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  2. Houston Ballet Academy

    When older DD did the May audition, the response was via email somewhere between one and two weeks afterward.
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  4. Tips for turns?

    My teacher said that since we cut the extra turn it looks a lot better because we are paying more attention to the technique and the character. Cutting the turn made it a lot easier for me!
  5. Please do remember that this thread—-as all our threads—-are for the posting of first-hand experiences and questions. We must refrain from speculation, theories, and guesses. We are going down that road. Please return to questions and first-hand information.
  6. I assumed the upper 1 level used the curriculum designed for levels 4-5 and upper 2 used that for levels 6-7. Just a theory. I know a few families aren't returning (mostly from the children's division) due to some of the changes, mostly the scheduling. I'm not sure how the exams were affected, but they should find out results and placement for next year very soon Registration for new students starts June 11th I believe, so returning students should be registered before then.
  7. My dd discovered the re-runs last summer. I'll see if I can find the movie tonight. Thanks for sharing this!
  8. Dance belts

    How many guys wear your dance belt inside out?
  9. Dance belts

    A NEW company has solved all the Dance belt problems. Not cheap. It's called Dance Jox. There's a lot of great info at a site: doctor dance belt.
  10. Doing Own Hair...When?

    Thank you for all your suggestions!
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  12. Doing Own Hair...When?

    I will second most of what these ladies have said. The whole transition to independent hair care took a fair bit of time. First I would do ponytail and she would do bun (though I would still do it for performances for a while). Then she could do pony and bun for class but I would still have to do the high pony for performances and she could do the bun. Finally, she could do all, including high pony. The high pony is the hardest part, especially with long hair. Along those lines, one thing that put my dd over the line of being able to do her own was letting her cut her hair (gasp! LOL ) It was still long enough for a decent looking bun, but less length, plus the cleaner ends, made it all much more manageable. Maybe since she is asking for her hair to be cut anyway, you could do it right after spring performances, let her practice over the summer, and then it will be growing out by winter/Nut season etc anyway. And yes it is great when they can do it themselves, but I do miss getting to do it for her. Sometimes 😉
  13. Doing Own Hair...When?

    Buy them in bulk online.
  14. Doing Own Hair...When?

    Thank you, dancemaven. I usually put the hair net then pin, so I was unsure how that would work if we tried the other method. And yes, we have lots of hair nets in stock. I learned how easily they’re ruined because when dd was a little younger & let her hair down, she would yank the pins & rip the hair net.
  15. Kbunhead’s theory may be right. Schools get flack if they don’t produce much “homegrown” talent, so by making their pool of potential preprofessional students larger they have more kids to choose from. And, as DanceMumNYC said, having A and B hopefully allows kids to really refine their technique before moving up. I’m sure money is a factor as well, because the little ones pay more on a per hour basis than the older kids. Schools are also judged on where their preprofessional students end up dancing. As a parent I guess I would rather a school have a smaller pool of advanced dancers and have most of them get contracts somewhere. SAB seems to have a better track record on that front.
  16. Speaking of the teacher training/certification, ABT curriculum uses levels 1-7. I wonder how the whole system works now that they no longer use pre-pro levels 4-7, and instead call it "upper 1" and "upper 2." And yes, I believe SAB has many more pre-pro levels. One parent on here mentioned that ABT cut about 50% of the class last year when they went from 4 to 2 pre-pro levels.
  17. Doing Own Hair...When?

    DanceMumNYC, the hairnet goes on last. It is just put over the bun, wound around as many times as needed and secured with a last pin or two. When you buy them, buy a bunch. They don’t last particularly long, depending.
  18. ABT Jackie Onassis School

    This model seems similar to SAB except I think that SAB has many more in the pre pro levels??? Certainly more than 50. And yes, it is likley about money. ABT has like 6 different SIs. They sell teacher training for certification in their curriculum. They are capitalizing on their brand. If it works for you, stay.
  19. I found this odd too. Apparently so many children began enrolling that they had to create 3 sections for some the primary levels. I honestly thought that was just about money. But now I think adding levels 2A, 2B and 3A, 3B (as opposed to just levels 2 & 3) allows the students to really refine their technique before being considered for the pre-pro division. I know many parents in the past have been extremely disappointed to learn that most children's division students are not accepted into the pre-pro division. I'm hoping that these changes give more younger JKO kids a shot of getting into the pre-pro division as pre-teens/teens.
  20. Houston Ballet Academy

    Okay another question. How long does it take to get an answer after audition? DS got some feedback after the audition, which raised our hopes, but we did not hear anything at all. It's only been 5 days though, so maybe we are just being impatient. How long does HB usually take after these auditions, does anyone know?
  21. I'm theguptas daughter. I find it very interesting that they cut a pre-professional level last year, but are now increasing the number of levels in the children's division. Seems like an odd distribution, since it appears that there's only about 50 dancers in pre-pro and hundreds in children's division. Perhaps it is to be able to closely cultivate more potential talent for pre-pro once the young students come of age?
  22. Changing Studios

    I'm glad everything worked out for you & your dd, Noodles! The 3rd option school that I mentioned is one where she can take everything. However, it's not a pre-prof ballet school like where she is now. My biggest fear is that leaving this big-name school means she won't be able to return mid-year or next year if we learn that it was a mistake switching schools. There is always a long wait-list & someone will gladly take her spot. I did call this 3rd option school though, & they are the ones who won't have a schedule out until late June, but dd's current ballet studio will already ask for a deposit in early/mid-June. I am trying to see if dd can at least get into a trial class.
  23. Changing Studios

    In reading this thread, I noticed my own question from a year ago. I just wanted to update that we made a move to a new studio and it has been the best thing ever for my dancer. I know change is hard, but wonderful things evolve when you push outside of the comfort zone. The sad thing was leaving friends behind but she did what was best for her and has absolutely blossomed this year. Good luck to all of those facing this challenge! DanceMumNYC...can you further explore your 3rd option? You mentioned that there was a school that was a possibility but you were not sure that the quality of ballet instruction is as good as your dancer currently gets. It sounds worthy of further investigation, and you may be incorrect about the training. Good luck!
  24. Changing Studios

    Wow DanceDaddy! Mid-July is pretty late. I called two dance studios where dd could possibly take non-ballet classes, and they both told me that their schedules won't be out until the end of June. But our ballet studio will want a 50% deposit for next year before then so we have to make a decision fast! And yes, Elf Font, I considered BDC. They mostly have Saturday classes, so I was hoping dd could possibly go there in the afternoon following ballet. Based on their evaluation of her, she'd be placed in their intermediate-level classes, which are also held Saturday morning at the times of ballet. I haven't considered their drop-in classes. I thought drop-ins were for adults, but teens could attend with the instructor's permission. DD is only 10 & looking for something consistent that she can attend weekly with other children. Thank you so much gabby's mom for sharing your experience! You reminded me that ballet dancers are usually the most fluid & can pick up other styles quickly. To my knowledge, NYC ballet schools don't participate in YAGP, but the ADs do attend and scout dancers to join year-round. I don't know much about the smaller studios.
  25. Doing Own Hair...When?

    Net is a must for us or flyaways would be a problem unless she used like a whole bottle of hairspray ;)
  26. Doing Own Hair...When?

    One more question, do your dds have to wear a hair net? It is required in our studio. How does the 'pin as you go' method work with a hair net?! Thanks!
  27. Transition Step to Pirouette En De Dans

    It may just be choreography I guess. Thanks!
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