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Slipper recommendations for Fred Flinstone Feet

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Hahaha well, my son is a total ham so can't rule it out. ?

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Jo Ann

I had to laugh about the Fred Flintstone feet! That is exactly the feet my son had his entire life until he was 13. Grishko makes some child sizes up to width F. Specifically, the "Linda" (which comes in black). Check out their website. I recall when my son finally got into the adult sizes, they went up to H I think. Now he fits comfortably in a Sansha M width. I can't get over ordering size 15 (man's 10)!

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My 16 yr old son used to have wide feet until around age 13. Now he wears a men's size 12M street shoe and wears Grishko Performance Model 6 size 44E. They fit very snug, as they are not supposed to be loose or have excess room at the toe. They come in Euro sizes 33-47 in women’s widths A,B,C,D and men’s D,E,F.

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Thank you everyone on this topic!

I don't think my DS 14 has FF feet (lol), but due to his foot/ankle injury, his PT suggested to wear shoes so his toes stay as much spread out as possible.

Our local dance wear store carries only a few brands and didn't know much about other brands or wide ones.

I will write down the ones suggested in these posts, and try to find the good fit for my DS.


By the way, so glad boys don't 'usually' have to be on point!

We just found out DS has an extra long talus bone right above the heel bone, protruding toward the achilles tendon,

and the doctor said, he should be fine since he doesn't have to be on point, if he were a girl and has to be on point,

he would need a surgery to chip off the extra part! Yikes!

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