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I do recall a story from an ABT dancer who did burn someone's icky dancebelt. A few grains of Franencense would be appropriate.





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Mel. I understand the concept of girth but where do you measure from and to? Which anatomical landmarks are you using?

I need a wide waistband to provide support for a medical reason and at 33inches waist I find that is medium. The Wear Moi 3 inch medium fits very well on the waist but needs another 1 or 2 inches on the girth. The Capezio quilted medium has the girth but I prefer a full elastic waistband rather than the cloth panel of the Capezio. I also prefer the wider thong on the Wear Moi. I have tried the Capezio comfort and personally found it very uncomfortable.

I would like to try the Bodywrappers 4 inch but it is not available in the UK and tax etc triples the cost to order from USA. I might be able to have one custom made for less.

Advice please. 

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Grandad, Mel is no longer active on this board, and there have been quite a few advancements in dancebelts sine this thread started in 2002.  I suggest that you go to http://www.dancebelt.info/ for more info.

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GTLS Designs. Thank you for the info. I had a good laugh at his top 10. On his list of suppliers I found a new UK supplier and a make I have not tried. Dans ez. They are out of stock of my size at present but when they are back in stock I shall be trying one. 

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