Cardio for Ballet Dancers

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Hi everyone,


I've searched the forums on this one but was hoping to get some more advice. I know that we're not allowed to discuss weight to any degree, but I'm specifically looking for cardio to burn some extra calories since ballet class can be very stop-and-go. Does anyone have any suggestions for exercise that won't cause unwanted bulk?


Thank you!

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We don't prescribe specific cardio exercises, as everyone has different needs. Many dancers like to bicycle, others like some of the machines available in a gym, such as the Elliptical. Some like to run, but I'm not big on that for dancers, since they tend to run turned out, (which is not advisable!), and also it is high impact and one gets enough of that in class. :)

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Thank you Ms. Leigh! Any thoughts on swimming?

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That is good, too. :)

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