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I am a parent of a 14 year old ballet student. My daughter has been dancing since she was 4 years old. Last year she decided she wanted to focus her dance training on ballet and decided to move to one of the best ballet schools in our state. I have no ballet or dance training whatsoever, but have always loved to watch ballet. So I sometimes feel like I am a little behind on what the other parents seem to know. The other day I was talking to another mother while we were waiting for our daughters to come out from an audition for a summer program. She told me about this forum. She has found it to be incredibly helpful and a wonderful resource. I haven't done too much exploring yet, but plan on doing so. From what I have seen so far, I think my daughter and I will find it to be a great place to visit.


Thank you.


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Victoria Leigh

Welcome, d3podavis! We are glad you have joined us, and hope that you will enjoy exploring our forums, and also participating in the discussions! If your daughter would also like to participate, she is old enough to have her own account and be able to post as well. Several of the forums are for our Young Dancers only! It's a large board, and can be a bit overwhelming at first, so just settle in with a cup of coffee or tea, and start exploring. The 'Pinned' topics at the top of all the forums will help to guide you through the rules and policies for each of the forums. :)

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