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Please move this to the correct forum if I have broken a rule by posting here. I'm currently teaching a small group of children recreationally. We're learning about Sleeping Beauty, and as part of their activities, I show them bits of video from the Mariinsky or Bolshoi productions. When they saw the garland waltz, they were enchanted by the young children/students participating. One exclaimed, "Are those really kids or are those just little people?"


While it was super cute, it made me wonder... what other ballets involve the participation of young children? I'd like to be able to list and share with them other ballets that young students were featured in. So far, off the top of my head I recall:

- Children's Galop from Nutcracker

- Mother Ginger from Nutcracker

- the cherubs in the Dream Scene of Don Q.

- Garland Waltz

- "slave" children from Pharaoh's daughter

- Mazurka from Raymonda


Anything else? I'm a bit tired and can't think of anything else at this hour. Thanks!

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Midsummer.... lots of little sprites. Coppelia, Jerome Robbins' Mother Goose

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Napoli - traditionally the pupils from Royal Danish Ballet School have their first appearances with the Royal Danish Ballet in it.

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I think in the Bolshoi's production of Coppelia I saw, there were children being angels in the Dance of the Hours. They changed the hands on the clock face. But I don't know if this is universal or just the Bolshoi. Mr Johnson?

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Mazurka from Paquita

La Sylphide

Puppet show in Don Quixote

Wheeldon's "Scenes de Ballet"

Circus Polka

Some versions of the Pas des Fleurs in the Jardin Anime scene from Le Corsaire


Ascballerina, I think mostly the Bolshoi uses child cupids to change the clock face in Coppelia as it's a new reconstruction of Petipa's version of the original ballet, so it hasn't been traditional to use them for a long time.

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Ok, thanks, Hans, and sorry, FilleSylphide!

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Ah. There are so many ballets that do include children! I'm surprised. I haven't actually seen Circus Polka or Mother Goose, but am now interested to go back and watch Napoli again and review the childrens' parts. I love the Paquita Mazurka... I can't believe I forgot that one since my old school once had a hilarious semi-fiasco where a teacher taught that procession, but since the girls outnumbered the boys, they had to rock-paper-scissors who was going to be a "boy". :P Thanks so much for your input everyone! My little group of 6 is going to be starry eyed over this information.

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