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Getting Back On Pointe

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Sharon B

Ooo now I want to go to NYC and take a class with Ms Sullivan.....

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In all of this, you don't mention advice from your teachers, who can actually see you. We can't, so any advice here is given blind.


It sounds as though you're strong enough, but only you & your teachers will know that.


Can I be blunt? How likely are you to make your living in musical theatre? Have you already been doing so? Because it would be a pity to mess up your feet for life (bunions, pain in later years etc) for something that isn't necessary.


By the way, you don't have to answer my questions on a public messageboard! But they might be worth thinking about. In my job I see so many aspirants, and only a tiny tiny proportion "make it" (whatever "it" is) that you really need to consider the long game as well as the present. Remember, 10s of kilos of body weight are balanced on about four toes on pointe!

At this point, I've basically abandoned the dream of actually dancing on Broadway. Instead I plan on pursuing directing, and maybe even choreography. I'm working towards a career with Walt Disney Imagineering, and want to possibly choreograph a parade or stage show for them in the future.

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