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Okay, so I have a rather embarrassing problem. When I was a teenager I had an account here; I didn't post very much and then promptly forgot about the account for a long time. I just rediscovered the board after eight years away, happily registered, and began posting--only to realize that one of the topics I posted in had actually been started by me under another name eight years earlier! :o Now, what I'd really like to do is delete my old account and keep this one, because honestly I'm a totally different person now than I was then. I'm now a teaching professional and an adult, not a teenaged college student, and I'd like very much to get rid of my old nym too. But I don't know if that's allowed. What would be the best course of action?

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Princessroja, the only way to delete a registration is for me to do it. If you write to me through Contact Us, which only comes to me, I can delete it for you. I will need your former screen name.


Editing to add that, assuming you are the poster who just posted on another thread about this, which I just saw after posting here, I will delete that account.

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Thank you, I was that poster (GemMetta). Much appreciated!

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