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  2. Fork in the road

    Yes, I understand many people choose other schooling for many reasons. You hve to do what’s right for your child. There is a lot of advice on these boards about online schooling so you won’t feel so alone!
  3. Adult Students, Turnout and More

    I’m not sure that that machine would be pointless or dangerous, actually. Think about it: doing the straddle split using one’s weight puts a LOT of pressure on the knees. Doing it against the wall has the same effect - pressure on the knees. This machine keeps the whole leg in place while stretching the middle area. The requirement on the core of the body is the same whether using or not using the machine - sitting up or holding the core properly - but the whole leg is supported. I have seen this machine at the studios of a few professional companies. As with any machine, it can be used improperly but to be honest, that would be hard to do with this one. I do agree with functional flexibility, but one has to start somewhere...
  4. Fork in the road

    @ballet1310 thank you for that. I appreciate that insight. Ironically, sophomore year was when I had originally planned to try alternative school options because of dance. But considering moving earlier is more because of safety concerns. One of the most recent school shootings was 2 counties away and I'm feeling less confident about safety in schools these days, so it's moving my plans up. With that said, I don't relish this search or having to do this. I believe in the public school system and am a product of it. But since I was open to doing it for the 2019-20 school year no sense in me having cold feet now. If I can find the right fit for her - and maybe it's a hybrid of some sort - then we'll move forward. I have some parents at our studio who have always home schooled and another whose child had to do online for medical reasons. I'm hoping to gather as much data as I can from them plus my other research to see if it's best. She and I just had a talk about what alternative school would mean and I mentioned that we would have a schedule because I don't expect her to be able to go from all the structure of public school to on her own. I plan to be very active if we do this, I just know I can't serve as a teacher of any sort re: homeschooling. My heart is quite heavy having to do this a year early. I wanted her to experience high school like everyone else, but...my gut is saying now is the time.
  5. Fork in the road

    Hi Little Pointe Bird - my dd is a good student also and I made the mistake at the beginning of saying to myself exactly what you quoted here ... The problem becomes a time management one... putting all the responsibility into a 15/16 year olds hands to get the work done, and it IS a lot of work - we also needed a tutor for Math and at some points for chemistry. The best advice I got from a mom of a professional dancer was to keep my dd in regular school for as long as "possible", which we did until she was a sophomore. I understand "possible" is different for everyone but if your dd is at a home studio and just has a hard dance schedule, I would keep her in a brick and mortar school for as long as you can. Just my thoughts and experience so far.
  6. Adult Students, Turnout and More

    Sorry, but these machines are potentially dangerous and pretty pointless for ballet. The point of ballet is functional flexibility.
  7. Fork in the road

    I'm glad I ran across this thread. We've been talking about the prospect of alternatives to bricks and mortar school for a while but have not yet made the jump. She's ready to enter high school and I"m thinking now would be a good time because the proposed fall dance schedule promises to be a tough one. But MD doesn't seem to offer any of the hybrid learning centers. Nor does it offer the free online charter school option. There's a paid version, that I'm looking into. But MD just seems to be behind in alternatives. I'm going to look into what others at our studio, who are home schooled,are doing for high schoolers but I work full time - I just don't know if I'm equipped to also serve as a supplemental teacher beyond what I do now to help keep her work on track. She's a diligent student so, an online environment may work for her. I'm not worried about the socialization. But really would like to find a reputable program that offers what it claims. I've looked at some of the online schools and the reviews are so wildly opposite it's hard to say why anyone had a very bad or very good experience. And some of the good experiences feel fake. So I came to this forum because I thought - if anyone already has some insight it's Ballet parents! Does anyone have any experience with Keystone? I believe a non DD of a friend went there and recently graduated. They seemed to like it. But it would be good to hear from any dance students who may have tried it. I know The Rock School uses them, as well. So, at the very least they seem to be endorsing it as a program. The info offered so far does help provide other options, but right now this feels like a mountain. It's hard enough keeping up with choices for dance and we knew this day would come eventually...still I'm feeling overwhelmed.
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  9. Hi

    I'm a ballet fan but will never do ballet. But I'll enjoy talking and chatting with you.
  10. Adult Students, Turnout and More

    I have the tmas pro stretcher, which goes last 180°. It functions on the same principle as the rack. It looks like this.
  11. Pointing foot / toes. Adult beginner help!

