I can't do pirouettes on pointe?

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I've been on pointe for 11 months, and I cannot do pirouettes. I can do them very well in flat shoes, my teacher says I'm one of the strongest turners in my class. But when I'm on pointe, I can't do it. Sometimes, I can't even get on the box, but usually I just lose my balance. I have my first audition tommorow, and I'm super scared they're going to ask me to do pirouettes. I just got new shoes, so it isn't my shoes. I'm practically in tears, I'm so nervous that I'll be the only one tommorow who can't pirouette. Help?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, whatsyourpointe. :)


First, how old are you? How much total training have you had, and how many classes a week do you take during the school year? How long are the classes? Most dancers in their first year of pointe are not expected to do pirouettes, unless they are a little bit older and exceptionally strong and well placed, in addition to having both great quality and quantity training.

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