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  2. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    Mom de duex - I use melaleuca, peppermint, cypress and I think lavender. I also have an oil blend that has lemon, siberian fir, citronella, lime, melaleuca and cilantro which is really nice for freshening things up! But I would always add peppermint just because its so cooling and feels great.
  3. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    Hmm dryer sheets in the pointe shoes - thinking that is something we need to try. Heck, dryer sheets in her ballet flats and character shoes too lol.
  4. DD uses Ballet 300 and Ballet 400 to get her 5x a week ballet classes. She gets the same rigor from both levels, in her opinion.
  5. cmalltheway...It is hot now , but beautiful during the winter, so beautiful there while I'm freezing in the Midwest! A dancer can build the classes and training they want at UA. DD, a senior has taken ballet 5x a week all four years, pointe work can be 4-5 days a week , too. DD loves the variety in rep they perform and the reperteurs (sp?) that come in. She's been in some very different modern pieces, some fun jazz things and a lot of ballet. In DD 3 years , UA has performed choreography by Balanchine, Ben Stevenson, Christopher Wheeldon, Jerome Robbins, James Clouser, Melissa Lowe (from my memory there may have been more)and even the ballet focused dancers can be cast in jazz or modern pieces . I was impressed by faculty pieces as well. Melissa Lowe and Jory Hancock (the Fine Arts dean) danced with NYCB, Houston, PNB, and were on faculty at Indiana U before growing UA Dance into the exceptional training ground it is. The faculty is very supportive of dancers looking to double major or add a minor degree. Autumn Eckman is a new professor this year, teaching ballet classes and DD loves her teaching method, reminds her of the Vaganova training she got at pre-pro school.DD wanted a large university experience along with a program that she could explore her love of contemporary ballet and one that provided choreographing opportunities. DD wanted the chance to explore jazz and modern to a high level, as well. This is why she is happy she chose UA dance. They also have huge support from the community.There is a board of Tucson community members that fund raise and make sure the program is supported so they can provide dancers with these opportunities to perform important repertoire in a beautiful and modern facility and provide scholarship opportunities. Board members attend performances,I've met quite a few and their enthusiasm for this program is impressive.
  6. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    After spilled spray and powder in her dance bag, younger DD sticks with dryer sheets in her shoe bag. She puts one in each pointe shoe after most classes, and it has definitely cut down on the smell.
  7. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    My DD spritzes her feet and her shoes after class. I will also say just having the bottle in her bag has helped with the overall aroma of the bag itself.
  8. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    I use the peppermint foot spray from The Body Shop. I wouldn't be caught dead without it. You can also make your own peppermint foot spray with talc, water and peppermint essential oil(I am sure you can find the "recipe" on-line).
  9. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    Do they spray their feet after class/before class or the shoes?
  10. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    We also do an essential oil/witch hazel spray. DD said it also makes her feet feel refreshed. I think it's called Freshify or something like that. (It would probably be more economical to make my own--Lady Elle, which oils do you prefer?) I also bought little cedar sachets for her shoes a while back, but she never used them.
  11. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    My dd powders her feet, often with a medicated type of powder that my husband insists she use. I''ve made up a foot spray with witch hazel, water and certain essential oils. Not sure anything can completely eliminate all stinkiness though!
  12. I'm tired of stinky feet!

    I've had it with my dd's the eye watering, gag educing stinky feet. I adore her but oh my, those feet! The older she gets, the worse they smell after class. I have been told that shoe/boot dryers will help to dry and deodorize pointe shoes, which should (hopefully) reduce the post class stench and as an added bonus, her shoes will last longer ($$$$). Does anyone have any suggestions of one that works well? Thanks in advance.
  13. sheahuang, thank you so much! We will be sure to ask when something comes up!
  14. cmallthway - Sorry I didn't see your Wed post asking for prep suggestions. Hope the audition went well. If you have any other questions I will try to help. We just went through this whole process last year.
  15. Last week
  16. Lady Elle- 98! Yikes- that's huge for the first audition. Yes you can have Ballet 5 days a week if you want. The Ballet 200 aka Ballet 1 (100 is for nonmajors) meets MWF and Ballet 300 aka Ballet 2 meet T and TH and 400 aka Ballet 3 meets MWF. To get ballet 5 days a week, you would take 2 different technique classes. Placement depends on Audition results and when you come for Orientation on campus, Ms Lowe will let you know what you can take. The double major issue is the main reason my son chose UA. Though just navigating those waters now and finding it challenging, it is definitely doable but you must be proactive with talking to the various advisors and staying VERY organized.
  17. Nutcracker Season 2017

