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Good college for medical studies but also strong "story performanc

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DD toyed with the idea of med school (after being sideline by significant orthopedic injury). She entered a post-baccalaureate program and did quite well. She had researched programs quite thoroughly and also researched how best to leverage her chances for med school admission. This included not only online discussion Forums on the topic (there are specific online discussion groups much like Ballet Talk for Dancers that focus on medical school admissions and related topics), video presentations by Harvard professors, discussions with Admission directors of the various post-bacc programs she considered, further discussions with her post-bacc placement director, etc.


Based upon what she learned from all her research, sparkles is exactly right. Diversity of interest in undergrad is fine and yes, they like that. BUT, med school is based on MCAT scores and GPAs, and only if one passes those thresholds do the recommendation letters, significant interest shown by volunteer activities in the medical field, and the rest of it, including non-traditional undergrad degrees, etc. come into play. It is more likely that the diversity of undergrad study is something that just sort of happens rather than that being a deliberate aspect of 'buidling a class' like it is in undergraduate admission.


Ultimately, DD decided medicine wasn't the way she wanted to go, but she did keep up with some of her fellow post-baccs as they applied and were accepted to med school for this Fall. Yup, the numbers were the major criteria. Minority status also factors in, if that is applicable to you.

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For the most part, the personality traits and intelligence it takes to become a professional dancer or elite level ballet student are the same as those required to become a physician. Therefore med school admissions is saturated with like-minded applicants. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, who wouldn't want their physician to be hard-working, determined, persistent, competitive or any number of the qualities we also associate with dancers? I don't believe so much importance should be placed on standardized tests but it is what it is and it gets more and more competitive every year. My school's average MCAT score jumped 3 points over the last 3 years which is a significant increase. Its hard to say I would have been accepted if I had applied this year as opposed to 4 years ago.


If anyone would like to read more, google Student Doctor Network and they have tons of forums dedicated to all levels of medical education from HS through residency. Read it with a grain of salt though, there is a plethora of good info but is also filled with what we call "gunners". A gunner is basically a highly competitive student that is really only looking out for themselves.

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Good suggestion, sparkles. Yes, those forums can be pretty intense. But, if you can ignore the 'hysteria' part, the information is very, very good and very, very helpful!

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Sparkles, everything you say is very true. In my post, I should have stated that a strong ballet history doesn't take the place of high grades on the standardized tests. But, assuming scores are high, it can make a difference. My daughter had worked part-time in a medical setting and volunteered with hospice while in college. She had a high GPA in a rigorous program. High MCATs.


But so do many, many other candidates. Her professional dancing experience with a touring company set her apart.

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