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White Tights

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Just in case anyone is still reading this thread, when boys wear white tights for performance, it is best if they wear two pairs. They get better coverage when they are just walking around back stage and it make the white really pop out on stage. I highly recommend the standard M. Stevens male tights.

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hi everyone. I thought I would share a new development on the white tights scene! BoysDanceToo are now selling their own brand of white stage tights and BOY are they opaque!! 17DS is extremely pleased to not have to wear two pairs, shave his legs or put white dye on his skin :dizzy: . They are made of thick material. Our only complaint is that they arent quite long enough (DS is 6'4"), even the XL ones. They are long enough for pas de deux work but he is relieved to not have to do any 'real' dancing (his words) in them. Anyways, these tights seem to have the whole see through problem licked!

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Thyme is right about sizing for high opacity tights. My 6' ds wears large in every other brand but needed XL with this brand. He has not worn them in performance yet.

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