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Hi all

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This is the third time I'm trying to post an introduction. But for some reason it keeps disappearing.

I'm a 25 years old guy and liked ballet since I was young.

I never really had the courage to join a ballet school, but I once took a class to try.

I should have continued going to that class, but it was too far away from the place I lived unfortunately.

I'm thinking to join another school close to here.

Is it strange to be a guy and like to attend ballet classes? That's the feeling I get when I see my message disappearing for some reason?

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Balletguy, we are in the review process of your first post. Please understand that we see you as a human, with feelings, and we are doing our best to address your issue. The art of ballet is welcoming of all types of people; it will be important to find the right studio (and teachers) so you can develop the best ballet practices & technique. At Ballet Talk for Dancers we do our best to guide dancers of all abilities toward proper technical practices. More to come!!

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I'm sorry I reposted my post when I thought it disappeared.


I've noticed people are way more accepting and welcoming than I always thought. It makes me as a person a lot happier when I finally don't have to hide who I am.


Although I'm also trying to find a balance in what's acceptable of course. That first time when I tried a class it felt really good to focus my energy towards becoming the person I want to be.


Even though I don't want to be a professional, I really think it's a fun and healthy hobby for me.

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Hi balletguy. My husband always wanted to take ballet classes too. I think his only regret is that he waited until his late 40's to do it. It's been 3 years for him now and for the first half he was the only man. Now he's not. He's never going to do pas de deux (too short and doesn't have the skill set) but he has several performances (adult ballet showcase) under his belt and loves it. Go do what you love. Life is too short to worry what other people will think if you do.

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Go for it balletguy! You only live once and we all deserve to do what we would like or love (just as long as we are not hurting anyone). Do not worry about what other people think.

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