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... am I naive for thinking I'll ever be a worthwhile dancer at all?

I do feel pretty distant from everyone else here, and very naive.

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Victoria Leigh

No, I don't think there is any reason for you to feel distant or naive. I was responding to another poster in terms of the link to a professional dancer.

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I teach adult beginners. I have a gal who takes my class twice a week. She was an absolute beginner when she started, in her 20's. does she dance like a professional in a company? No. Does she love to dance? Yes. Does dancing give her an artistic outlet? Yes. Is she expressive and musical? Yes. Do I derive a certain amount of pride in watching her progress? Yes


In my book is is a very worthwhile dancer and I love having her in class.

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Roseweave, I think you might be overthinking it. Just get to class as soon as you can! (I realise that finding the right class has been a challenge for you).


When you actually start learning ballet in a professional atmosphere (ie the teacher is professional) I hope that things will fall into place more easily.



I think this thread has wandered way off topic, and, although the conversation has been useful. I will close the thread. If there are issues raised in the last couple of pages that anyone would like to explore further, please feel free to start a new thread on a specific topic.

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