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2003-2009 Company Congratulations!

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Congrats Alan on your DS' new position!

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It is so interesting reading about the various paths dancers have taken during their careers. The road isn't always straight and opportunities can occur when you least expect them.


Dd worked two years as an apprentice with a large international company, was not hired into Corp, so auditioned a bit, but her rigorous performance schedule as an apprentice prohibited a large audition tour. During a competition at her company's location, some artistic directors watched company class. From that came an offer to do another apprentice year at a US company. Six months later, an offer of a Corp position at another large international company occurred because of that same class. So she is off to Europe, work permit obtained in an astonishing 3 weeks, housing yet to be found. What an unexpected adventure!

Make the most of every opportunity!!


And thank you to Ballet Talk and all the Ballet Talk participants for much help and guidance through the years.

You all are a blessing.

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Wow!! What a great story!! Congratulations to your DD!!!

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COngrats to you and your beautiful DD!

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