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Good leotards for tall people?

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Guest balletguy33
Ballet gear has extremely weird sizing!!!



yes it does :(

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I have an update....after years of wearing whatever I already have:
Some Balera leotards work for tall. Some do not.
Capezios tall:
They should not fit for my measurements exceeding their limits, but one I found ages ago covers me nicely enough. I just find the elastic binding all around the edges uncomfortable. Silkskyn is a nice fabric though.
"Theatrical" brand:
I found one on Discount Dance in a plus size and it is long, but too big in the butt for me. Instant French cut. No matter. I wear Gigiskirts or 32Fouettes.com skirts and don't worry about it. It is not uncomfortable. One downside. A few wears in and I noticed pulls in the fabric. I have had leotards for 10 years and never saw a pull.
They are almost a dream come true. When River's Edge offered styles that Motionwear did not have on their own site I was a happy camper. The home site has fewer style options than they used to as well.... I really hate the wide set non-adjustable straps on the standard camisole. They only stay up because they are too tight. I have sent them requests to start making adjustable strap camisoles in LT. No luck so far. I was lucky that I ordered a wonderful shirred bodice Motionwear camisole before River's Edge shut down. The straps may not be adjustable but they are set very nicely in back and in front. I wish I had ordered more colors. It is my favorite leotard. The fabric is quality.
I did try out their 1X plus size leotards once because their size chart suggested it would be as long or longer than the XL Long torso and I go through phases where the XL is tight. That chart was very misleading. The body length on a drape back leotard was very short compared to my XLT camisoles; indecently short with wardrobe malfunctions guaranteed ,even with a skirt. No cambre possible.
Magically, it seems to me, a plus size worked for a unitard....in cotton no less. Even the legs are long enough. I probably went up to a 2X just in case. Not sure. Same lousy strap placement in back though. A drawn diagram had me hoping for a better cut.
Bal Togs:
They did several custom cuts for me some years back. I still wear some but others came in wrong or had other issues. The body fit on one but the sleeves were too tight. The leg on a unitard came in boot cut...Ug. Not for ballet. I did not find enough value for the prices I paid.
Sun King adult dance camps ordered for Eleve leotards costumes last summer and though Heidi, the director, asked for my measurements to get one custom for me, she did not have to. I fit into their standard sizes just fine without customizing. The downside is that those leotards run about $60 each. I might try some other custom suppliers for that kind of money.

P.S. When I got a longer than standard tape measure I found I require a 70 inch girth. With an overall height of 74.5 inches I would say this means I am not long in the torso...for my height.

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I have quite a tall dancer (5'11'') but she is all leg, and wears a standard medium leo comfortably. We have ordered two medium Balera leotards from DancewearSolutions.com and both are quite long. She actually avoids wearing them because they just look kind of baggy on her. So if you do have a long torso, Balera might be something to try.

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I order custom leotards for my DD from Matryoshka leotards and rehearsal tutus. Just google them. My daughter has a longer torso, as well. They run about $55. I cannot say enough good things about them. She makes them to your measurements and they are less expensive than Yumikos. You can pick almost any colors and designs you can think of. We've bought 6 already and the fit is phenomenal. She does have a wait list so you have to get your name in and wait a bit. I tend to place our name on list for Christmas and Birthdays before they come. We buy brand name leos like Capezio, Block, Natalie or Body Wrappers. They are ok, but don't compare. Our favorite out of those would be Tiler Peck's Body Wrappers. They are long and lean.

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Balera runs pretty long and girthy. I ordered one from Discount Dance Supply and had to tailor the straps because it hung too low on my very short torso.

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Neptune's Daughter

I am 6'1", and have a relatively well proportioned shape (I'm not all legs or all torso). I've always yanked and tugged myself into ordinary leos until I learned they come in tall. The only tall leo I have tried so far is the black camisole by Capezio. Has anyone had luck with other brands/models and if so, which ones?

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Weight not discussed on BTfotD.

