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I wonder if she meant overtly Christian. Some schools have names that speak to their heritage but in practice, don't seem like a religious institution. TCU comes to mind. I don't think of the Christian aspect at TCU being the same as that at Friends. It isn't a dealbreaker for my DD, but it's hard to know how she'd fit in (without spending some time there). She would be uncomfortable at a school that required chapel attendance, for example, or any religious classes that were anything other than a historical/sociological study of religion. DD wonders if she could be openly not Christian without judgment there. It's possible; it's just hard to know something like that ahead of time. Her concern is more along those lines. She has great friends who are Christian who accept her as she is. It's the unknown of going to an actual Christian school that keeps this school from being higher on her list for consideration.

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We are not a religious family and my DD would have been out of place at Friends, workingforshoes.  While TCU stated that the "C" is as big or small as you want it to be as you want it to be.  I do feel that Friends University is highly overlooked as a ballet program even though it was not right for our family.

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17 hours ago, ddegaray said:

While TCU stated that the "C" is as big or small as you want it to be as you want it to be.

I liked that comment from TCU. I was very impressed with their dance program and their university.  I liked how TCU concentrates on undergrads and was a good medium size school.  I liked it a lot more than my daughter for some reason and though accepted, she turned them down. 

I think it is very important is to not choose a college solely on its dance program.  Each of the numerous schools we toured or auditioned, we always met or saw a dancer "out" on injury, whether temporary, or one that no longer danced. You are still attending to earn a degree, so think about what options you have.  Last place we met a student who worked in the dance dept, but left dance after her first year.  She explained, she still loved it, but decided not to major in it any longer.  She became interested in the administration side of dance, arts and non profits.  She kept close with the dace dept and students by working in the office.  She was also fortunate it was an easy transition as there were other majors than dance in the school.  This was not a deciding factor, but we did like when the dance major was in an academic school like arts and sciences, making it easier for double majors, and I guess for this type of situation.

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