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Mac or PC for the College Bound?

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#1 ddegaray



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Posted 04 February 2017 - 05:34 PM

Wondering if ballet majors should get a mac or a pc or if it doesn't matter.  On several ballet department visits I have noticed a lot of apple computers.  There is a big price difference.  Wondering if any college dancers can give insight into the best choice for a laptop.

#2 lakemom



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Posted 04 February 2017 - 05:41 PM

We pondered this issue as well.  Our education major chose a Mac, and our dance major chose a PC.  All colleges support both computers in their IT departments and are compatible with their printers, software, and online services, so it really is student preference.  As far as cost goes, we found that we could get an extremely good pc for much less than a Mac.  

#3 Clutterbug


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Posted 05 February 2017 - 05:30 AM

Bought DD a MacBook Air when she was in high school so she could keep up with her work when she had a trip overseas during school term time. We chose a Mac over a PC because she was more arts than science orientated. Three years on, apart from adding extra memory, it has been great and more than adequate for her undergraduate studies and living overseas.
A non dancing son however has a PC laptop because he is studying science/maths and much of the software he uses is specific for a PC and not available for a Mac.
Although the initial outlay is more I do find that the on going costs (software updates etc) for a Mac are less and they last a long time if looked after. I personally prefer a Mac as I find them more intuitive but I have no choice but to use PC's at work.

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#4 ascballerina


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Posted 05 February 2017 - 03:54 PM

It's personal preference.  I'm allergic to the Mac operating system.  I can use it, but only under duress.  Others feel the same way about a PC.  One of the nice things about PCs for a college student is that you can shop a lot more:  guaranteed, there are five different companies selling mostly the same computer, but one of them might be on sale! :happy:


In terms of lifespan, I obviously cannot speak to Macs, but I've had my own laptop since about 2011, and I've only replaced it once.  I find that laptop PCs seem to last about four years if you're nice to them (my brother has replaced his several times over a similar time period, cumulating in building his own desktop, but he also likes to have a *good* computer, while I am content to be able to turn mine on and do work on it).  Both computers I bought were in the $500-$600 price range at original price; if you want your PC to last, you need to buy a bit more than you need right now, in my experience.

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#5 Princessroja


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Posted 06 February 2017 - 09:47 PM

I'd recommend a Mac, if you can afford it. Mine came in very handy when I took a music for dance class. The advanced software we used is just a more advanced version of Garageband, so now I can edit music whenever I want with a software I'm familiar with. Plus, they tend to be lighter in weight, which is great when you're dragging it around campus in your already too heavy backpack.

#6 kitegoddess


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Posted 10 March 2017 - 02:18 PM

Better check with your school to make sure there's not a requirement - my daughter has been accepted to SMU Meadows School of the Arts, and they require a MacBook Pro, at minimum!

#7 Momof3darlings


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Posted 10 March 2017 - 03:07 PM

Yes, check with the school.  And also check with the college bookstore, some places will allow you to get the college rate once your housing deposit has been paid, so you may get a good educational deal or sale.

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#8 sheahuang


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Posted 11 March 2017 - 11:46 AM

Does anyone for thoughts on Chromebooks (PC type) for the college atmosphere? My DS (college bound this fall to a ballet program and will also be premed) and his younger sister use Chromebooks for high school because of the ease with Google drive. Also, are peripherals i.e. printers needed in their dorm rooms or are printers readily available in computer labs?

#9 sparkles


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Posted 11 March 2017 - 06:12 PM

Again check with the school but a PC was fine for me as a ballet and bio major (and premed) for undergrad. I switched to Macbook Pro and an iPad for med school. The iPad was a lifeline during my first 2 yrs as a med student and I would recommend it for any college student whose lectures are powerpoint based. Printing wise again depends on the school. IU had printers everywhere and didn't charge for printing until a certain page limit was reached from what I remember. My med school charges for printing hence why the iPad was necessary for survival. 

#10 Ballet Day

Ballet Day

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Posted 12 March 2017 - 09:43 PM

I do not recommend chrome books at all. I use one for high school, and the flash player tends to crash A LOT.

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