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Hi, im not a parent, im the dancer and im 19.

I was wondering if anybody on this forum is from the UK and has any experience with Ballet in London?


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers DanceBallet123. This is the Welcome Forum. We would appreciate it if you would please tell us about yourself in this forum. You may then ask your question in a place like Cross Talk. The general membership does not necessarily comb this forum.


We would enjoy hearing how long you have studied ballet, what your goals are in studying ballet and perhaps a few other interests you may have in general. Please familiarize yourself with the Policy Forum as well so you may become a bit more familiar with all that BT4D has to offer.



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Apologies! I have to get used to this website. Im 19, from london. I usually dance 5 times a week, however at the moment im injured with problems with discs in my spine. I have an audition coming up this Saturday for Central School of Ballet in London. I was curious as to whether these forums are strictly about dance in the states, or whether anyone has London experience :)

Besides ballet, I do not do much, i enjoy the gym and anything to do with crime thrillers and shooting air rifles (at paper targets ONLY)


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Thank you very much for a bit more information about yourself. I am sorry to hear of your injury. Slow and easy is the name of the game, as disc injuries require rest. Please begina thread in Cross Talk regrding Ballet in London. We have quite a few members who are British as well as many parents of dancing children who have attended ballet schools in England. All the best to you.

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