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Bra under camisole leotard?

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Hi everyone,

I have a personal question. I have noticed that a popular leotard style is the basic camisole. I don't usually wear them, but I am in the process of changing studios, and the one I am looking into has a more strict dress code, so I most likely have to wear something like that.

So, I was wondering if girls tend to wear bras under them. I wear a sports bra most of the time, but that would not work with a camisole leotard. Is there a certain one they wear? I couldn't imagine dancing without one at all! 



P.S. The built in bras don't tend to work for me. 

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Victoria Leigh

Aqua dancer, I think it would be a good idea to find out first if a camisole leotard is required at the new school. If so, then someone there should be able to help you in terms of how their dancers deal with it.  

We do have some topics on this board about bras for leotards, so you might want to try a search. I can't remember what forum they are in, but I would start with the Adult Students Forum, and possibly Cross Talk. 

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Thank you very much, Ms. Leigh! I will look into it.

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