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I found one of my old replies to this topic and was a bit deflated; especially after reading so many of you in the 5 foot 8 to 9 inch range need tall sizes. What is a woman over 6 foot tall to do if that is the case? Sadly, I know and I know we are certainly not going to need the same length...
I guess in dance-wear the petite range does not go up to 5' 4" much less 5;5" like in regular clothing, or the average range would fit up to 5"9" pretty well. Should. The average woman may be 5' 4" these days but that is still not mid range or the mean. It is just that more women are shorter within the whole range but that range is growing all the time. I used to be the tallest woman I knew at 6 foot 2. I know women 6' 5" and even taller now. Meanwhile, I could swear average length dancewear used to fit up to 5;9" easily... used to... in the 70s... but maybe that was just the glory of two way stretch that Danskin leotards had back then. Even if I went a size up the length was perfect. They did not even bag on my small hips or bust. Going up a size was easy then as I was a medium. In a pinch I could even wear a medium. Large was great.
I am in an XL now so I am out of luck for that. Plus sizes do not come in tall.
The Motionwear size chart suggests their plus leotards will fit longer bodies, but in at east one case, that was far from true. In a unitard it worked beautifully though; even in cotton. I just went up one size. I do highly recommend their leotards for taller people, but since the loss of River's Edge Dancewear, there are not many styles you can get. Somehow River's Edge had styles available for special order that you could not even get on Motionwear's own site. I got lucky and ordered a shirred bodice camisole just before they closed. I wish I had ordered 3 colors. It has straps that stay put. Most of their camisoles have such wide back placement they only stay up because they are too tight on me. This one has a more normal placement, like a bra. I do have one of the wide set kind and I consider it one of my good leotards anyway. Found it in an actual store in Saratoga, NY last year and it is not even black. It is plum color. I do wish they had more selection and adjustable straps. Then they would be just right for fit....if pricey. They are still not as pricey as custom.
I have been a student of size charts since I was about 10 years old and no longer found myself within the confines of any of the regular ones for height. It is feeling a little hopeless with what I see on charts now but for the companies I have found who do custom work. I saw one chart that had their "tall" length showing the same measurements as another's regular line. That is distressing. You really do have to read the charts and measure carefully but if you are in a brick and mortar store, try on things anyway. You never know. Some fabrics really will stretch past the limits shown in the charts.
I am about to try a custom leotard from a company on Etsy called Baretto, but it will be around $65 if I recall...before shipping. I have been hesitating because of that.
I had an Eleve leotard that fit pretty well last summer in an XXL at Sun King camp for the performance costume and it was not even cut with extra length but they do not normally do that size. It was a bulk deal. I am working on them to do another for me with the same pattern but do not have confirmation yet. I would really like a colorful one with a trendy mesh inset, maybe even printed fabric as an inset, instead of the usual black, but I wonder if the mesh will hold up well enough to make it worth the extra cost. Anybody try that???
I also found a tape measure that goes to 120 inches and had occasion to remeasure my girth and it came out 72 inches. <Gasp> The old tapes must have been stretched out. That length actually makes sense since I am over 6 feet but maybe I am not so long legged as I thought...proportionally speaking. My girth does not exceed my height but it is just a little bit less.

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Found my way here today by starting to look for a back view/more info on the Eurotard tall size camisole. Anybody know if they have adjustable straps? I saw a V back one that did but could not see the back to check how wide set the straps are on that either. Sometimes an adjustable strap is my salvation for fit.

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I'm 5'7" with a 33" inseam, 33.5"hip, and narrow build (I wear a 0-2 in street clothes); I've tried Gaynor Minden, Bloch, and Capezio leos and found the suggested size to be way too small (same with tights, even "longs," which is super annoying because I'm not that tall). I really can't stand any digging in the shoulders or compression when I'm dancing. I bit the bullet and tried on some sizes at the Yumiko store and I fit the large (their size chart has me at medium though :dry: ). I think the microfiber fabric is the most stretchy and forgiving, then the techni, the nylon being the most rigid. The Yumikos look so much better on my not-12-years-old form than the other brands I tried. :P

Dance sizes are so weird.

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Might someone who is familiar with SoDanca leotards be able to recommend brands that fit similarly? I am not really tall (5'5") but I am well endowed and definitely not a petite person otherwise - I wear a size 14/16 in street clothes. This does seem to somewhat translate to tall, since I need length in the leotard to cover my chest. The XL SoDanca leotards fit me well. I am hoping to branch out into some other brands but don't want to just order and return a ton if I can avoid it. I also have a Bodywrappers 2X leo that fits well but I am not crazy about the fabric. Thank you!

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My tall DD finds that Eleve and Ainsliewear leos reliably fit better than many other leos.

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