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  2. I just wanted to add that if you are living in Los Angeles, particularly as far north as the Valley, Orange County schools are probably not going to be an option for you. When they say LA has the worst traffic in the country, they aren't kidding. Traffic isn't just limited to rush hour because there are so many people who don't work standard business hours. Santa Monica to Hollywood can easily take 90 minutes.
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  4. I prefer the students stand on the side while others are dancing however my classes are small and the studios are more than adequate spatially.
  5. I would like to hear some personal thoughts from mods/teachers. Do you prefer students to be completely out of the way when another group is going(anywhere off the floor, only to the sides and not the back etc.)? And would you rather have students on the side stand and watch or practice? Do your principles vary between audition classes and regular classes? Sometimes, my teachers chide us for not practicing a step we messed up or marking while the other group is going. But if everyone was doing that in the back, wouldn't that distract from the group on the floor?
  6. I have a solid rumble roller with spikes. I love it!
  7. Hi Sketchy Sketcher, I was advised for medical reasons by my doctors to give up contact sports and fighting and was very thin when I started back 7 months ago. The doctors were supportive of that so long as I did no lifting. So even if there is a medical condition, it is worth talking to your doctor about how to start safely. I have alread regained some muscle mass, strength stamina, coordination, balance etc . I assume you have read the thread about starting back in my forties. There is useful information there on what to expect, especially the etiquette points by Redbookish. Remember to enjoy class.
  8. Thank you pavlova - i didn't know they had anything like this there!
  9. CeliB, thank you for sharing the video. They are just so good and beautiful. Wow! When you say this is a graduating exam, do they get grades, pass or fail? (of course I can't imagine any of the students there failing !) And do they have to 'pass' the exam every year to go to the next level?
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  11. Thank you for the additional information. That will help folks! I will move your posts to the thread there and it will help everyone who is researching the school.
  12. Many thanks! Actually it is the Balletschulle Theater Basel based in Switzerland, Basel. I'll look it the section you are mentionning. Thanks again!
  13. Can you provide a bit more information for us? The website perhaps, where it is located. And I can move your question to the appropriate "Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School" thread.
  14. HI everyone, does anyone have insights on the Basel Theater Ballet School? From the website it really looks old fashioned and not many results recently. Any knowledge? Many thanks!
  15. They look very professional already! They must have been quite tired at the end of the exam but still had the energy to do those amazing jumps!
  16. I just found this topic-my DS has committed to Uof A and though they don't require an SI per se, he has decided to go away this summer . It's what makes him happy but I'm sad that I won't have as much time with him at home-He will have to leave the SI 3 days early and go directly to college. Financially if he hadn't gotten a full scholarship the decision would likely be he would stay at home. On the flip side we were told that casting happens in the first few weeks after he gets there so he should be in good form.
  17. Mln, he sounds very well rounded (and a bit like my kid who will choose physical activities anyway for fun).
  18. My DD 13, almost 14, is getting frustrated that her leg extention and arabesque are inconsistent. Some days they look really good and other days she has trouble lifting her legs above a certain degree. What could make you look good one day but a lower the next?
  19. Has anyone heard back from this audition yet?
  20. Thanks again balletdad14. Just curious, did your daughter have musical training outside of dance, in an instrument or choir/voice? For a dancer or choreographer, I know it is helpful to be able to read music as well as "hear" and feel it.
  21. If you have access, I would strongly suggest Pilates for strength training. That is what her school, and now her company, have their dancers do. My other suggestion, that I posted earlier, is to focus on her musicality. Listen to as much classical as you can get a hold of and pay close attention to the beats. My daughter has been called upon, even now at the professional level, to count particular music for the company class and just this month for some dancers for a production piece. This takes some practice and remember, sometimes, there are more than one way to count a piece of music. Just thought I would throw that out there as something else to keep in mind.
  22. My son does not have a disciplined cross-training regimen this year (at 17); it's catch as catch can. I'm not suggesting this is ideal, but he's so active already that it doesn't make sense to steal his fun activities from him just so that he can call them "cross-training." He does pushups, crunches, and planks when he stretches. He is in regular high school p.e. classes, and he really enjoys this, because he's surprisingly good at things like pickle ball (pickle ball?). He also hikes the mountain ridge near our house, mountain bikes on long weekends, skis in winter, and plays tennis on occasion. I would like to see him do more pilates, however, or something that would allow him to work on flexibility outside of ballet class. I'm hoping that next year, he can make this a regular activity.
  23. Thanks, balletdad14. Your DD must be a talented dancer, and it's wonderful that her height hasn't been an obstacle. I agree that taller dancers are beautiful on stage, and I will definitely pass along your DD's experience to my DD. She has often been complimented on her nice lines, but I also believe that she has had to work harder on strength and control due to her long, willowy limbs.
