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  2. My daughter auditioned on Friday. 37 signed up and 34 auditioned. My daughter thought there were 4/5 boys auditioning. The Ailey building is an amazing training facility. We checked in and gave them the interview packet and received her number. There was a holding room for dancers and parents. They had an introduction video on explained who Alvin Ailey was and the program he built. Then a short Q and A. All of the while most of the dancers were also stretching. Off they went for the ballet class and we broke out in to smaller groups to tour. The tour guide were current dancers and answered a lot of day to day questions. Then we went off to walk around and see the Christmas sights. My daughter said that she loved the audition. The modern was Horton, which she really likes. They had a lunch break and tour of the building. Then solos and interviews. She thought the level of fellow dancers was high. She performed a classical solo. The dancers had room where they were running their solos prior to dancing and she thought most solos were contemporary with a handful of classical. Interview was quick and Ailey used the interview form they had to fill out prior to the audition. All in all a good day. Now we wait to hear!
  3. Auditions: Video vs. Cattle Calls

    Yes, as GTLS Designs has stated, it depends. She just needs to do the best she can with the time and resources she has. Ideally, she will want whatever method she uses to net her a company class audition time. Most will want to see how someone fits in and this is the only way that can be done. Very rarely is someone offered anything these days without that invite to come to class. Learningdance-you get to company class through videos or auditions most times. Yes, a teacher may call, but most will make that call to be sure the package that is being sent or has been sent gets to the right person who will then really take a good look.
  4. Ballet Schools in California - Central/North

    Mamabee: Our DS (13) attends Bravissimo Dance Studio in Belmont. It's a bit further north but is right at the Belmont stop for CalTrain. It's run by two former principal dancers for the Cuban National Ballet. He has grown tremendously in the years that he's been there and several girls from the studio have gone on to well-regarded year-round programs. Here is the link to the school: http://www.bravissimodancestudio.com/
  5. Auditions: Video vs. Cattle Calls

    I don't know that answer to your question rosetwirl but I wonder how many dancers are hired from cattle calls? Has anyone had a child employed or even in a fully costless program via cattle calls. It just strikes me as such a long shot. Better to spend money going to a company class where there is at least an expressed interest? I guess I also wonder about how to get to the company class. Isn't it more typical for a school director to call an AD and get the student's foot in the door?
  6. try Menlo Park Academy of Dance
  7. Any pre-pro schools in or close to Mountain View?
  8. Auditions: Video vs. Cattle Calls

    As with all things... the answer is: it depends. Since she has a job, attending cattle calls is probably counter to rehearsal schedules & performances. If this is true, then yes, audition via video. But if she is available to attend in person (without missing work), then she should do that.
  9. Books for boys

    Erik Bruhn: Danseur Noble is a great biography. I forget right now whether or not there are some inappropriate moments, but I feel like it was fairly clean. The Ballet Book by Deborah Bowes has excellent pictures of both young male and female dancers performing steps, and it has some boys’ steps in it, such as tours en l’air, demonstrated. I haven’t looked at it in awhile, so not sure if it’s “mens’ work” as a section, or if that’s just part of the allegro section. All of the student models are from the National Ballet School of Canada. You’re right—this is a huge gap in the market!!!!
  10. Please, we are getting :offtopic: We need to keep this thread to Research and Review of the USC program. Perhaps you all can start a General Discussion thread for your general trials and tribulations during the college app season. We all understand and it does help to share!
  11. My daughter is a junior BFA dancer in this amazing program. To the question of numbers this year . . . she has a friend who auditioned this past week. The friend was told these numbers: roughly 800 applications, 300 auditions offered, shooting for a class of 20-30 dancers. It is a competitive program for sure and I think academic fit for the rigor of Fordham coupled with the time management demands of the BFA program must play as big a role in acceptance as a dancers technical and artistic ability.
  12. Another mom told my DD her RAD score

    Great points, folks! I really appreciate this discussion. Totally agree about trusting the process and using this as a teachable moment. Now that we are a week out of the incident, I think my daughter is able to see the silver lining in the gray clouds. Another piece of advice I got from a good friend was to use principles of nonviolent communication if I end up having to communicate with the other mom. I've been going through this book with my daughter: http://www.giraffejuice.com/books.php Yes, the teachable moments continue...
  13. DD sent in her video on 11/30...still waiting for a response here as well.
  14. Yesterday
  15. DD has gotten results from two early auditions (October/November) as well as results to a couple of back-up, non-audition BA programs. She is still awaiting results from a fall audition and has three more planned for January/February.
  16. Oh yes, we have received academic acceptances, just waiting for the dance audutions/acceptances.
  17. Lady Elle: my DD has one EA acceptance to a non- dance school that has a really good theatre (and dance) program. DD also has “informal” acceptance to that little school in Nor Cal.
  18. sun king dance 2018

