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Hi, all. Has anyone taken the International Student Visa Program at the Broadway Dance Center, the Independent Study Program at Peridance or anything similar? There is no experience needed, and over 18 is the only age limit. So they seem like awesome ways to challenge oneself, but also too good to be true for the likes of me, a nearly-38 year-old student of four years. Do they really attract students of all ages and levels, or are they a stepping stone for young would-be professionals who aren't ready for these schools' professional programs?

Also, does anyone know of any more of these kinds of programs anywhere?


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Edited by Adult Ballerina

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Thanks for the suggestion, Adult Ballerina; I'll look into it!

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AdultBallerina, just to let you know that we generally ask that people introduce themselves here (in the Welcome forum), and if they have a connection (such as a commercial interest) with a programme or school, they say so. You've posted 3 times with basically the same message, promoting a very specific programme - we tend to remove repeated posts. We pride ourselves that this messageboard offers transparent and first hand experience and advice.

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