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Hello, I am new to this site. Learning how it works is a little confusing. Not the most technological person! I look forward to connecting and learning to continually support my daughter on her road to the professional world. We currently live in Carlisle PA for her to train at CPYB, Central PA Youth Ballet, with Marcia Dale Weary. We also house other students. In fact we are looking for two wonderful students for summer and/or year round to share our home with. My daughter and our other student are currently 16. We love ballet and are a very adaptable home.

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, doclisa. We know this this board can be a bit confusing at first, but just take a bit of time to check through the forums, see how they are arranged, read the 'Pinned' topics for any help needed, as well as the How To Do Things forum in the first category of forums on the Home Page. :)


This is just a welcome forum, so you will need to post about CPYB on it's own threads. You will find those in the Pre-Pro Schools/Residence programs in Career and Higher Education, and also in the SI forums. The programs in these forums are listed alphabetically. :)

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Hi! I saw you in the CPYB forum. I am looking for housing for the summer + school year. I'll email you!

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