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Thank you laurelballet! This is great information. Butler is holding a class for interested juniors in Baltimore in January. I’m taking her there with high hopes of getting a good feel!

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DD was accepted to Butler academically but not to the Dance program.  She has more auditions and is waiting to hear from other schools.  Good luck to everyone!

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Lady Elle

My dd just did a regional audition this weekend and I was able to watch.  It was one of the hardest audition classes I have ever seen (and I've seen a good variety from 3 letter schools to contemporary companies/schools).  Wow!  I don't feel as bad about there not being any pointe.  It was a great class.  I see in the past comments from November about 3 of 5 adjudicators or 5 of 8 adjudicators needing to approve for acceptance.  This audition only had 2 people there.  One teaching class and one gentleman observing.  I don't think they were video taping at all.  I wonder how that works?

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