition from the pre-pro school to the pro school. For those asked to pro level for the following fall, does that happen more often after level 7 or 8? Are students told in their spring evaluation? I know there is an audition in the summer program as well. For students in pre-pro attending a daytime academic school and going to classes at night at what time of year/ what month will they hear? As a parent of a pro- hopeful, I am trying to strategize academic school planning for the year ahead. In Texas there is the magnet school program and private school application and acceptance deadlines. Magnet tours start in the fall. Also, for students asked to Pro, they will have to online school. As a parent who knows very little about online schools, I would like to do some research on those choices as well. For any parents of pro- students out there, I would love to learn more about online school choices (Texas resident).
  13. Thank you for your answer and the video. Sorry, I do not have a video of the step and I do not know where it could come from. I do not think it is an Italian fouetté: there was not any brushing through 1st position before the fouetté. It was more like half turn with one leg at 45° front directly followed by half turn of the upper body at the end (so ending in arabesque), but I am not sure if it is a turn or a balance step.
  14. CeliB, that is wonderful! All the best of the best for him! May he remain uninjured and full of joy for his work! -d-
  15. Congratulations What an amazing journey he has had.
  16. I'm fairly introverted so my natural instinct is to keep my distance. At my DD's old school, I did get to know a few of the parents (and a few I knew before my DD started dancing so it a natural fit). At my daughter's current school, parents are fairly arm's length except for on certain viewing days and performances. In the end, the interaction is between the dancers and their teachers. I'm fine with that.
  17. A conversation such as that should not have taken place in any public area. I am sorry that your feelings are hurt, and quite honestly, they should be made aware that one never knows who is listening. It's a necessary lesson for those in the Arts. There are stories from the years of times when audience members were discussing a ballerina's performance in an elevator and she happened to be on that same elevator, overheard them, and gave them a dressing down. I could go on, but it is your choice how you take this information. If your production typically features dancers of all ages, then that is one thing. If however, it is mainly a "student", i.e. 18 and under production, then you could take it with a grain of salt because almost anyone over the age of 30 might look out of place in such a production. However you choose to handle it, you could make the AD aware that he/she might want to be more discreet when having these types of discussions.
  18. Thanks, DanceMumNYC. My daughter did a week-long workshop at the new studio this summer and really enjoyed it -- but she says she still wants to go back to the old studio this fall. I've decided it's fine to have her continue at her old studio for now, and switch later on if she wants to become more serious. It's good to know the new place is available, with the appropriate flooring etc., and that she can take summer workshops there as well.
  19. Welcome to our forums, AnnS. We hope you will enjoy participating in our discussions.
  20. I just saw your post, CeliB! Absolutely amazing! Congratulations to you and your son! So happy for both of you!
  21. Welcome AnnS.
  22. Hi, just introducing myself! My 16 year old daughter just made the decision last year to "go for it," and hopefully get into a good college program. I've been lurking around the forum for a few months... So much to read! It's been a huge help.
  23. I'm just trying to remember ds's summer schedule. I think weight training seemed to be scheduled first thing in the morning, but stretching at the end of the day. There were exceptions to the rule, but this was the general pattern. It's possible that schedule limitations rather than science were were at work.
  24. Is it better to do strength training before class or after class?
  25. I hear ya! And it's not just those things - for example, a number of years ago, our studio at the time offered a warm-up jacket to company members only in women's sizes. And there were guys in the company! Nothing to offer except that he wore the women's jacket and we just don't worry about it!
  26. Looks like the forum has the same issue. Updates sure can make things wonky!
  27. Be brave, mage ! You can do it ! <3
  28. Thanks Noel19. I will be trolling you to see how your journey goes (and when I get brave, post back).
  29. Thanks for your feedback! That's why it's important to consult with an MD. While it is common to wear compression socks/stockings without an injury, particular diagnoses often determine when and how long to wear them. Another alternative to wearing them overnight and increasing bloodflow is to elevate the legs above the level of the heart (on one or two pillows) while sleeping.
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