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  3. SI Audition Roll Call—2018

    Thanks NYNY dancer. The competition between boys is very strong. I understand what you're saying.
  4. To leave or not to leave "big name" school.

    Thank you for writing Eglius!!! Any insight is of value to me at this point I can tell you were truly thoughtful through the process and that to me is inspiration enough! Is your daughter dancing professionally now? I'm grateful to find out 13 yrs old may be one of those years for us too...... And I do agree about the yearly assessment we as a family have to make. We have a long road ahead of us!
  5. My son applied last year and he heard back on March 17th - if that's helpful to anyone. Wishing you all the best! Such a stressful time!
  6. Hip pain and growth spurts?

    My non-DD is very long and lean. She has gone through some big growth spurts in the past year and has experienced week-long periods of pretty intense back pain. After a series of very thorough spinal x-rays at the orthopedist he determined that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her (other than growing pains). This isn’t to say that there isn’t anything bigger going on with your daughter, I just wanted to share that it’s possible. He suggested that she go to PT and learn some exercises to help her strengthen her muscles.
  7. My DD (13) is experiencing some pain in both hips the last few days. She hasn’t changed up her evening routine and classes are progressing normally. She did just increase shoe size to 9 in a street shoe (she has very long and narrow feet). I’m guessing she’s ready to hit another growth spurt (or she is hitting one right now). She’s currently 5’2”. She’s one of those long and lean types., legs for days and is always working on the strength. Since she really hasn’t done anything different, could the pain be a growth spurt? We have an appt with her PT on Monday. DD says pain is triggered when she does extensions that in the past that have not caused any issues. Thanks for any help.
  8. Too much class for a 9 year old?

    When my DD was 9, she had three ballet classes, one tap class, and one rehearsal per week. She did just fine except that one of her classes ended late in the evening and she would sometimes get cranky because it was so late. She is still under 13, so I can’t comment about long term effects. While the age appropriate guidelines that dancemaven referred to are useful, they do have limitations. They all start with “at least ....”, which implies that more is okay; however, those guidelines do not say how much more is too much.
  9. Too much class for a 9 year old?

    It's hard for me to remember, but I think when DD was 9 she was probably taking 3 or 4 90-minute ballet classes each week. At 10 she started preparing for pointe and definitely had 4 technique classes a week. One thing that caught my eye in your post was that your 9-year-old is in a class labeled as "intermediate/advanced company" ballet. Is that a technique class, or something else? What is the age range of that class?
  10. Too much class for a 9 year old?

    Thank you for your feedback so far, It is a slow and steady type program, no tricks, no competition team (they do go to YAGP) and they add the classes over time so it feels like a progression. 3yo -1, 1hr ballet/tap combo class 4yo -1, 1hr beginner ballet 1 5 yo -1, 1hr beginner ballet 1, 1hr beginner jazz 1 6/7yo-1, 1hr beginner ballet2, 1hr beginner jazz2 8yo -1, 1hr beginner ballet2, 1hr beginner jazz2, 1.5hr intermediate ballet 9yo (fall semester) -1, 1hr beginner ballet2, 1hr beginner jazz2, 1.5hr intermediate ballet, 1.5hr company class I think she is in so many this year, and now even more this semester, because she is straddling the advanced beginner level and the intermediate level. She is one of the oldest in the beginner classes (6-11 year olds), with her peers (8-13 year olds) in the intermediate classes and one of the youngest in the company classes (8-18 year olds). I think it's a great place for her to be. She gets to be a leader, with her crew and with the big girls for something to look up to. Each ballet class has stretching/warm up, barre, across the floor, learning combinations, the advanced classes learn variations... very classic disciplined training. My 7 year old finds them boring, my 9 year old ballet geek can't get enough! We keep reminding her it's ok not to take all the classes offered to her, she can make new choices after each show (we make them see through commitments made to each show but they can choose not to continue after the show) I guess I was just looking for "my daughter danced that much at that age and now she's awesome/working/teaching" or "my daughter danced that much and got burnt out/injured/turned into a diva/hermit" or "as a teacher I would/wouldn't allow a 9 year old to take that much class, because I have seen ____ happen"
  11. It’s great that she’ll get to have that experience & get feedback before auditioning again when she’s a bit older, should she not get accepted this year, but hey, you never know. , Despite the chaos of it all, it must be exciting being able to choose between BFA/dance programs & companies. I hope you keep us posted as to where she ends up!
  12. Ballet Schools in Korea

