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Adult ballet classes in Cambridge?

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I hope it is okay that I am resurrecting this thread.


I am most likely moving to Cambridge (UK) this October, and needless to say, I am not too encouraged about my ballet prospects after reading this thread!


Does anyone have more recent input on the quality of various adult ballet programs in Cambridge? I am 26 and at an advanced beginning to intermediate level in the US if that helps. I will be a grad student at the university.


Also, any recent info on the options for quality pointe instruction?

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I've split this off to give you your own thread, as the other one was quite general. I hope you'll get some answers from those who are currently based in Cambridge, or have recently studied there.


Options you might look at: if you're going either to the university or Anglia Ruskin university (the other university in Cambridge) then there may be classes organised via the student union, college JCRs (Junior Common Rooms - the main student bodies in each Cambridge college) or the Sports Union/Guild. Other places to look: classes and adult education programmes run by the WEA (Workers' Educational Association) or similar organisations, and in FE (Further Education) colleges (a bit like US community colleges).


Check the local theatres: try the website of the Arts Theatre, for example. I'm about to move from a ballet rich place to a less obviously ballet oriented town, but I've found classes organised via one of the local theatres. I can do at least one class 6 days of the week! I also asked around, but then I work in a dance-related field, so it's quite a normal thing that people I know might know.


And I just googled "cambridge dance" and got this: fairly random, but a starting point? http://www.colc.co.uk/shared/dance.html


And from that web page, i clicked through to the Cambridgeshire dance agency -- these are REALLY useful organisations, and really should be people's first point of call when looking for dance lasses: http://www.danceeast.co.uk/


Drop them an email, with some details (ie more than you want to put out here), and they may be able to help with local knowledge.


And you're under an hour from central London, with its many dance studios. Remember that as an option for weekends.

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If you want a high standard of classes I suggest Bodyworks would have the best range. Many of the other groups listed are of a more recreational level. Good luck!

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Thank you for the feedback! :flowers: Please keep it coming!


So far on my list of places to look into:

University of Cambridge Ballet Club



Places that received mixed reviews in the other thread:

Russian Ballet School

Kings Solcombe

Eden Dance


Still no information:

Dedikated Ballet School: http://www.dedikated.biz/


How much does RAD Certification say about a teacher's quality?

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Hi Pasdechat,


Are you still looking for information on adult classes in Cambridge UK?


I live there and take 2 adult classes a week at Dedikated. From September 2012 onwards I believe we'll be having RAD Grade 8 class on Monday evenings and RAD Advanced Foundation on Thursday evenings. I tried a class at King Slocombe but found the class massive and the room small. Our classes are in a school hall so not brilliant flooring but plenty of space. There are only usually 5 of us in the Grade 8 class and 3 or 4 in the Advanced class. It sometimes varies between RAD Advanced Foundation to Advanced 1. We are recreational dancers but, as usual with adults, take it all quite seriously. We usually have hour long classes followed by 30 mins of pointe work. Ages range from 20-something to 40-something.


I can provide further info if required. Not sure if you can PM me or not.



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