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  2. Sansha Men's Tights

    I have a pair of footed. They are a true Men's Tights because the fiber is heavy and opeg. They are well made and tight. I found mine to be extra long and very tight. I like to feel my muscles move but these were so tight it felt like I was fighting against them to move. Also, something with the length. I pulled them up to the usual place but there was still a lot to go in the legs. It left fabric folds in the feet. Don't remember if there was a Gusset. I would wear them again for practice in a cold studio.
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  4. $$$$ issues

    I second trying to help out at the studio... offer to wash your teachers car even 😄 but the fact of the matter is that (like university tuition), classes are way too expensive for a student to be able to pay for them from working a normal job. (Usually). You just don’t get paid enough at that age to make a dent in it. :-/
  5. Crunching Toes

    I struggle with this too... it’s so bad that my toes always rip and peel back the inner lining of the soles of my slippers within a couple weeks of getting new ones. Would love some advice as well!
  6. Have you ever walked out of class??

    Oh my gosh, this happened to me once before too!! 🙈 almost the exact same scenario, though I was restarting again after a years long hiatus and at the professional school for me city. Soooo embarrassing... I apologized to the teacher later, making a joke that I didn’t know if it was ruder to leave or to stay, when I was clearly out of my depth! The combinations were so fast, I couldn’t even half fake my way through it.
  7. Tips for turns?

    Congrats! I'm glad it worked out for you.
  8. Crunching Toes

    Hi! I was wondering how to make sure that I'm not crunching my toes or trying to grip the floor too much in class? My old shoes didn't fit well which caused a bad habit (especially on releve!) and it's hard to see/tell whether I'm pointing my foot correctly when I'm wearing shoes. Especially when I'm pointing, I feel as if I cannot lengthen my toes if I want to achieve a nice line. Thank you teacher/moderators in advance for your help!
  9. Buddy board

    In regards to the pedophile issue 😳, have you considered other ways of account verification? Photo, Skype, question, screenshot, etc? Just an idea!
  10. Pointing foot / toes. Adult beginner help!

    Practice stretching your feet at home, and start the point from the ankle. One small tip: personally, I am a natural” toe /foot clencher”, which makes everything worse due to excess tension. Don’t be like me. 😄 it is possible to try ‘too hard’. And bad habits are hard to break! keep at it. While some of it is just the bone structure and feet that we were innately born with— those dancers you see who do have beautiful feet have spent YEARS molding them into that shape through training,practice,and hard work.
  11. Wow, that's really amazing that she got a Corps contract at 17. It's so much more common for 17 year olds to start out as Trainees or in the 2nd Company. A big congrats to your daughter!
  12. 2018/19 Full Company Contracts: Apprentice, Corp, etc.

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us!
  13. Congrats Narfie ! And thanks for the insight
  14. Congratulations Narfie!!!💕💕💕
  15. That's fantastic Narfie - congratulations!
  16. Choreography!

    I know I'm not suppose to chime in here so delete if needed. My daughter is a choreographer as well and has a choreography play list on spotify. If you have a spotify account, I think her play list is open to the public. It's called "Choreo" (go figure) by Molly ________ and has 116 songs. Many are instrumentals, some are classical. She choreographs contemporary ballet pieces and occasionally a modern piece.
  17. (written by parent) Gender: Female Main/Most recent training: large school attached to large company Level of school completed: high school grad Audition method: Cattle Call Position granted: Corps de Ballet Location of company: US Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? No What words of wisdom would you offer those coming behind you about your journey or what you've learned being in the journey? I wish I had some magic words of wisdom. The company audition process was brutal. If you thought waiting five days for a summer intensive result was bad, try waiting over five weeks for company results. My daughter (age 17) did many cattle call style auditions. Almost every audition had at least 100 dancers - sometimes split into groups of 50, sometimes not. Most auditions cut large numbers of dancers right after barre. In the end, she heard back from almost every company. Many companies indicated that they were interested in her and she should PAY to train there as a "trainee" or top level of their school. Their reasoning was that she was too young to be considered for the company but they would invite her for the summer and more of their training. Several companies invited her to programs with a full scholarship but still part of their school. Other "apprentice" (paid and unpaid) positions were offered but there was no guarantee of any actual dancing with the company. In the end, she was fortunate enough to receive a corps contract offer. Now seeing the climate of auditions, we feel truly grateful that she had any options at all. This contract is for one year. We are certain she will have to navigate more auditions ahead. I also want to add this observation: Most dancers at the company audition level are good dancers. There is no such thing as "best dancer in the room." Many dancers who were auditioning were already in other companies. Every dancer is unique and brings something different. "A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms." (Zen Shin quote)
  18. Choosing the right ballet school?

    I like the sound of #1, my DD9 takes 1.5-2.5 hours of class a night, (1-1.5 hrs of ballet then some nights she also has Jazz or contemporary) so 1.5 sounds appropriate for their age. Also, our school does a Nutcracker and spring ballet/recital every year and that gives them the chance to learn new dances twice a year and she seems to love that. Also DD loved her experience at YAGP so I like that they don't rule things like that out. On the side topic, I chuckled because my line every time I send my kid into class is "work hard, have fun" So I'm American but I want my money's worth! lol
  19. Choreography!

    It is best for you to choose music without any singing. Try going to the iTunes store, amazon music, or spotify and search for classical music. If you choose contemporary classical you might find an unknown composer. If you choose a female composer, it's almost a guarantee.
  20. the age for ballet

    Welcome pixie! What you need is a good ballet school to teach you ballet!!!! I have no idea what you mean by "double-jointed" in your feet, so it would be best if you could do a little reading on this website to help you find a school in your area where you could get excellent training!!!! They can assess your feet for you.
  21. Ballet Teacher

    The grass is always greener...... please remember that your ballet teacher does not have to wake you up for school, make sure that you do your homework and that you get good grades, worry about you in any way (there are exceptions), make sure you have the necessary tools for life, and raise you in any way but "as a dancer". It is much easier to love someone when you tend to see them at their best.........
  22. Houston Ballet Academy

    When older DD did the May audition, the response was via email somewhere between one and two weeks afterward.
  23. Tips for turns?

    My teacher said that since we cut the extra turn it looks a lot better because we are paying more attention to the technique and the character. Cutting the turn made it a lot easier for me!
  24. Please do remember that this thread—-as all our threads—-are for the posting of first-hand experiences and questions. We must refrain from speculation, theories, and guesses. We are going down that road. Please return to questions and first-hand information.
  25. I assumed the upper 1 level used the curriculum designed for levels 4-5 and upper 2 used that for levels 6-7. Just a theory. I know a few families aren't returning (mostly from the children's division) due to some of the changes, mostly the scheduling. I'm not sure how the exams were affected, but they should find out results and placement for next year very soon Registration for new students starts June 11th I believe, so returning students should be registered before then.
  26. My dd discovered the re-runs last summer. I'll see if I can find the movie tonight. Thanks for sharing this!
  27. Dance belts

    How many guys wear your dance belt inside out?
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