    I highly recommend Sun King if you can go.
  19. Unequal leg length

    I also have a diagnosed leg length discrepancy, and was advised to wear a lift in my ballet shoes. I had my podiatrist fashion one out of a very firm foam pad which I sit under my heel and it is great as it has a bit of 'give' when I move and jump. If you have a practitioner you could work with it could be an option to try and customise something for your ballet shoes if you didn't want to wear a jazz shoe, but there's nothing wrong with a jazz shoe if you're happy with that. I agree you should try and have something as over time without a lift you will develop some odd technical habits as you've already spotted yourself in your upper body - and you'll probably also find one side of your body gets overused or overly tight trying to 'pull' yourself back into alignment all the time. Best to take professional advice about how high you need to go as it may not be the whole amount you need to lift/even out - going too far can have bad effects too. Best of luck!
  20. Auditions: Video vs. Cattle Calls

    Your feedback is excellent, very well stated, and very much appreciated, GTLS! 👍 Yes, she will ultimately have to audition in a class. Please, may I have your opinion on video auditions vs. cattle calls? She does have a job now and is very busy with rehearsals, performances, and teaching. Attending cattle-calls will be a hardship. Are they worth that hardship, or are video auditions an effective and perhaps even preferable alternative?
  21. Last week
  22. Auditions: Video vs. Cattle Calls

    While it is great that your DD comes alive on stage, remember that the performance is the culmination of 4 - 6 weeks of work in the studio. Part of an audition process is not only seeing the technical level of the dancer(s), but to also see how they are in a studio setting: Does the dancer learn quickly/slowly? Does the dancer make eye contact and have a general sense of confidence, or will the dance shy away and rely on others? How does the dancer deal with stress? Do they follow directions (filling out applications properly, line up at the barre/center properly, apply corrections given in class, etc.)? How does the dancer use space - do they run into others, do they dance small/big? This is why auditions happen in a class setting... and yes, attempting to audition in a company class setting makes ticking through these questions more individual/independent. But if you are hoping that the performance quality will tip the AD over the edge of hire vs not, I wouldn't count on that (for the reason stated in my first sentence).
  23. The big advantage to online learning is that you can go at your own pace. In many situations you can even back up and reread a lesson. This is really helpful to dancers with busy rehearsal schedules or dancers who have trouble paying attention. In a classroom there is no going back and listening again. It is also terrific for students who learn better at night or early morning. Pretty much everything can be adjusted to optimize learning. There are no distractions from other students and no popularity contests. There are no other students to make you feel stupid or no need to impress anyone. All in all I think it works well for many students. People might argue but what about discussions and interactions with teachers. From the experiences of my three grown children, discussions were rare and often teachers were not that receptive anyway. SO unless you are in a terrific school, there really are not that many downsides to online schooling. It might be different at the college level but for high school I think it works really well and eases the stress making life much more manageable.
  24. Dd did not get invited either - no surprise really. Like someone else posted here, I think its about a 7% acceptance rate for girls who apply? Something like that. How have you all heard about acceptances already (except Arizona). We still have all the auditions coming up in January and February. No acceptances to any dance programs as of yet 😩.
  25. We also did not get an invite and my DD's close friend, danced together since age 5 did not get an invite either - so I guess this holiday misery has company. I do hope all the families celebrate our DK's hard work and effort this holidays - all the work they put into their dancing and into the apps. No matter the outcome, I want to celebrate their commitment and the efforts they put into their arts. My DD and her friend also have acceptance to other programs already and I am just waiting for the initial shock and disappointment of USC disappointment to wear off - may be some retail therapy to help along. Best wishes and good luck to those who will be auditioning.
  26. Auditions: Video vs. Cattle Calls

    Thank you very much, MGA. I greatly appreciate your input. I’d love the opinions of some of the moderators. 🙂
  27. You could be wasting your time there if she is not getting demonstration or progressing. Unless she herself doesn't want to leave, you could be the strong parent and decide for her and encourage her to leave. My daughter was also at a studio where they did not demonstrate - it's very academic to hear the language but not see the steps. She is also hearing impaired and the director would mostly sit and the other instructors followed the culture of talking softly or just saying the combination. That style doesn't work for her. At the studio she has been at the last few years they are much more energetic - loud voices, loud encouragement, all the teachers do the combinations full out. Occasionally an older student will assist and demonstrate the entire warm up. True, there is a lot of loyalty and affection and it hurts to leave an older, respected teacher, but they are used to having students come and go as well.
  28. I agree and thanks. All of these programs are amazing and you never know what they are looking for and we totally understand that. She has friends that are not accepted to some programs she is accepted to but get accepted to some she doesn’t. Not everyone is a good fit for every program. We understood what we were going into with USC and honestly we are not sure her academics are up to USC standards. She is a good student with a solid gpa for most programs but dance is her focus and her class choices are cautious of that. I am super excited for those that get get the opportunity to audition. Good luck!! This audition process for college is intense but we believe everyone will land where they are meant to be
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