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Great advice, DobbinsND!


My ds anticipated a really strong audition season this year, then an unexpected growth spurt (the kid is already tall enough) waylaid his best laid plans. Now he is slowly rebuilding, again. He was able to complete six rather unsteady auditions very early in the season, but then he had to stop because of a tight muscle. His results this year look much worse than last year. He's kind of down about it.


He has great opportunities for the summer; it's just that he got some pretty clear rejections along with a couple of very encouraging offers. Instead of a spectrum of offers, his offers seem split down the middle, yeses on one side, nos on the other.


Interestingly, the programs that gave him the benefit of the doubt are associated with taller or more athletic companies. Also, the programs that encouraged him all brought male adjudicators to the auditions or had a male teacher reviewing videos after the audition. I'm not reading too much into this. But I could not help but wonder if the personal experiences of the male adjudicators helped them to recognize more precisely where my ds is physically. He tends to look a couple of years older than he is because of his height and build, and it's an advantage to him when someone understands this and is able to compare him to his age group.


Thanks for reviving this topic!

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Just to update you on my previous post, of his last three auditions, he received great scholarships to PNB and Washington Ballet and was rejected by Miami. We weren't too disappointed about Miami because apparently they don't appear to be accepting hardly any older dancers this year. Anyway, my son (17) was a late bloomer, has improved so much, and is really coming into his own this year. He finally landed a lead role in the spring performance, he's growing stronger and now stands at 6 ft. We're feeling really good about his future. My point is everything can change from one year to the next. Two years ago he was rejected by PNB. This year he was awarded a full scholarship. If your son has a disappointing audition season, tell him to keep working hard and not to lose heart.

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