  24. yes - all the boys in this class are graduating this year.
  25. Quoting Mom2K8 -- from another other thread where we got off topic DoubtfulGuest, Thank you so very much for your reply. This is just what I had hoped to hear. DD and I stopped by the studio over the Easter long weekend and had a great chat with the AD. All DD kept saying in the car was when can I start mommy. She wants to leave her current program now and start with SCB as soon as possible. We can't actually do that due to conflicts with her flamenco class and because I have a thing about following through with our commitments. However we may be able to add the Wednesday prep class to DD's schedule for the remainder of the term. She has a two week intensive at NBC (I feel the need to be clear that this is not the NBS program - people often confuse the two) early in the summer and then we hope to join the full prep program in September. DD is 7 and is very serious about ballet and has big dreams - she will be 8 in late fall this year. This past year in our current program (new for us this year) has turned out to be a "lost year" for DD - it took just one session with her stretching coach to realize this. This was followed by the second term parent viewing class where there had been no advancement from the first term - DD was totally bored - it was written all over her face.The joy that is usually there was gone. I knew I had to do something. I am trying very hard not to beat myself up over making assumptions and not asking the right questions about her program at the outset. I am fairly certain that DD will have to work hard to catch up to her peers at SCB. She has passion, a strong work ethic, natural ability and amazing musicality and feeling in her dancing, but she needs the proper training to focus it and mold it. I am very grateful I hired a private stretch coach as it was our experience working with her that made me fully realize what DD should have been receiving at her current school but was not - not even close. It also showed both mom and daughter what she is capable of. When I think of where she would be now if I had made different, more informed decisions.....but I refuse to go there. Forward only - no looking back. DD and I had a serious chat this evening about moving studios and I asked her to tell me why she wanted to move. She explained that in addition to being bored she wanted to be challenged the way her stretch coach challenges her; that she wants to learn more and to advance. "Mommy, I want to go to a ballet school where ballet is as important to the other kids as it is to me - I want to be with serious students". From what you describe I think we may have found her new ballet home. I saw the pic of your DD9 in her tutu - she looks so adorable but more importantly so happy! DD is coming in to take the Saturday prep level class in two weeks (DD will be on a ballet break from her home program that week for the Assemble Internationale 2017) so we may very well meet in person - which would be lovely! Especially since I cannot send/receive PMs yet as I am too much of a newbie. We are both looking forward to what the AD has to say and to see what plan she will develop for DD. Finally, very special thanks for your posts here - it was this discussion thread and your posts that lead me to CSB. In all of my slightly panicked research to find a new options for DD, CSB never came up in my searches. Not only does the program seem to be exactly what we were looking for, but it is a 10 minute drive from home. Thanks again, I look forward to meeting you in person at the studio in the coming weeks. (Apologies in advance for typos - this single, logistically challenged single mama is up way past her bedtime!) Mom2K8 hi Mom2K8! That is so great your DD is feeling good about a change. It was obvious for my kid right from the first day, too, and her mood keeps getting better as she can see her progress. Losing the joy is so scary, and especially when they're so young. It's completely normal for kids to fade in and out of activities, but when you've had a kid who has done nothing but want more dance... finding them a home is really important. Your daughter's words are so familiar to me. Please don't beat yourself up. When they're as little as ours are, so much will change very, very quickly -- and forward is a great direction to be looking! I'm sure your DD will hit her stride again very soon. If it helps, just a week or two ago, the AD asked my DD if she'd "never stretched before" because her progress is so dramatic in such a short time. She was never taught the "how" of stretching, but kids are so amazing and learn so quickly. Every studio has a slightly different focus, and I'm willing to bet there will be some things that are new to your DD, and some where she'll have had plenty of grounding. My DD was nervous coming out of Cecchetti into Vaganova, but the new style really suits her, and she is taking to it like a duck to water. That's wonderful news about the possibility of Wednesday PREP -- I think a lot of kids begin by adding a class or two while they wait out the end of the year. We only made the switch when we did because I couldn't fathom sending DD to Europe for three weeks with her old studio when they would have known she wasn't registered for next year. I'll stick around a week from Saturday and introduce myself when you're in for sure! Exciting stuff! DG
  26. Apologies, Dancemaven! Mom2K8 -- there is a thread called Changing Studios (I think that might have been my first post -- I am a newbie, too!) I will quote your comment, and reply there -- I hope that is the right place. Still getting the hang of this! Thank you to this forum -- it is so valuable to parents like us who are trying so hard to make good decisions.
  27. We are getting :offtopic:, folks. . Please let's get back to the topic of the thread: Schools in Canada--Mississauga/Toronto. Discussions of experiences changing schools, etc belong on another thread. This thread is for researching schools in the area.
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