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Hi! Been a lurker for awhile but I finally took the plunge. :ninja:

I'm in my late 20s, I have been insane about ballet since I was four but quit around eight after the additional classes became too much for my family. I sublimated my love for ballet and became a classical musician instead. I came back to ballet class at 19 along with yoga, pilates, and marathoning. I've had to travel a lot over the years but I'm taking class regularly--at the same studio--and couldn't be happier. I'm intermediate level (no doubles yet :helpsmilie: and my buns are whack).

Love the forums :wub:

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome, Coriander9! I love your introduction. :clapping: We are happy you have "delurked", and that you are back in ballet classes, and that you have joined us. We hope you will enjoy the discussions In our forums, and you will find a lot of great adult students here!

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Thanks :)

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