    Best of luck to everyone else waiting to hear audition results!
  18. Nutcracker Season 2017

    My under 13 DD got Clara at our studio's Nutcracker! My 13+ DD got Snow for the first time, and I am so proud of both of them. It is such a relief to have casting out. After all the speculation and anxiety leading up to casting, they can now get down to the business of learning their roles.
  19. Nutcracker Season 2017

    The long wait has begun. Anyone else out there waiting for results, or already have Nut news?
  20. Great meeting LadyElle & her DD at audition! Out of 98 auditioned, only 5 were young men with various background and training. Like what Lady Elle said, my DS also walked away with more positive impression of the program. Here's what he sent to a family friend: "I think the dance program definitely has more pros than cons. They have tap, they seem to be teaching, not telling, and they have a lot of guys. The cons are that tap only happens once or twice every semester and it is hot there." LOL! DS is obviously a tapper but well trained in ballet. Overall a great experience and now we wait for the 3-6 wks while they collate all 6 faculty members' audition notes to determine the acceptance outcome.
  21. Oh, and there were 98 auditioners this weekend ! 😳
  22. This year, the video is mandatory for all auditioners. The kids can attend the live audition and then get the video submitted by 11/1 (I think 11/1 is correct but make sure you check the website on that). Even if you're accepted prior to the video cut off date, I think they want that video submitted. My dd had a lot of fun at the audition. She felt better about the dance program after this audition. We asked a lot of questions about the amount of ballet technique classes and pointe available and she made it clear that the students could take daily ballet and pointe classes if they wanted. They also implied that there was a lot of partnering available. What I did not get a very clear answer on was the rep that the students have a chance to learn. I know that they don't perform very much clasical rep and they do not do any full length ballets. It's just not that type of program. While it's not my dd's first choice, if she got a sweet scholarship and if we could not afford her other top choice schools, I think she would feel good about this program.
  23. Split back leg turned in or out?

    In rhythmic gymnastics we learn ballet too, and some of us take ballet lessons on the side to strengthen our body. I'm working towards going on pointe. From what I was taught, the human body was never meant to be in a turned out position. Henceforth, why ballet is hard to do. In terms of splits, I asked my older sister who is a medical student and she told me that those who practice oversplits occasionally (very common for rhythmic gymnasts) can damage the muscle fibres as you're extending beyond 180 degrees. However, turning the leg out can add additional stress to the hips.
  24. Split back leg turned in or out?

    Mimi-Wimi, if you read the whole thread, you'll see that several teachers of very long experience have commented directly (this is an old thread) about whether the back leg should be parallel or turned out. They don't give such a strong recommendation as you do, and I think it might be worth re-reading their posts. You'll see Major Mel, Clara, and Diane all say that a) splits aren't ballet; and b ) if we're working on splits, we should be working towards flexibility for either legs in parallel or legs turned out. The important thing is working out what you aim is in doing the splits - they're not necessary for ballet training, actually, and the kind of combination of flexibility & strength you're aiming for. For example, it's increasingly acknowledged that the deep strong stretching for flexibility shouldn't be done in the middle of a class - that sort of extended hyperstretching that gets us to the splits etc, actually breaks & weakens muscle fibre, whereas ballet class is aimed at strengthening muscles to work effectively. Hyperstretching into the splits etc should be done at the end of one's dancing day. Your statement 2) re turn out, perhaps suggests that perhaps as you're coming to ballet from a rhythmic gymnastics background, you have a different approach to ballet. Developing and holding turn out, for the development of the ballet "line" of the body, is a fundamental part of ballet training! So your absolutely "NEVER" statement is not really accurate or helpful - it may be how you work your body - but you'll see that the teachers' advice upthread is much more moderate and aimed at developing ease with a variety of positions.
  25. Parents of Boys reviews

    Review of 2017 Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre SI from male perspective:
  26. One needs to check danceeurope.com monthly for updates. It is a wonderful resource.
  27. Young dancer who sometimes wants to quit

    yes our DS (now 18yo) kept his dance life fairly quiet until he was about 15 and it became cool. It is sad that our boys can't shine when they are young. He never considered it a 'secret'- his friends all knew but he didnt broadcast it widely. It seemed unwise and unnecessary in his situation but I know that this varies greatly depending upon your community.
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