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Starting again at 51

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Hi Dave,


I attended a number of classes and was really enjoying the experience with a nice representation of students of all ages.

Unfortunately, as does happen to us all, I was required to have surgery to have my left hip replaced. Although all has

gone well with recovery, the surgery resulted in a 1" differential in leg length and am working to acquaint myself with this

major difference. Even though it has healed quite nicely, there is still a differential that is hard to accept. I have tried to

work out the difference but find it difficult since the leg length different has knocked me off balance performing the ballet

moves. The difference really shows up when in tights at class. I think it's time to hang up my gear although I am now able

to change light bulbs easier when standing on my left leg. ARGH

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Hi Draws,


Don't let that take you down. Balance can be retrained, I had no before taking ballet classes and learned it, so just train it - when you stand in the kitchen, do a releve, while cleaning teeth in the bathroom stand in the fifth and so on. You will notice these unwatched moments all over the day. Give yourself a few months time, it will get better.

I know I'm a crazy balletomaniac, but I spoke with other dancers who find this completly normal... like stretching in front of the TV.

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