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Yes, thank you diana13! Looks like this one has auditions as well!

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Yes, thanks Diana.

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My dd went to a fair at the 92nd Street Y in NYC which took place in October by an organization called Dancewave. Here is the link for this years event http://dancewave.org/DTCB . There was an audition component where you selected which schools you wanted to look at you (they were all on a big panel in the room). It was only a ballet class followed by a modern class. No solos, rep etc. DD said it was pretty crowded. The better schools either didn't participate in the audition, or used it for pre-screening purposes, in general. My dd received some unsolicited offers of acceptance from schools she didn't put on her sheet. I don't know if she would have received scholarships from those schools if she had pursued the offers. She followed up and was later accepted by several schools that she had seen there and made that initial connection. Juniors can participate in the fair, but not the audition. At least that was the rule last year, which makes sense. In any case, this was a good event providing a nice opportunity to connect with admissions officers from many schools and programs. I think you can still sign up for this years event which takes place next month.

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