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My take on my first 6 months

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Posted 08 October 2013 - 06:17 PM

Scuballerina you can whatsapp or sms me.

Appleblossom it took me maybe 1-2 yrs to build up my flexibility. I have progressed much much more compared to when I started, now able to do a reasonable penchee and reaching slightly more than 90 deg for devant. But I want more and my flex is very much contingent upon practicing frequently. My overall performance was pretty good when I prepared myself for intermediate exam, not only I take daily classes, I also do Barre section and stretching in my office every morning! It really did make a difference. As my teacher told me, at this age, daily conditioning (not overly exerting, though) is very important just to maintain, and hopefully to slowly improve the flexibility.

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Posted 09 October 2013 - 06:09 AM

Pianolady, got your number, thanks!

A quick flexibility question for all... I do feel that my flexibility and strength improve if I do some barre and stretching exercise by myself. But why do I feel nothing (except muscle pain) after my pilates class?

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 12:01 PM

An update: 

After 9 months going onto Advanced Foundation (AF) class my school cleared me to pursue Advanced 1 (A1)  in Sep 2013. So now I have been doing A1 (Old Syllabus) for six month, preparing myself for exam October 2014. A1 level really feels like a huge leap from Intermediate, in the sense that A1 feels exceeding my limits, that makes me doubt that I could pass the exam. My checklist of things to clean up for A1 is really long. 

  1. Core strength, especially lower abdominal. Although I have made good progress in my core strength since I started, my lower abdominal remains rather weak. I am trying hard to grow awareness to continuously engage it. 
  2. Flexibility and extension. It seems that I'm rather stuck at slightly over 90 degrees- and that's problematic for Penchee and Battement Lent. I could only dream to have a developpee that reaches the height of my head. I still can't do straddle split. 
  3. Stamina. Exercises for A1 are considerably longer than Intermediate. Plus the allegro section is really daunting and consisting of a lot of exercises - compared to just 3 allegros in Intermediate. I am trying to improve my stamina by doing cardio run three times a week for 30 minutes.
  4. Turn out. It seems that Intermediate level accepts not-so-perfect fifth position, but now my teacher nags me to execute perfect fifth all the time. Luckily now I am aware not to do "rolling", but still, my fifth is not perfect.
  5. Pirouettes from fifth position - really ugly looking. Also, I can't turn for en dedans from fifth position.
  6. Pirouettes ending in open position. How? How?
  7. Fouette turn on demi pointe - I just can't get myself coordinated enough to carry out a smooth fouette turns. What training exercises should I do to improve the execution?
  8. Pointe works - what training exercise that I could do daily to strengthen and improve my pointe work?
  9. Batteries - still very much struggle with quick brises, jete battus, and sissonnes battus
  10. Other refinements - gracefulness in Adage, how to do nice port de bras

Daunting isn't it? With this checklist, not sure I could be ready for Oct 2014 exam. Should I resorted to extend my stay in A1 level and go for new syllabus exam? That would be even more daunting, since the new syllabus is more difficult...