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Boys White Ballet Knee Socks?

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Thankyou Mike! You are a dream!


Wayne - England

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Wayne, you may have already sourced your socks but just in case, Marks & Sparks have thin white cotton(80%) with elastin (20%) socks currently in stock on a 3 for 2 deal. My son has size 3 feet but we tend to buy the size 4-7 because they come up to 3/4 calf level when he wears ballet tights. The elastin in these socks seems to keep the sock nicely formed around the ankle & calf area without wrinkling and the cotton is a much healthier and more comfortable alternative for sweaty feet and toes than the dreadful all nylon socks you usually find offered in dance range socks.


Hope that helps?

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Thank you for your reply. I will certianly have a look!


I am not a dancer myself but needed some advice on where to get some costume pieces for a photoshoot I was doing.


Thank you for your help- it is very appreciated.


Wayne - England - Bristol

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My son found perfect socks in the ladies socks at Nordstrom's. They also sell, and can order for you, extra long sizing if your son's foot is bigger than a ladies sz. 10.

We found some that were thin enough, stretchy, the right height on his leg, smooth toe, and no printing! Not easy! Good luck.

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This thread is from 2009 and it is 2017 and I am finding near impossible to find white knee socks. I have tries all the major department stores, ballet shops, and online. I have ordered some online that appear to be socks but when they arrived were very thin like a trouser sock. Just a few years ago I could find these everywhere now I can not. If anyone can give me some new suggestions I would really appreciate it. 

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These are the ones we use for DS and they work really well: White socks

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