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Hello all,


First a bit if information about me:


I take ballet and contemporary jazz, but I hope to go back to my old ballet school next year.


I dance for around 3-4 hours per week, I had to cut back due to an injury.


I would really like to improve my turns. I can do a double, sometimes a triple pirouette on my right, and a double on my left.


My main question is whether a turning board would help. Some people say they are amazing because you learn how spot, keep your balance and you get the feeling of multiple turns, however my main worry is that I would develop bad habits because you do not turn on relevé.


Is it worth investing in one or will they just teach me bad habits which will be harder to fix?


Sorry for such a long question and I hope that this is in the right section, it is my first post!


Thank you,

Erin xxx (erin_0105)

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Erin, while they might be helpful to learn spot, I am still not in great favor of things that basically do it for you. Your body has to learn to do it through the exercises in class that train YOU to do it. Spotting is not a difficult thing, but it is often either ignored or not taught very well. Basically, what one has to do is to keep the head free to move by not tensing the neck, and learning how to to turn the head immediately as you start to turn, and then keep it turning. Focus, focus. focus. Balance in a matter of correct placement and alignment, and if you can balance in a retiré position at the barre, then you should be able to do it in the center and add the turning motivators, such as the back muscles and the push from the legs and the spot. It's about learning HOW to turn, not about standing on something that turns you.

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Thank you so much Ms Leigh! I am going to try spotting how you said to see if that helps me with my turns and improving my technique. I most likely will not buy one, lots of reviews online say that they are not as useful for ballet technique.


Wish me luck in my turning!


Erin xxx (erin_0105)

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You are welcome, Erin. Let me know how it goes!

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