    Thank you Dancypants1, I'm interest to look for a summer intensive for my DD, any updates? Okegals, did your DD ended up going to the summer intensive?
  13. Oh, I'm not giving up hope. She has a few results that should be coming in the next few weeks and 3 more auditions to do. One is a school that she really doesn't want to go to though. Just hope that's not the only option she ends up with. The company audition is just a way for her to check out this company and to find out if they would even take someone her height and with her movement quality. It's a company she's had her eye on for awhile. She is just hoping for feedback. They generally don't take such young dancers.
  14. SI Audition Roll Call—2018

    Congrats everyone - 5Uptown and DancingNinja, and good luck to all. I love to see these good news coming in for everyone!
  15. SI Audition Roll Call—2018

    Hi Oreo, he auditioned in SF. I totally feel what you are saying because last year when a dad (to dancing daughters) asked my DS if he got a scholarship to HB, and DS said No, the dad was like "aww better luck next time". DS was thrilled to even get in! Scholarships are not a slam dunk for boys, and I have no clue why we got them this year. Good luck and don't give up. Your boy is getting accepted and that's really great.
  16. SI Audition Roll Call—2018

    Finally heard back from ABT from DS's Jan. 6 audition and learned he was accepted for their Texas location! He confessed he had a rocky audition and wasn't confident that he'd get in at all, so this was very good news. 👍
  17. Moxie-I've been off the board for a while now, but saw your post today. The fact that your dancer is a "he" may open up more possibilities at CPYB (and, frankly, anywhere else) than if your dancer was a "she". If Dickinson becomes a true option for him, I would recommend your son talk directly to Nicholas Ade at CPYB about options for classes. I don't think the information in my post would be as applicable to a male dancer.
  18. Yesterday
  19. LadyElle, when should acceptance letters start coming in? Don’t give up hope because there’s still time & your dd hasn’t finished auditioning yet. tutumama—Oh dear! Make sure you check the school’s website to see if they’re still open before making that drive. When it snowed about 2 weeks ago, some SI auditions were canceled. I wish both of your daughters the best on this journey!
  20. Mamaya1875 -- I'll share that 13 was THE toughest age for my DD. I am not sure if that's just coincidence or not, but it was -- hands down -- the WORST age for her. She felt so defeated all year and it took two years for her to feel like she was back where she wanted to be, technique-wise. So... hugs to you. As you think and analyze your DD's path, try to look with super clear eyes at what your DD needs, not just what XYZ school offers. In other words, it is tempting to look at the reputation of the school and assume that the training is good (because they produce sought after dancers). And it may be a fact that the training is good -- for the majority of people. But what you must still decide is whether that training is working for YOUR DD. This is -- at a minimum -- a yearly assessment, IMO. Just as the school takes a yearly assessment of their dancers, so must you take a hard look at the school. Unless your DD is being offered a scholarship (which comes with its own issues), you are paying for the instruction, and you need to make sure you are investing wisely. I am not bashing big, reputable schools, by any means. They earn those reputations. But the fit has to work for both the school and your DD. Even assuming your DD graduates from the school, that graduation does not guarantee a job. Ultimately, if your DD wants to dance professionally, she will have to figure out the training that she needs to do that. Unfortunately, I do not have a magic formula for you to determine whether or not the fit is right. I wish I did. I would have used it on my own DD. As it was, we talked to different teachers (outside of the school), I read a lot of posts on here, I talked with my DD about what she thought her weaknesses were and what she thought of the school, and how her weaknesses were or were not being addressed. All in all, it was a 2-3 year process before DD felt ready to leave, but by then she knew why and what she wanted that was different. And by "process" I mean it was long, repetitive, cyclical conversations we had at least every year, sometimes several times a year, sometimes several times a month. I do not miss it. In the end, the deciding factor for my DD was a connection with a particular teacher (at a different school) -- she wanted to train with that teacher because she felt she understood the corrections she was receiving from that teacher. After taking just a class or two with this teacher, I saw a difference in her dancing and in her passion. She was "fired up" and excited about ballet after taking class with this particular teacher. After more soul searching and discussions, we went with her gut feeling and never looked back. That's not particularly scientific. I'm not even sure I can extrapolate any advice for you from our journey. I'm happy to say that her choice has worked (so far). But how much was chance/luck and how much was making the "right" decision? I couldn't tell you. I've thought about erasing this whole post, because it feels incredibly depressing to me. I certainly have no answers. I don't feel like I'm offering you anything other than the acknowledgment and recognition that it is a hard, hard decision and I wish you and your DD peace and luck on your journey. '
  21. Variations with Italian fouettes

