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julisha - any previous input I have made on this thread would equally apply to the conservatory program (unless they are significantly changing it for next year). DDs participated in this program two years ago and still have very close friends in the program last year and this current year.


There is literally no difference between the conservatory and the trainee program except for the "title" the student is given. Same classes, same potential for casting (I've known conservatory dancers to be cast better than trainees even), same participation in rep ensemble, same tuition unless student is participating as a night-time only conservatory dancer but I believe they have eliminated that option this year or at least no students I'm aware of are in that category.


The conservatory dancers are typically younger. The local dancers promoted out of the top level of the school into the pre-pro division will start as conservatory dancers. My DDs were 15, turned 16, while they were in the program. There are sometimes out-of-town dancers who enter the program as conservatory dancers. The year DDs participated, there was one out of town female conservatory dancer who was 15 for most of the year and one male. I don't have detailed information about the last two years outside of the local dancers I am familiar with. Last year there was one female who was 15, turning 16. This year there are four females who are 17-18 and one male.


I do not have any size information for the past two years. The year my DDs participated there were a total of 21 dancers - 8 apprentices, 8 trainees, 5 conservatory. The only conservatory dancer taken from the summer intensive was the 15 year old out of towner. All "levels" take class together. This was an unusually small year. Over the years, I have known the program to run larger, 25 - 28 is probably more normal.


My knowledge is getting a little stale at this point but I seem to be the only one of BT4D with recent familiarity with the program.

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mom2two, this is so helpful. Thank you so much! :clapping:

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Any current info on the Charlotte pre-pro/trainee program?



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Same question!  We're waiting to hear back on Early Acceptance for full year program.  Any insights? 


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Sorry, all.  My information is very stale at this point and I don't know of anyone active on the board who has a DK in the program now.  

In the past, it's been a mixed bag.  In the last few years, I've known DKs with acceptances as apprentices or trainees right off the audition tour, some who had to wait until attending the program for an invite.  And I've seen a number of years where they don't get the numbers they want after the SI and actively recruit in August.  And with a new director, it's anyone's guess.  Best to call and see if they can give you more information on their timing.    

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