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Classes and pointe shoe fitters in NYC?

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There is almost always some ballet being performed in NYC!


You just need to look beyond NYCB and ABT. :)


The Vail Festival Remix is at City Center this coming week, Thursday through Sunday, though Sunday's performance is more of a demonstration of sorts. Very well known dancers are participating such as Wendy Whelan, Tiler Peck, Robbie Fairchild, Herman Cornejo, Isabella Boylston, Calvin Royale, Carla Korbes, and so many more! You will be able to see dancers from both NYCB and ABT on the same stage plus much more. Check the NYCityCenter.org website for tickets. They can be quite reasonable.

Also, there's dance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and at the Joyce most weekends as well.

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Oh, Doormouse... so sorry you have to be here during this complete zoo of an election! And they last forever to us, too! I greatly envy your six week time frame.


You will have a wonderful time though I am sure. I was also going to mention about the City Center performances. It looks like a wonderful lineup. There are some wonderful teachers all over the city. I know Wilimus teaches an open Luigi Jazz class on Wed evenings and if you don't feel up to taking a professional level class you might still go and peak in at Steps in the morning to see some well-known dancers. Edward Ellison teaches on Sunday mornings at Steps as well and you can catch some beautiful students and professionals in his classes as well. I hope you have an amazing trip. Just don't turn on the television and you might miss a good bit of the election drama! Have a wonderful time and let us know how it goes ?

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I just found the Vail Festival online - it looks fab!

I am jus now sat outside the studio in the basement at peridance - turns out it's barely a half hour from my base camp in Brooklyn - about to take Miss Wildish's advanced beginner (such an oxymoron.....) class.

I am a little nervous, but to be honest - being here in my own and not knowing anyone, class feels like the safest place to start!

The weather is gorgeous, so I'm thinking maybe getting to the top of the Rockefeller centre later.....

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I'm not jealous, oh no no no ...


Have a fabulous time!

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Tee hee hee!


You'd be less jealous of the state of my feet! I must have walked at least 15k both days!


Ms Wildish's class was a lovely small class and so much fun. She's very friendly and brilliantly bonkers!Few little corrections here and there which was great.

Then last night I took Finis Jungs class at the Ailey which was totally different but A.Maz.Ing. Not the place for individual attention, but incredible. I just wish I'd been fresh and not shattered from two solid days of class +loads of walking!


I think I may take a day off class today. The brain would quite like to go, but the body is protesting! Plus having to lug around my dance gear all day gets a bit tiring. I'm thinking High Line, Grand Central, and I have ticket to the top of the rock for sunset - so it had better clearup!

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