How to Audition for Professional Conpanies.

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I am wanting to audition for a professional ballet company but can't find out very much about it. The main thing I can't find is when/where to audition in the US.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Lawclan.tori!


The best way to find the answer to your questions is to just go the website for the companies for which you would like to audition. Every company is different, but they generally post when and where their auditions will be held. They all hold auditions in their own home base, of course, but some will have auditions in other cities, especially in New York City. They may not have them scheduled yet, but I think you can find them early in the year.


Have you talked to your teachers about companies they feel might be a good fit for you? Have you been to any SI programs at company schools? These days most young dancers will most likely need to attend a company school's training program, and then audition for the company or for other companies. The route is trainee program, then second company or apprentice before reaching a full company contract.


How close are you to graduating high school? Your last couple of years of SI's should be places where your teachers feel you have a realistic chance of eventual company acceptance.

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Thanks that's really helpful. I am graduating in the spring.

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