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Auditioning: Wearing Glasses

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I'm not sure where to put this... I did a search but only found posts saying that dancers should be wearing contact lenses as soon as they are old enough to manage it. I don't disagree, but I currently don't have a pair of contact lenses! I have an audition for a professional training program this weekend. Would it be better to take the audition with glasses on, or take them off and risk not being able to see?



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Victoria Leigh

Tigger, I would seriously try to get some lenses, but if you can't, I would suggest that you not wear the glasses to dance in, but maybe keep them by you at the barre in case you need them to see the exercises. In the center try and stand in front. :o

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Opticians keep stocks of contact lenses, if you explain the situation, get an appointment and sign up for a monthly programme or something they might give you a pair on the spot.

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I'd agree about going in and explaining the situation to an optometrist.


Usually when I go in for my annual exam my doctor usually checks the fitting of mine and gives me a new pair to wear for the next couple of weeks before ordering me boxes of them.


I think the real question is how bad is your eyesight? I know that I could not possibly survive if I were not wearing my contacts or glasses, as I cannot see a foot in front of my face otherwise.


I knew a dancer who didn't have terrible eyesight, but could not wear lenses. She would sometimes wear her glasses for barre. Either way she would keep them close and put them on to learn the combination and them set them aside.


Good luck!



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thank you for the quick responses and suggestions everyone!


My eyesight is moderately bad, if I'm standing at the front I could probably see the exercise generally, just not the teacher's expression. Further back, I might not be able to see hand or foot positions (ie flexed or pointed). It is actually for a modern dance program, not ballet... so I'm a little worried about hand/foot details. I'll be sure to bring a hard case for the glasses so I can have them handy if I'm desperate.


I didn't know the optician had stock lenses - with my severe astigmatism it might not even be an option - but I'll try to drop by a clinic after classes tomorrow.

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