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Bad dance training - my definition

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For months now I have been educating myself about dance. I suspected last fall that maybe my daugher was not getting the best training in ballet.


I have made a list of reasons why our local studio is a dolly dinkle (see numerous other post for the definition)


1. When the 'star student' of the school goes to college then returns to become a teacher. AND the college training was for a non-dance degree.

2. When the high school 'advanced' students are assisting in almost all of the lower level classes.

3. When the Director was a previous student, years ago, she was considered the best of the best and had such potential. YET she never 'made it' and has returned to the school to teach and be the director.

4. The school does not post any flyers about summer intensives. Nor do any of the teachers talk about SI's.

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I know this is old but relevant to some of my recent posts...

I don't think that having a high school 'advanced' student assist is always bad. Frankly, I would like to have 1 of the Sr. Company girls in my daughter's class to demonstrate as SO cannot.

That said, there is a difference between demonstration and teaching. I would recommend leaving a place that has Sr. Company girls teach.

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