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  2. Hello! I have danced (mainly ballet but also modern etc) for 20+ years both as a student and a professional. I sustained injuries, burned out and left ballet to develop some other interests including fashion and writing. After 3 years without even so much stepping in a dance studio I woke up one morning a decided to come back. I don't think I will be doing 31 fouette's center stage anytime soon, but I am excited to see how far I can re-develope my abilities. Durning the day I work for a nationally distributed magazine based in LA and blog about style and "My Dance Diary" I am excited to connect with a community that can answer a lot of questions I may have forgotten since being out of the game for a few years. Thanks!
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  5. That sounds very good. My daughter is in NYC now - started today. I don't arrive there myself until July 20th. In the end we focussed on core and a few wall squats for quad strength. I noticed she had another jump in height since March ( she looks like a giant compared to the other 12, 13s in her group! In all that we also discovered incredibly tight calves- so got into massaging, foam rolling and stretching. I think we will look for a Pilates class when she is back. I will go too!
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  7. No, you're not confused and you interpretted my intention correctly! The first schedule is with the directors and teachers that she really loves and resonates with (they taught at her studio this past year... Long story, too much drama, not important). The school with the 2 hr classes daily is close, very well established, Vaganova (which she has not had). Then the other with the studio from last year with a big question mark as to who will be teaching (and quite possibly a change in this schedule as well). There is one other studio I'll be checking out. The schedule online is a bit unclear. Thanks Victoria!
  8. Hopefully the new faculty will be able to restore some of the positive spirit of this program. There was a large void left by Violette Verdy.
  9. Thank you for the link! It was interesting reading about the recent history of ballet training in the area. It looks like there are only really two good options here, the program she is at now for the summer, and America's Ballet School. While she really likes the training at the summer place, she was placed in the bottom level and won't even be able to audition for the trainee program. She really wants daily ballet classes. The other school is actually a little closer to us. I guess we will have to visit in August and see if it might work. I have been reading a lot of different threads here. Life would have been a lot easier if I'd found this site a few years ago! Thanks for sharing to all the folks who've come before and taken the time to write about it here.
  10. Okay, please clarify for me that you are looking at two new schools and the schedule at one of them is 2 hour classes, but no separate pointe/var./pas. The schedule at last years studio is somewhat better than either of the others. Am I confused?
  11. Victoria, I totally agree. If it were a closer studio, she could go to some of the classes during the day and some at night but it's just too far to go and have a 4 hour break between classes. We'll see what we can work out. Thank you!
  12. Oh - the other schedules one studio basically 2 hours Monday - Sat tech with point. i think they have pilates once or twice a week. last years studio: 1.5 tech M-Sat with additional; Monday - 1 hr tap & 1 hr modern Tuesday - 1 hr variations Wednesday - 30 minute pointe Thursday - 1 hr pointe/variation Friday - 30 min pointe Saturday - 30 minute pointe, 1 hr jazz and a lot of rehearsal which dd won't be doing as much as the company fees are too much for us as we will need to travel for college auditions and have my older dd's wedding. Oh, and I know tap is uneccessary for ballet, but my dd is quite a tapper and well, the Rockettes for a season is on her bucket list!
  13. The only problem I see is not enough pointe. Six days of tech is good, modern, jazz and conditioning fine, but 2.5 total hours on pointe is not really enough.
  14. Okay, Monday - Saturday 1.5 hour tech in addition to that: Wed, 30 monute conditioning before tech, 30 minute variation after tech Thursday 1 hour modern before tech Friday 1 hr point after tech Sat - 1 hr jazz & 1 hr pas after tech The owners/directors/teachers are renting space within another studio so their evening time is limited. They also have a prepro rday program that is 4 hours a day which would be wonderful but doesn't work with my dd's school schedule. We will revisit home schooling but it's her senior year and I think that would really make her sad. The director called write after I posted yesterday (hi, if you're on here!) and we're meeting up for coffee to discuss the possibilities.
  15. According to their Facebook page today, their three graduates this year are all heading to regional companies in some capacity.
  16. Gracegirlz - Both my DS and DD have trained at Madison Ballet and a new ballet school called Central Midwest Ballet in Middleton. Both are ballet schools - not competition schools. Madison Ballet has a school (School of Madison Ballet) and a professional company. They are well established and have had several dancers go on to professional careers and the well-known college programs discussed on BT4D. Central Midwest Ballet was started by someone who used to dance professionally with Madison Ballet. It is a smaller studio, and still growing. But, the teachers are fantastic teachers and class sizes are small. This is where my DD is training now. I would check out both of them. And happy to answer questions.
  17. Thank you, this is really helpful! I will try!
  18. Thank you šŸ˜Š
  19. Yes, I'll get back to you on that this evening.
  20. Here is the Ballet School's in Florida--Tampa area: There are other dedicated threads for various areas in Florida, so you might want to check the Forum's index. The Forum is arranged alphabetically by state, so it will be easy to check which Florida threads might be helpful.
  21. Lady Elle, would you give us a bit more information on the differences in the schedules? While more is not always better, and great teachers are always better, if there is a drastic difference in the amount of training, then we need to consider that.
  22. I do know that there is a Madison Ballet and that it is a company with a school. My DD is a professional dancer and knows one of the corps members and has also auditioned there. She said that it is a good solid company, and enjoyed the class when she auditioned.
  23. Hello again! 17 year old highschool senior has another studio shake up so she'll be making some choices for next fall. Great consistant teachers with a not-so-optimal schedule or some good/some not so good teachers with a better schedule?? She has had the worst luck with local ballet studio stuff it's very frustrating! Thoughts?
  24. Welcome to our forums, MarylandTransplant! Thank you for introducing yourself, and I'm sure you will find a lot of help here in terms of your move and your search for a school. We have a forum for finding Pre-Pro schools, and there is actually a very recent topic about schools in Central Florida. I will try to find the topic and link it here for you, and then doingmybest can help you, too!
  25. Keeping the hip in place in front and side extensions is a matter of starting with correct alignment and weight placement, and keeping your extensions at a level that will let you maintain the alignment and using your best rotation. You stated earlier that you are 13, and at that age your ability and strength to lift the leg very high with rotation and alignment may not be there yet. So, lower the leg a bit and see if you can do that without lifting the hip. If so, then start there, and gradually, over the next couple of years, keep increasing the extension without allowing the hip to lift. Remember, you are in charge here. The hip doesn't lift itself! You can allow it to lift, or not to lift. "Kicking" high is one thing, but a developƩ is another. Even if you have a lot of flexibility, you may not yet have the strength and control of your alignment and rotation to get the leg as high as would like.
  26. Welcome to our forums, AthleteArtistDancer! We hope you will enjoy reading and posting, learning from all of our experienced parents and teachers, and sharing your own experiences.
  27. Welcome, DancerStarXoXo! Sounds like you are very involved in dance and a whole bunch of other interests as well. We hope you will enjoy our forums!
  28. Hello BT4D friends! I've been a lurker here for a few months without formally introducing myself, so it seems time to greet everyone. My daughter just turned 15 and will be starting her sophmore year at a pre-professional arts school. She's a beautiful dancer while also extremely strong in academics (particularly math/science), and isn't sure yet what career path she wants after HS. It's a bit scary for us, trying to make sure she gets strong STEM ed alongside her dance ed, so when the time comes she has plenty of options open to her once she graduates. Thank you for all your encouragement, support, and wise advice -- I'm sure to need it.
  29. I don't know if I'm allowed to respond to you yet but I can probably help you whenever I am. Welcome to the forum and also to Florida
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