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Guest Ashlee2

Auditioning- what to expect: class & etiquette

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If the eye-rolling type behavior is targetted more at you and the other student-teachers, perhaps there is some resentment among the girls for your authority or they are unclear as to the authority you hold. I agree with Chauffeur, it sounds like your dance teacher has to establish the ground rules. And, although a general lesson to all would be a good learning experience for them, it sounds like certain girls should be taken aside alone. It's often the case that when general announcments are made about behavior, the offenders don't recognize them as such. I would assume your teacher would also want them to learn proper audition behavior so that if they audition away from their home school, their poor behavior won't reflect badly on the school.

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Guest Ashlee2

She said one of the reasons that she wanted us to talk to them, is that sometimes, as a young teen, anything said to you by a teacher, parent, etc, goes in one ear and out the other. If they hear it from us - a peer, they might get the clue a little better. It went okay today. There is one specific girl that drives me up the wall... I am very frusterated right now.

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Im planning at auditioning at a pre-professionall school next year but i was wondering in audiotion that go like ussual ballet classes what do they want too see (especially if you are 14) ?What should you be able to do to get a chance at getting in?

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Victoria Leigh

Hello janinepointe, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :blushing:


Auditions are generally classes. What the auditioners look for in someone 14 is basic good training, physical ability, and potential. There is no "list" of specific steps, as one is really looking for ability to learn them and execute them, and a background of training that has you well placed, knowing how to use your rotation and feet, and a body that shows the potential for everything that a dancer will need to do.

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Janine at your age it is going to be very hard to be accepted at a pre pro school- if you did not have sufficient training beforehand (which most German private ballet schools cannot offer( it is virtually impossible.

How many ballet lessons a week did you take?

Where? For how long?


Janine: In deinem Alter wird es sehr schwer bis fast unmöglich werden, auf einer Profischule etwas zu bekommen- es sei denn du hast eine Top- Ballettausbildung im privaten Sektor hinter dir, was aber leider die wenigsten Privatballettschulen in Deutschland bieten können.

Wieviele Stunden Ballett pro Woche hast du? Wo? Seit wann?

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During auditions I make mistakes during combenations. If you are doing a move properly but maybe on the wrong side for example, how much is that going to hurt your chances of getting in to what your auditioning for?

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Clara 76

Well, if you're auditioning for a school, not very much. But if it's a company position and others who are auditioning with you are able to grasp the combination quickly, then it will be a problem.


Today's dancers need to be able to pick up choreography NOW- not later, and those who can not only pick up the combination quickly, but also are able to 'perform it' are going to have the edge on the job.

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