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  1. Let's factor age in: she was very likely 5'4" at her prime..........
  2. It sounds like you might be letting the "whipping" leg lead rather than the "control" leg. Are you spotting well?
  3. Cats will be cats but he doesn't have to let them affect his perception of himself. Distance is the weapon of self-defense here, unfortunately.
  4. On Stage carries Suffolk.
  5. That's because you need to get yourself into a proper ballet class
  6. Actually, leotards from major suppliers have declined in quality over the years. I have a pair of character shoes I got in the 80s that I can still wear, but today's character shoes would maybe last 1-2 years. Danskin is now owned by another company and all they really supply is tights. Quality leotards can be found by Suffolk, Wear Moi, Yumiko, and some of the smaller suppliers that only have an online presence, like Lone Reed Designs (a former BTFD member) Eleve Dancewear Leos by Kat S-Curve Apparel & Design Lucky Leo Dancewear
  7. Well, she died in 1951, so you likely have the most up-to-date version, unless you are looking for one of her student's interpretations.
  8. Jazz is like ballet but without rotation in the legs, for the most part, and it will give you a chance to discover how your body can move in different ways! I am so sorry that a teacher made you feel hard as it is try to do your best to never allow anyone to make you feel bad about YOU. Life is too short. Try your best in Jazz and you might find yourself liking it if you give yourself over to it.
  9. Monday, I would do the Pointe class. "Contemporary" doesn't need much more than the 1 hour you're giving it Thursday, as there is not set syllabus for that genre. You'd do better to take more pointework. I'd like to see you be able to do a ballet tech. class Tuesday as well, and if you then do Character, that would be ideal. Wednesday looks okay. Thursday might have to happen temporarily until the teachers feel you have been able to accomplish the work. Friday is okay. Saturday concerns me. You should ideally be able to have a full ballet technique class prior to pointe, however there are schools all over the place who start kids off cold in pointe shoes. I guess that one we may have to wait-to-see to be sure you aren't developing any pains that could turn chronic.
  10. My main point of my recent post was to challenge the idea that "Russian teachers say things like that" was being stated as an absolute truth, when in fact, it is NOT beholden to ballet teachers who grew up in Russia, do we understand now?
  11. I have witnessed Russian teachers who do not say such things, and American teachers who say much stronger things. It is not where the teacher trained that is an absolute definition of how he or she will teach. In my opinion, as a dancer, I'd rather have them clearly tell me what I need to work on, rather than try to be politically correct.
  12. Love it!!!! Wonderful story, and wonderful that you are all so supportive of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "clapping" Welcome, by the way!
  13. Why are straight legs important en pointe? Basically because of your bones. They appreciate the opportunity to work in correct alignment so that the synovial fluid-filled sacs can retain their function and protect your joints. That's but one small reason. The strongest position en pointe is when all the bones are correctly aligned, therefore less risk of injury. If the knees are bent when en pointe (unless we are doing hops en pointe which I will not even discuss unless you have been studying for 5-6 years at least 4-5 days of proper ballet classes every week of those past 5-6 years and you slowly progressed to pointework) that tells me the ankle does not have enough flexibility to allow for pointework, so therefore, the student should be taken off until their techniques improves.
  14. That's the thing: feet are very different so there isn't a rule to be found here, with the exception being as gav pointed out, to have energy in all 5 of your toes!!!!! But please focus more on the shape and articulation of your ankle.