    I've noticed in my adult class that a lot of beginner students concentrate very hard on the pointing the toes (probably because that's what we call it generally) but don't really understand point all the way through the rest of the foot, so they get that dreaded "biscuit" look---the ankle is ever so slightly flexed.
  12. I drive an hour each way. It's only once a week until I can set-up a carpool. I am in a small, rural town so I don't consider the miles until I'm "down off the farm". In that case, it's only 15 minutes.
  13. the age for ballet

    Pixie, please heed Clara 76’s advice! You cannot learn ballet on a website. It requires proper classes in a good school! And, there is no such thing as “double jointed” feet! You probably just have feet that are very flexible, which is a good thing for ballet, but also can be harder to achieve strength. Again, this takes highly qualified teaching!
  14. Crunching Toes

    One of the things I will do is ask my dancers periodically to take at least a few barre exercises without their shoes, so I can really see what they are doing and whether they are really using their feet. It has helped me to better help them! Perhaps ask your teacher for help with this issue. Maybe she will want you to try the same thing as well! Meanwhile, make sure you get a properly fitted ballet shoe next time!
  15. Buddy board

    Stumbellina, I think you're very new to this message board. Have a look at it's history & see how long it's been running. We do have a pretty good idea of what we're doing, actually And I should make you aware that the Buddy Board is for Teen Dancers. Your biog suggests you're not a teen dancer, so the Buddy Board is always off-limits. If you're an adult student of ballet, please join us on the the Adult Student sections: we have an open Buddy bOard for adult dancers, and a more serious section for discussions of technique and aspects of learning the wonderful art of ballet.
  16. pointes ???

    Ok, here is the thing: I have started ballet at age of 43 ten months ago. I am taking 2 classes, one beginner and one labeled 2nd/3rd year. When the teacher of the latter announced next season it will be the 3rd/4th year class, the girls* suddenly started about going on pointe. The teacher said we could start working on that, and also that it won't happen immediately, because we need to gain strength etc... That alone made them to get really exited. Suddenly they turned to me and said: "you are in on this as well aren't you?" I objected that men aren't supposed to do it. But they insisted that men do it all the time for training, and that I could most certainly do it, and that it would be so much fun and... now I am here googeling, seeing pictures of men doing it, once I saw a guy doing it after an open class I took, and now I start actually to consider doing it. However, next to the question if I am already good enough to do it which should be answered by my teacher, I am also wondering if there are pointe shoes available in my size at all (EU 45/46, sansha 18 extra wide). So two questions: 1) should I pursue this at all? 2) can I get my size in europe? * most of them are about ten years younger than me
  17. Uni-Butt Buster

    Need help busting my uni-butt. I've tried everything but just can't get the look of professional male dancers. I've pulled and pulled, changed DB, changed tights, squeezed and squeezed but to no avail. What say you?
  18. Update & is age difference an issue in classes?

    Age differences are a great asset in class. An asset to the teacher, the kids and the older folks...as long as you are laser focused and work really hard at everything! NEVER NEVER NEVER take class without a DB, even in your home practice. It's not just a collision accident you have to protect from, it's also a soft tissue issue that I can't go into here. It's a serious, non-repairable concern.
  19. Dance belts ugh...

    Go online to: doctor dance belt
  20. Male Dance Bag Essentials?

    Two things the others did not mention. One, an extra set of keys with a tiny flashlight. Two, a tube of Eucern lotion #6. This stuff is so thick it protects the skin against abrasions from wet or ill fitting clothing articles (DB).
  21. Mirella M607 tights problems

    I have a pair of Mirellas shorts purchased within the last year (2017). EXCELLENT in a word. The fit, the fabric and the sizing is great. They are so soft and comfortable I actually check to see if they are still there! Legs don't ride up, waste does not fall down. Somehow, this fabric has a cooling effect like there's a fan blowing on you. No problems with the seams. Nice color.
  22. Why not white tights?

    At 26 and just starting maybe you are not in peak condition. Put those White tights in a place you can see them as inspiration for when you will look really good in them.
  23. Tips for turns?

  24. Adult male dance attire question

    I found M Stevens tights to be thin and stretchy. I have several pair, footed and not footed. They are true to size. I would not say they are soft and not durable. A bit pricey but easy to wear, dry quickly and easy to get on. They do get softer as they wear.
  25. Sansha Men's Tights

    I have a pair of footed. They are a true Men's Tights because the fiber is heavy and opeg. They are well made and tight. I found mine to be extra long and very tight. I like to feel my muscles move but these were so tight it felt like I was fighting against them to move. Also, something with the length. I pulled them up to the usual place but there was still a lot to go in the legs. It left fabric folds in the feet. Don't remember if there was a Gusset. I would wear them again for practice in a cold studio.
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  27. Have you ever walked out of class??

    Oh my gosh, this happened to me once before too!! 🙈 almost the exact same scenario, though I was restarting again after a years long hiatus and at the professional school for me city. Soooo embarrassing... I apologized to the teacher later, making a joke that I didn’t know if it was ruder to leave or to stay, when I was clearly out of my depth! The combinations were so fast, I couldn’t even half fake my way through it.
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