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Thanks tutumama!  It's great to know that I can save time and money by not traveling for another audition.  You are right; this is complicated.  I don't remember seeing anything from the schools indicating that they would be at this conference holding auditions.  If they did, I totally missed it.

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julisha, No problem. But, please just take this as unconfirmed and contact Point Park yourself. I'd hate for your daughter to miss anything based on my phone call. I do wish the schools had this information on their websites. I'd feel so much better about it;)


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tutumama, thank you again.  I will contact PP.  DD hasn't cancelled anything yet.  yes, it would have ben nice for the schools to say on their websites that they audition at this conference.I will talk with DD tonight.

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My daughter and two friends attended the DTCB conference.  Overall, they were glad that they attended because it gave them the opportunity to talk with reps from the schools in which they were interested and learn about other college dance programs that they had not heard of.  They also had fun being together and hanging out in NYC, so the weekend was a nice break from school pressure and the anxiety around the college process.  There were about 140 participants that were divided into two groups of 70 for the auditions.  DD and friends felt that the talent range of dancers varied widely.  There were clearly dancers there that had never done ballet and a few that had never done modern.  The audition was 45 minutes of ballet and 45 minutes of modern.  With 70 dancers in each group , it was hard to find a place to dance and the adjudicators had to have the dancers rotate on the bar for everyone to be seen. There were also workshops on nutrition and careers in dance, but outside of performance.  DD was told by SUNY-Purchase that they rarely offer spot admission at this conference and would prefer that students come to campus to participate in the on-campus audition.  Purchase will send an email to dancers in about a week, thanking them for coming to the audition and possibly offering a fee-waiver.  There were some scheduling glitches as well.  Because one of the lecture sessions ran late, dancers only had 15 minutes to get dressed and warmed up before auditions.  We have decided to keep DD's on-campus auditions that we have already scheduled.    

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