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Mel Johnson

Joffrey at C.W. Post

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Mel Johnson



I wonder why it should be a matter of comment when Mark Goldweber sets a ballet on the Joffrey. After all, he's the company's ballet master, and they danced "Apollo" first four years ago. They learned it at that time from Richard Tanner, if I recall correctly, and even though they hadn't danced it in two years, the Trust had Goldweber come to NYC and review it with Tanner who declared him fully fit to supervise the refreshment of "Apollo". He's a responsible ballet master, whether he's staging Balanchine or Bournonville, or whoever else you can name. He's also a designated stager for several Ashton works that the Joffrey does or did.

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Right on Maj Mel!! I have seen the Joffrey perform all of the 'reviewed' ballets more than once and do not understand what 'gripe' Susan Reiter has with Mark Goldweber.

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Victoria Leigh

Totally agree. He is more than qualified and has done a wonderful job with everything he has staged for Joffrey, including Balanchine works, Joffrey works, Ashton works, Arpino works, etc. He has also staged Joffrey rep for several other companies.

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