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Garyecht, the papers in dance research are rather limited. It is certainly different in a wide field such as psychology

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As to the origins of the paper Im afraid I can't be very helpful since nowadays everything can be found in the WWW. This particular article was being dicussed (okay, torn appart) in another web site I go to, where it had been found by a user on the net.

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Well, if you look at the URL and backtrack, the paper is by a student writing for an english class. The professor is a J.Yellowlees Douglass. The school is the University of Florida, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. A program called "Networked Writing Environment"


Just eliminate directories from the right in the location bar of your browser and you can trace a URL back to it's origin. :D


It reads like a typical undergraduate paper to me.

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Well, it is definitely "networked" all over the world now :blushing::D

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