  22. Variations with Italian fouettes

    It is very easy to list variations with Italian Fouettes however I suggest to please consult with your teacher/coach as to which variation may be best for you.
  23. Too much class for a 9 year old?

    Our respected and very experienced Teacher-Moderators have posted Age Appropriate Guidelines for Pre-Professional Training as a Pinned Topic to the top of this Forum (and several others). I would recommend consulting that information.
  24. Ha. I think my DD and I would have wished for clear linear progress, stair step, or otherwise. As she was going through earlier years, progression felt much more spiral-esque, with constant and continuous re-visits to things she thought she'd already conquered, but needed to be re-addressed, and then addressed again (especially during those growth spurts!). It is only with the perspective of years could she see any real improvement. Watching DVD performances or video from previous years helped. If you aren't doing so already, I would recommend video-ing her during her exercises -- not daily, but maybe monthly. People forget where they were, and therefore progress can be hard to see. So, I commend you for goal setting with enough specificity for her to track her improvement at all.... That's an accomplishment in and of itself.
  25. Colored leotards at auditions

    And it’s not bad to stand out, at my most recent audition it said to wear a solid colored leotard, and almost everyone wore black with hair in a bun or French twist and I wore red and had my hair in milkmaid braids. I think it helps auditioners remember you when you dress differently.
  26. Too much class for a 9 year old?

    I'm just a parent, but something tells me what they're doing with the hours is as important as how much. Every studio will be different that way. I'm sure there are plenty of schedules that are empirically too much -- but I'm sure there are a ton more that are too much for a particular kid, or too much of one thing and/or not enough of another. Our DD is only slightly older -- she's turning 10 in a couple of weeks. It's her first year of a full-time program, where the kids do an accelerated school schedule and then dance 5 afternoons a week. She starts at the studio mid afternoon, and leaves before suppertime. They have the usual ballet, pre-pointe/pointe (her group generally skews older -- up to 12y/o), contemporary and character but in her level, a lot of their time is actually spent sitting on the floor, just working on alignment/conditioning/stretching. Her rehearsal schedule for competitive solos is light: two 1/2 hour blocks per week, during which she will run each solo only once. Groups run in a similar way. The philosophy is you that work on your technique in class, and you then you just take it with you to the competition. It is a performance opportunity, first and foremost. I guess it looks like a lot. But it's much less in some ways, and much more in others. It's a very slow burn kind of school -- no flash whatsoever. The kids who want to learn tricks or who care a lot about prizes just leave. Aside -- DD technically had fewer hours at her old studio, but their only solution for dealing with her drive for more was to keep skipping her levels -- she had been on pace to finish there four years early. That was certainly too much... of something!
  27. LadyElle, good luck to your daughter as she finished up her BFA auditions and company auditions. My daughter has one audition this Friday and one next Saturday. We are driving tomorrow so we can be there for the early morning sign in. This southern school is actually closed today for snow! It is normally an 8/9 hour drive so we will leave early and take our time. I did not factor snow in to planning audition dates for this school, lol! Then we have the big wait to hear back about these final schools and whatever possible money may be on the table. I want to hurry up this time-frame, but I've decided to enjoy these few months without auditions or applications or essays or travel. We will just enjoy our daughter for this final high school semester:)
  28. My dd does not have any acceptances to dance programs yet . She also auditioned for a training program and will actually be doing one company audition this spring. I will be very happy when this is all over and decisions are finalized.
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