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hi there, balletmaman17,

Congrats to your DD! I can tell you I was trained very Balanchine with a lot of classical training as well, so coming into this environment was different for me. I wouldn't say that BoCo is a ballet focused school. We do take ballet every day and there are a lot of ballet electives to choose from but ballet is a weakness for BoCo. I felt my training suffered a lot these past 2 years I've been here. Very strong modern and contemporary for sure. Those who were a ballet emphasis went into contemporary ballet companies and I really cant think of anyone in a classical ballet company other than those many years ago. The director changed about 5 or 6 years ago and ever since it totally shifted to a modern school. Before it was very much ballet oriented.

Thank you so much and if you plan to go to accepted dancers day on Wednesday let me know! I'll be there :) Thank you so much!!

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Hi, dancemaven and Lady Elle!

At LINES there is a 2 year training program which I am going to. I dont think they train with the company but are considered trainees atleast thats what my friends who are in that program consider themselves lol. I honestly dont know since I am going in very new lol but if you know of anyone who is from the training program who dances with the company I would love to know! Im just so excited!!! I hope this clears up any of your confusion :)

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for my previous post....


Just noticed my post from previous about lines was written from me telling my mom information. She must have changed it to make it seem like it was a company spot. Had to edit it to make it accurate lol. I hope this clear up confusion from previous. Sorry about that lol you know how moms can sometimes tell too much even when you tell them another.


Have a nice day everyone!

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:thumbsup:  Alexandra_v96!   Gotcha. :wink:

Thank you for clarifying.  It is highly unusual for training program students to dance with the company.  But I'm sure you will enjoy your time there and find it very fulfilling. My DD did.


Now back to the topic at hand:   Boston Conservatory dance program. :)


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