Champagne and w(h)ine for the upcoming season (2016-2017)

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Congratulation !

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Update for me: I'm surgery-bound next month. Luckily, nothing as dramatic as I was worrying about (there was discussion early on about peroneal groove deepening and other craziness), but now I'm just getting a scope. Doc thinks something is wrong inside my ankle joint (from previous sprains), so they're going in to look at/fix what that might be. It also turns out my tendon problem is not really the peroneals, but my FHL so they're going to look at that too, and see why I might be getting the impingement in the back. Because of the previous sprains, my stability is terrible, so they're tightening up ligaments too. Means I'll be stiff for awhile, but overall recovery will not be as terrible as expected and I'll be able to dance again. But what a journey this has been...

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Hang in there Morning glorie ! At least they have idea. Keep us posted !


Champagne : for me this month, I'm finally getting more comfortable on pointe, I did my first double on pointe 2 weeks ago (wasn't able to do it again though) and first piqué en dehors to (these I did multiple times). We're leaning a simplified version of the bluebird variation (less piqué at the end and the hop section was modified, and I was quite happy with it (at least the pointe part, I'm confused with the arm, but hey it was only the 1st time (30min only)). It's blackfriday next week, let's stock up pointe shoes !


w(h)ine : not as serious as monongglorie but I'm fighting a soft corn between my 4th and 5th toe (I broke my 5th toe when I was a kid and it has repair with a slight bump were the soft corn is). Got to the pedicurist to have it remove while on ballet break, even with a toe spacer (that she specially made for my toes and no pointe, a week after, it has already come back as painful as before ! (and damn it's painful to demi pointe in my pointe shoes).

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Champagne again : definitely feeling better on pointe (I manage good balance), the teacher noticed it as I was smiling !! (Even thiugh it's still not looking not. Early as good as I wanted at least I feel comfy. The second want me to pass a ballet exam at the end of school year (he wasn't sure in september, now he is). I also got back consistent en dedans pirouette on pointe on both side and fouette (not en tournant) are now also consistent on both side as well in the center. So far I'm now happy to go to the wednesday pointe class and I'm happy with myself afterclass. I modified exercise if needed (only 2 exercise so far : fast pirouette : instead of 1turn 3 times I do half half and turn if the tempo is too fast for me, and acrross the floor the emboîté retiré that were undoable at the beginning of the year, instead of 4 of them as ask can now do 2 clean ones in the same time, I'm getting faster (I have to wait to be with the music for the following of the exercise) so 4 will around christmas I think).

The other students also notice I've progressed and that I was happy ! I told them about my feelings at the beginning of the year and apparently they never felt that I was not belonging to their group (and I'm at least 10years older than them) ! A whole bunch of nice girls here !!


W(h)ine : I kinda hurt my right foot (again). Today, barre on pointe I was really happy with myself, got really nice balance on pointe (teacher noticed it and said nice, it was a first for me!!) We arrive at the pirouette at the barre, in which there is

Lots of pirouette both en dehors and en dedans. While on the left foot I did well, on the Right foot while they looked decent it became painful (slowly building up from just a slight bothered to painful), I didn't fell off pointe nor twist my ankle. I finish the barre ok (grand battement and jambe à la barre). I tried again pirouette at the barre during the 3min off stretching/drinking break and it was even more painful just when on pointe and turning just balance was ok. I took off my pointe shoes switch to flat earlier than I usual (I do the 1st few exercises until the big pirouette, I can't really so them on flat so I'm not trying on pointe!). I finish the class really well (got a few "better" and "that's it"), where at most I have a nod). I tried at home the pirouette and it felt ok not painful nor bothering, but a little weird though.

This sound like tiredness or muscle issue (when cold it's not worst so not a tendon nor a ligament), With my workload right now, I had injury pending ...

I have no dance until monday (no pointe) and no mandatory pointe until wednesday. I hope this 3 days of rest will help. I might skip grand allegro next week though. I've never been that relieved that a saturday class is cancel (the school send all their teachers to a teacher workshop).


Long post again sorry !

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I had a bad day today, was feeling very down. Had to push myself to get to ballet class.

But there I could let everything go, and I got such nice compliments, it made my day!


One of the older ladies in our class came to me when we were waiting for our turn, to tell me that she had enjoyed watching my adagio so much.


And during our last jump, the teacher came to me to tell me I shouldn't be so hard on myself and that I'm doing great.

Obviously ballet is for the perfectionistic, but she's so right that I shouldn't be beating myself up because I messed something up.


It just really warmed my heart that we have such a nice group, I'm feeling a lot better now! :wub:

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Almost 2 weeks off pointe because off my ankle issue, and reduced schedule because of work. I got to pointe class and despite taping all my toes I got a blister in a place I haven't had any in like 2years. I hate to stop pointe when going back at it I automatically got blister but never in the middle of the season. Oh I I got massive arch cramps... it felt like september ...

and the other side my ankle issue is just due to fatigue and inflammation of tendon from fatigue (lack of sleep and stress from work, almost over !!), nothing serious and no complete rest. Doc said I'm fine to dance but not too many small jumps and no big jumps. Pointe works is ok if I warm my feet beforehand, and as it was painful only while pirouetting on point, No pirouette on pointe until next week.

I explained the teacher the doc recommandations and adapted the pointe class (just relevés balance instead of turn) and switch to soft shoes when we arrive at the pirouette only exercise (after that was the jumps). Even with these restrictions I felt that I'm getting better with my pointe work (at least I feel it, even if the teacher doesn't say anything, at least I have port de bras now not just robotic arm movement) I feel more confident.

And I did my first double pirouette (on flat) with the head spotting on the 2nd one, teacher was as happy as me and I did twice on each side !! I got double for a good 2years now but old gyn training result in issue spotting in multiple turn, for single it has always worked.

So-so week buy hey holidays are coming !

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Champagne: I completed a pirouette en pointe today where I finished up, on my leg, turned out, and able to balance for a few seconds before coming down. Usually my pirouettes are pretty decent (my singles that is... Doubles suck!) However, when I caught myself in the mirror on this turn (actually there were 3 similar) I smiled.


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And from me:


Champagne: I'm having a class with one of the Greek National Opera ballet's principal dancers this week. I was initially afraid to take that class, because I've had almost no experience en pointe (echappe ferme was my best moment) and, as I've realized later, most of the other girls there will get the exam for the National Opera ballet school, and the level is quite crazy. So, today we had a ballet+pointe class and I had no alternatives, but to try and do all this crazy stuff (releves on one foot, pique arabesque, emboite etc) in the center. Well, I wasn't brave enough to try pirouettes or any turning steps (I modified the tours soutenus and piques to standing on the pose) but otherwise, everything happened (quite terribly, frankly, my turnout en pointe was even worse that on flat, but anyway). I was bedazzled on how much I have learned this past year and how much I can do when I'm not afraid or decide that "this is too much for me". Of course, with the proper supervision.


W(h)ine: The experience was quite terrifying. I did all the exercises in the center with a terrible, pale face that screamed "kill me now". But I guess it was time for me to be pushed.

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