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Teacher issues

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Very well stated learningdance. I like "an effective teacher". If you do not mind, I will begin using this phrase. :)

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Thanks vrs. .. I just want to differentiate what teachers really do. .. what characterizes professionalism.

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I love the list of effective teaching goals! The original post is a clear example of ineffective teaching.


I do want to add that effective teaching does not always have to be warm and fuzzy in nature. Or that it has to be uncaring, sterile or monotone in order to be effective. Effective teaching can be and needs to be evaluative which sometimes means being the bearer of not so warm/fuzzy news. The key is that the teacher there must have built or be building a relationship of trust and care that has been received and accepted by the students. Not an easy task when you have to make someone work harder. But effective teachers can be some of the hardest teachers on a student while still being able to joke or gently prod them. Some of those could say with sarcasm "what are you today, a 6 year old?" and not hurt anyone's feelings in the room. The teacher in the original post would not qualify under those ideals through delivery or intent.

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