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Guest balletbabe24

Epsom Salt?

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Knock Knock...Mom here!


If you're using Epsom Salts to relieve swelling, you do need to make the solution pretty strong. It works out to about two cups per gallon rather than a handful or two in the tub as many websites (usually the ones selling scented Epsom Salts as "bath salts") suggest.


It makes sense to use the smallest container possible that you can fill to entirely cover your feet, or feet and ankles if necessary. "Scrunching" your feet up would seem counterproductive, don't you think? :)


My daughter's feet and ankles swelled a couple days before a performance and she was still unable to get her pointe shoes on the night before. Talk about panic!


She soaked in a *strong* Epsom Salt+hot water solution until the water cooled off. Her feet felt much better and the pointe shoes fit the next day. The process was MUCH more comfortable than a tubful of ice! Only her foot spa wasn't deep enough and I made the mistake of substituting a washtub that was too big. I ended up putting in two and a half cartons of the stuff, but it was a LOT less expensive than a larger pair of pointe shoes.


I tried it myself when I had a sprained ankle and I am now a believer. The stuff rocks.

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Guest SweetSorrow004

You can just put a handbul in a warm basin of water. UseA little bit more in your hands to GENTLY exfoliate your feet. If your feet are very sore, try putting then in cold water, then warm, then colds, etc. I've done this myself and works well. I think its because the muscle tense up, then relax and cause them to produce lactic (or something...) acid.

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Mel Johnson

Let's get our chemistries straight here. The muscles, when fatigued, produce lactic acid, and cause muscles to spasm in what is called "oxygen debt". Warmth and massage will cause the lactic acid to be carried away with normal blood circulation, and relieve the cramp. Epsom Salts, when used as an exfoliant, forms a small amount of sulfurous acid in solution. This acid isn't particularly strong, but between the abrasive effect of the undissolved crystals, and the acid, it will "corrode" away the outermost dead layer of skin.

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See I thought lactic acid was what made you sore.

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I think it's part of cellular respiration - usually your cells use oxygen to produce their energy (aerobic respiration), but when you've been exercising for a long time and your cells don't get enough oxygen, they go into anaerobic respiration (without oxygen), which produces a lot less ATP (energy) and the byproduct is lactic acid, which is what makes your muscles cramp.

Biochem experts, correct me if I'm wrong. :(

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Guest 4dancers

Just filling anyone who doesn't know, beware of epsom salts if you have blisters!! Take it easy, don't dump the whole box onto your soaking feet. Once my mom accidentally poured half of a big box of this stuff onto my open blistered feet and it stung more than you can imagine. So just be carefull when using this stuff-but it really does help!!!!

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