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LRivers (or anyone else who might know)-

My daughter was at MCBS for spring break and really, really enjoyed the classes with Arantxa and Sasha. I understand that they teach PP1 and PP2 classes every week. My question is, are they representative of the quality and style of all the teachers there? 

Also, what is the vibe like with the year round PP1 and PP2 students? Are most of the girls friendly? Is competition among students encouraged? 

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Yes, all of the teachers during the year are consistent to how Arantxa and Sasha teach. The teachers actually have conferences to discuss different takes on certain steps and styles to make sure they are all teaching things the same way. Most of the girls in PP1 and PP2 are very friendly! We all get along very well, even with the other pre-pro class. There is competition, but I feel like it is healthy competition because we all really want to strive to be our best.

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Thank you LRivers! That's what I was hoping. It seems like a truly wonderful program.


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Has anyone had experience with auditioning by video (for the year-round, pre-professional program), and being asked to come to MCBS for an in-person audition?

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